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I've not posted in a little while...I'm really struggling...with the basics! I keep seeing black spots, feeling sick (sometimes I am sick) I feel dizzy, faint & terrified that something bad is going to happen. My heart rate is really slow too! :-(

I just want to feel like my normal self again! How do you all cope with bad days?

The doctor stopped my sertraline after a week as I burned up & for a huge temperature & my insides & tongue were almost like when u burn yourself with food!

He said he didn't want to try me on anything else.

I'm panicking right now! & not even doing anything just sitting watching tv

I feel like an idiot, everyone tells me I'm medically find so why don't I feel it? :-(


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    Hi Lyn

    i can relate fully to what you are saying - I get those symptoms too but instead of a slow heart, my races fast.

    i didn't want to take the medication which my doctor prescribed as I didn't want to have to rely on tablets to make me feel well in myself.

    I struggle all the time with my anxiety attacks - I've had a couple today and am still feeling the consequences of them.

    everyone I speak to tells me just to breathe and it's all in my head etc but it's easier said than done.

    I've had counselling, hypnosis and I don't think they've worked.

    ive started relying on my mobile phone and my best friend to speak to when an attack happens but I'm worried soon that won't be an option.

    sorry I cannot give you any techniques as such but I really hope you feel well in yourself soon - I know what it's like to be in that uncertain scared place.


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      the thing is - breathing techniques can work, they really can - BUT you need to catch it at the right time. in the middle of anxiety - no chance, but if you can catch things early enough - they can help a lot
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    hi lyn.. anxiety can happen watching tv, walking , eating , and sometimes i wake up felling anxious, its horrible..thats just it , it can happen anywhere and anytime..people who dont suffer with this illness , just dont understand..i try and take my mind off my anxiety cleaning up, walkin around my house, counting objects in my sitting anything to take my mind off it..sometimes it works. and sometimes it does,nt..i know its tough,  but your not alone.  x
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    No need to feel an idiot, your symptoms are all totally normal for anxiety. Have a look on other posts here for a lot of good advice and answers. Basically you are panicking because of how you are feeling in your body. It is doing strange and uncomfortable things. These are caused by adrenaline which is released by your body's defence system. It is responding to a perceived threat, not a real one (like a tiger). There is no threat. There is no danger. It has gone off by mistake. This causes changes in your body ( pins and needles, weakness, heart rate affected, eyesight affected, in fact, it's difficult to find part of the body that isn't affected by adrenaline. But that is all it is. There is nothing wrong with you. You are just experiencing the feeling of adrenaline in your body and mind. The brain is also affected. It goes into overdrive trying to find the cause of the alarm. It will suggest every possibility of danger it can think of, hence the thoughts about dying, madness, in fact, anything horrible. There is no need to be freaked out about this, it happens quite commonly to thousands of people and will go away. You cannot control any of the physical sensations because your body has switched to the involuntary nervous system, which does it's own thing. You have no control over it. It does this for your own safety. 

    The important bit is this..... You are having a temporary anxiety attack. This is perfectly normal. It is nothing to do with mental health. It will not harm you. You will not die. It will just feel uncomfortable for a short while but you will be fine.

    Anxiety never killed anyone and you will come to no harm from it. After all, it is part of your natural defence system. It has just gone off by mistake, which can happen for no reason or if you have worn down your nerves recently. 

    Don't fight it. Don't run away from it. Accept it, for the moment. Do something physical (to help use up the energy) like a vigorous walk and distract your mind from listening to all the scary thoughts. They are all complete bull! Nothing will happen to you apart from what is happening now. It doesn't get worse than this and you are well able to cope with it. I know it's horrible and scary but, I repeat, nothing bad will happen to you! Just relax as much as you can and let it pass. best wishes to you and a big hug.

    ps. did I mention that I, and I'm sure many other people on this forum too, have been where you are now many hundreds of times ourselves and, although we were sure we would die, we lived! You will too.

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    It sounds like you had a bad reaction to the drug that you were given so maybe it would not be a good idea to repeat the process.  Low pulse may or may not be normal for you. I have a slow pulse rate.  It could be you have low blood sugar so make sure that you are eating OK. this may stop the faintness and dizzy spells.

    Fear of the worst is very common, I get that a lot but nothing happens to me.

    Try not to panic.  Do some relaxation techniques and slow breathing exercises.

    Hope that you feel better soon.


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    Wow, thank you all for your replies...I has to get my friend over earlier...started feel horrible again & coming on here & reading these replies have helped a bit! 

    In glad others understand how I feel!

    its gotten to a point I feel like people are getting fed up with me & honk I exaggerate or make up how I feel since I'm technically ok. 

    Ive be had several tests & all seem to be ok. 

    Its horrible, & becoming more frequent.

    the thoughts are scary too...I try to keep telling myself it's just a moment of panic it will pass soon...but it's awful :-(


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