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I have arthiritis in my feet and had a cortisone injection in my foot 3 days ago. So far so good. Has anyone one had experience of this and any hints on what to do from here on. For the moment I am walking as little as possible. Thanks

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    I also have arthitis in my feet and did have a cortisone shot.  It worked for a while and then the pain returned.  When I saw my foot surgeon he told me that an operation may make it worse which didn't make me feel any better.

    I do loads of foot exercises to stretch the tendons and also the calf muscles.  But it's an awful place to have this condition because I used to love walking.  I'm still pursuing other avenues and will get a second opinion from another doctor.

    Keep us updated on this because I would like to find some type of relief and hope you do too.

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      Thanks louise, I saw a surgeon and he wanted to fuse bones and put a hardware shop in there but I didn't like that idea.

      I do stretch calf muscles stretches etc but it's been a really nice 3 days of not taking panadine. I have several other things wrong with my feet and I'd just be happy if I could find a pair of shoes that fitted and have the odd shopping trip. Just keeping my fingers crossed for the next week and hope it stays good. Thanks

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      Osteoarthritis unfortunately is a chronic disease, and I think I'm stuck with it in the feet and knees.  Although with the knees you can get a knee replacement, but I'm holding off on that.

      Plus my surgeon discounted the fusion operation for the foot as he didn't know if it would be successful.  Still, I'm going to get a second opinion - there SHOULD be new ideas out there instead of fusing the bones.

      It's a bitchfrown

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      There should be new ideas out there but there doesn't seem to be louise. I've heard of many people getting many different areas fused, spines necks etc, always seems to be problems in the years ahead

      it sure is a bitch


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      day 8 louise I had one bad night but it settled so if I can get a few months like this i'll be happy, also started back taking glucosamine so fingers crossed

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    Hi , I have had lots of these, they do work for a while but if it's an arthritic issue it will return soon, sorry, if it's in the heel you get better long term results. Most of mine were in the big toe ouch! Just walk normally and you will be fine, it is what it is, you don't need to stay off it,, it's a stop gap, kind regards, john

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      Thanks Marvin,for that onfo. mine is in the big toe too. The injection didn't hurt at all contrary to everything I'd heard.I hope it works for a little while, it really gets me down sad

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    Cirtisone injection in foot for what?  

    I have had them for plantar fasciitis and mortens nerve syndrome 

    They help for a little while with swelling and pain. 

    After obtaining good spring shoes and better arches have not needed shots in years. 

    Ice feet and a frozen water bottle rolled under arches also help, refrain from standing in one place for long periods. 

    New shoes and arches is what finally stopped the severe pain of plantar facilities. 


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      For arthiritis hope,  shoes would be helpful but I have so many fitting problems with my feet finding a pair of shoes is almost mission impossible.I have tried evey specialist shoe shop in 3 metropolitian areas. My next option would be a trip to a capital city which would probably cost $3 to 4000 for airfares accomodation and the shoes. I would pay the $1000 for hand made shoes but they only make medical grade shoes near me  which are very heavy therefore counter productive and I really don't want to pay that for something so ugly i wouldn't probably wear.Austrralia doesn't offer much in the way of specialist services unfortunately

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      Jane my other comment was deleted because it was a link.  Anyway, google up shoes for arthritis  and the one I looked at started with healthy....

      These tennis shoes aren't cheap and it's from the USA where it states 'free shipping' but probably not to Australia.  I'm going to get them, and see if it changes/relieves the pain.  God, if I had to choose arthritis, it would be anywhere but the feetsad

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      thanks louise but my feet are too hard to fit. at least if it was in your hands or somewhere you could rest them. Not much you can do with out your feet unless you live in a wheel chair sad

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      Hi Louise,I also have OA in hips,knees,thumbs & feet.I am a carer,so on the go all the time.! I have Reflexology every other week! This does help.Regards Amanda h

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      These shoes are also available in sandals with Velcro to fit anyone even my messed up feet. Arthritis toes going every which way . I use toe pillows. Also there are many shoes made of stretch fabric and Velcro ties. Very important to get proper arches in ergs in shoes and a gel pad insert for bottom of feet.

      gel inserts not the others. They are more expensive but well worth it it your feet like mine have no padding left on the bottoms. 

      Dont give up keep trying for that fit that gives you comfort and best fit with inserts for comfort. It took me many years to get it all figured out. 

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      Thanks louise I went to specialist shop yesterday i tried on probably 20 pair of shoes,bought home 3 am going to take them back they aren't suitable or fit well enough, I wouldn't be able to order them without trying them on because of the time limits with returns etc I need to find someone that makes shoes.........but not medical grade shoes as they are to heavy in weight.  I have it in my neck and thoraxic and it doesn't disrupt my life like feet do. feet affects single  thing I do, sad

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      I also have just been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I have been taking a prescription but am afraid of the side effects. Thinking about just getting a cortisone injection. My Dr also suggested getting heel insoles. What kind of shoes did you get?

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