copd and motability allowance

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    Hi Janette,

    I was left with COPD after having TB 14 years ago. I also had renal failure due to one of the TB medications.

    I applied for disability benefit and was refused. I appealed and went to CAB who helped me fill in the form and I got it for two years to start with.

    Citizens Advice are the best people to go to for help with filling in the form.

    You could appeal and try again. If you do good luck. Let me know how you get on.

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    Hi Janette,

    Also if you have an understanding doctor he should help you fill it out,mine did after I was refused the first time.

    Quite simply what you have to do is to fill the form out speaking about your worst day,and always remember when they ask how far can you walk 20 mtrs is the magic number nothing higher.

    Sorry Tessa I have never had any luck with the CAB.

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    i got it first attempt,but i had been on 3 inhalers for 5 years before i tried for it,it helps if its on record with your gp that you are on regular medication,also give them as much info as possible on what its like on a day to day basis,tell them,as it really is,hope this helps best of luck
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    I got it second attempt. I was told that a very high percentage of people are refused upon first application, but an equally high number get it on appeal. So..ALWAYS appeal if you are unsuccessful the first time.


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    I would advise anyone who thinks they may be entitled to DLA to get on and apply for it now while it still exists. The future of DLA and ESA (formerly 'incapacity/sickness benefit) can't be taken for granted, as Ian Duncan Smith and his 'Centre for Social Justice' feel these benefits are part of a 'Broken Britain'. He hasn't gone into detail yet, but he HAS said that every person on DLA or ESA will be re assessed. Also, I think he is looking at getting rid of both altogether and coming up with one universal benefit to replace dole/ incapacity/ sickness / DLA etc. So hold on to your hats folks!

    - And don't fool yourself that this is all because of a dire economic climate - he planned all this during his opposition years when the economy was at its strongest - he set up his \"Centre for Social Justice\" to give himself something to do after being sacked as party leader for fiddling the finances and paying large amounts of money to his wife - f I remember rightly it was dubbed 'Betsygate' at the time.

    i guess the one glimmer of hope we have is that such large scale drastic change will take time. If they did it in one foul swoop it would cause uproar, so my guess is that it will be done in small but progressive steps. So like I said, if you think you probaly are entitled to DLA, get it now while it still exists.

    :!: Van xx :evil: A Revolutionary in training :!:

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    Its me again!

    I thought I would put my ten penny worth on here!

    I applied for DLA in June 2009.

    I was turned down in August so put in for an appeal.

    I had a letter from the appeals service in November saying there were delays & they thought I should be seen by mid February 2010.

    When I still hadn’t been given a date in mid Feb. I phoned & was told I had got it wrong, they hoped to give me a date by mid Feb which would be for in 6 weeks time!

    So when I still hadn’t heard anything in April I phoned again, this time to be told there were long delays due to the high volume of appeals & they were still dealing with claims from last December!

    So I said my claim was from November had I been forgotten! She said no they would send an appointment in due course.

    So low & behold I got a letter within a week for an appointment 2 weeks later.

    Then the best bit.............

    3 days before the appeal I get a phone call cancelling it as one of the panel is stranded abroad due to volcanic dust!!!!!!!!!!!

    10 days later I get another letter giving me an appointment for 5th July!!

    I am getting so stressed out about it.

    My husband says it is delaying tactics & I will get turned down & the gov. will have saved a years worth of DLA!!

    How am I expected to remember how I was all that long ago as they will go on how I was last August & not now!

    I have got another form ready to re-apply if I do get turned down. :cry:

    knitty :cry:

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    Knitty, you go for it girl! At least if you do get it now you will have a HUGE amount of backpay as they do have to pay you from the date of your application! I have seen a website that gives advice on these things, tho' I think you have to pay to join. Some bits are open to non members tho'.

    Also, don't worry about how you were last year, tell them how you are NOW and if they say anything tell them it is a progressive disease and they can't expect you to stay the same.

    I don't have a lot of time at the mo, but I will poke around web sites later and if I see any pointers I will pm you tomorrow. Note what Jacee said though - most folk have to try more than once, so don't be put off. I do think that I was lucky to get it first time. I was having quite a wait and expecting an interview but then was put on 02. After calling them to update my details and let them Know I was on O2, it was only a couple of days before I had a call to check my bank details and was told to expect my payment - and yes it included every penny of back pay. So I think if someone's on O2 it's automatic. Don't worry yourself over it too much now, you do have time to prepare for it, talk to you soon, Luv Van x :wink:

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    Hi Jacee,


    Fine THANK YOU!!!

    I won!

    Now I just have to wait for the money, lets hope not as long as I did for the appeal. HA HA!!

    I have sent you a PM


    :bubbly: :bubbly:

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    Hi I have been asthmatic over 15 years now and have now been told I have c.o.p.d i am on 3 lots of inhalers and 3 lots of tablets I also cannot work and was wondering wether to apply for pip advice from other sufferers would be a help c
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