COPD and weight gain ?

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Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with stage 2 COPD in December last year, I had never heard of it before and didno more but look it up on the internet.

I had the test done and have come to terms with it, I gave up smoking immediatly as did my lovely husband, I havn't had chest infections or indeed been treated for any for a No of years, and it was more co-incidence that I mentioned to my doctor that I had a night cough that was getting worse, and I was seriously out of breath just climbing the stairs.

I have been prescribed Spiriva inhaler and of course salbutamol, I have been on tablets for high blood pressure for about a year, and Naproxen as I have Degenerative osteoarthritis, in my back, hips, knee, & shoulders, i'm 58 by the way.

I try to excercise as much as I can but after about 50yds of walking am in severe pain I also do aqua arobics as I find that quite fun.

My real question is I understood when giving up smoking I would gain weight, however I have not changed my lifestyle/eating habits, but so far have gained 2 stone in 6 months, this has also in the past 2 months manifested itself in swollen ankles and a seriously swollen abdomen, I have just had a heart scan done so waiting on the results of that.

Has anyone else experienced such a dramatic weight gain, I never reached this weight when pregnant with any of my children & quite frankly It scares me as much as the COPD.

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    Hi ,can it ask if you have been on predisoline ? Steroids ,if yes that's probably the cause of weight gain ,that's what happened to me when I've been on them and of course we all put on a bit of weight when giving up the dreaded weed,I'm on the same inhalers as you plus Seratide inhaler ,I to have high blood pressure and take Losartan 100mg ,and I have Osteoparosis ,so take medication for that and also I have an under active thyroid ,so more medication ,and along with my asthma and everything else that's a lot to remember and take at intervals,

    ask for a referral to PULMARY REHAB. They are brilliant and I don't think I've read a bad comment on them ,

    if your worried or concerned I would suggest you contact your GP ,worry can make you very stressed and that's not good for us ,you can always ring the British lung foundation they are very good to ,

    sending best wishes ,

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    No I'm sorry I don't know any one with a weight gain, but I do hear that stopping smoking increases your appetite. I hope your heart scan results are good and I wish you luck. Xx
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    Hi I put on over a stone when I stopped smoking and I had extremely swollen ankles and lower legs.   As soon as I lost half a stone it stopped completely.  I had never been so heavy before and I realised I was just too big for my frame.   That could be the cause of yours.  Concentrate on losing as much weight as possible and see if this makes a difference.

    You also need to ask your doctor/nurse to refer you for PR (pulmunory Rehabilitation).  This is a weekly group which you attend for 6-12 weeks and they teach you very good exercices specifically tailored for lung sufferers.  You can also google them.   Bev x

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    Jewels your weight gain is partly due to you giving up smoking,and as you have osteoarthritis which slows you down anyway,I'm sure you were more active before you got it,aqua it Aqua is a good exercise and the more exercise  you do the more pain you have,do you have physiotherapy,I find it quiet good for my arthritis,but it's trying to get an even balance with the diet and exercise,it's a tough one.
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    It's the steroids if you truly aren't eating more since you stopped smoking. But analyze that real hard bc that hand to mouth habit includes lots of things including sweet drinks...and is still a habit even tho you aren't smoking with your hands. It's ok...we get extra padding too as we get older. Clearly you manage your weight closely so I bet you'll be fine. Ladyjack51
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    Firstly Thankyou everyonefor all of your comments, all of which has helped me to look at other avenues as I am not feeling over confident about th help my doctors have offered or should I say ot offered.

    Nanny : No I have not been on steroids and I will ask aout Pulmonary rehab as I feel I need help sorting out my breathing whch at times is very laboured, and shallow.

    Susan : Thnk you for the spport it helps biggrin

    Bev : I know your right and I am tying to be positive which will also help with dieting, I find it so hard to believe that after having 3 orgeous children & the maximum weight gain in pregnancy was 16 lbs, to have put on 32 is incredible !

    I know I do need help with learning to beathe again too.

    Liz, yes the balance with the pain is dfficult I have had the osteoarthritis diagnosed for 6 years and 5 of that on medication which I now have to come off of because of the risk of liver damage, but I am also told that I am too young for a knee & hip replacement which would allow me to excersise more and keep my lungs clear.....

    I find that odd ?

    Ladyjack: yes we do get that extra spare bit, I have always been what you would call a curvey lady & proud of it, I once dieted and lost one and a half stone from my normal weight & everyone said I looked drawn & ill ! No pleasing some people lol.

    I do keep an eye on my weight and no no steroids as of yet which the nurse found incredible, and I would like to keep it that way.

    Love Luck & as much good health to you all xxxxxxxxxxx

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      Hi there sorry for joining in this discussion late, everyone is right in that steroids could cause weight gain.

      However, what it sounds like (with the swollen ankles and stomach) is something called cor pulmonale. This is a common complication of chronic bronchitis (one of the subtypes of COPD, the other being emphysema, though the two usually mix together). This is something similar to heart failure (hence your heart scan), but in actuality it only presents like heart failure but is not actually heart failure (though that isn't to say it cannot eventually develop into it). symptoms of right sided heart failure causes swollen ankles and possibly swollen abdomen. One of the common names for chronic bronchitis is called 'blue bloaters', because of this fluid retention from cor pulmonale which makes them bloat up if that makes sense.

      The treatment for it is usually diuretics as the other heart failure medications aren't usually recommended.

      Another thing, since you're on high blood pressure medications, may I ask have you changed the types of tablets you use recently? Because calcium channel blockers (a type of blood pressure medication, such as nifedipine, amlodipine) could cause peripheral oedema (which is swollen ankles). If that is the case all you need to do is change the type you're on (don't need diuretics).

      Hope this helps, wish you the best.

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      Hi Alfred, thankyou for replying, I have been very lucky not to be on steroids yet and one of my blood pressure tablets is Amalodopine which I have been taking for over a year.

      The ankle and abdomen swelling is relativly recent and has co-incided with the extra weight gain, I have also discovered by weighing at the same time daily that my weight fluctuates by as much as 4/5 lbs on a daily basis, this is also linked to how swollen my abdo is.

      I can't thank everyone enough for the input I now feel armed to be able to request from the doctor things that have not yet been offered to me like Pulmonary rehabilitation as I feel very strongly & have also said to the doctor that I don't know how to breathe, but again I have not actually been examined for the last 5 months.

      I also mentioned to them that I had had pneumonia when I had my youngest son which had scarred the top part of my right lung, but that too was met with indifference.

      I know as an ex smoker that I have myself to blame, I like most humans are not perfect (only nearly) biggrin

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