Costochondritis or something more sinister?

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Hi everyone. I have been reading peoples reviews on this forum for quite some time now. 

After endless visits to the docs and 2 of our local hospitals. Blood tests, MRI scans and 1 CT scan, the "specialists" told my dad that he had costochondritis.

After coming on here and some other forums, the symptoms seemed to be the same. The more he had the attacks in his chest and the sharp pains in between his shoulder blades, the more we pushed for help. Ambulances were called. More doctors appointments were made and more drugs were prescribed!

The similar heart attack symptoms were getting worse. His anxiety was through the roof! My dad has never been one to complain about illnesses or pains, so for me, seeing him in such a state was concerning, but i'm only a service engineer by trade and i have no medical knowledge, so who am i to question the professionals?

My dad started to complain about numbness in his legs,a lack of feeling, a sudden weakness and "jelly legs!"

His belly was bloated but he seemed to be losing weight?!?

My mom pushed him to get down to his doctors again, to push for more help.

After over 50 attempts to get an answer, my dad decided to walk into the surgery and demand to see somebody. They sent him to a nearby doctors, as they had no available appointments. This doctor then sent my dad to a private hospital, to a specialist that my dad was familiar with(where his own doctor told him that there would be no point going as they would only tell him what she had).

My dad pretty much fell into the doctors room and pleaded with him for help. My dad told him that his legs didn’t feel like they were his. The doctor expressed his concern and told my dad there and then, that this was not costochondritis. The doctor called in advance to another nearby hospital and got my dad booked in to see a specialist and for more tests and scans. My dad was in hospital overnight and we were told the following morning that they had found signs of secondary cancer on his vertebrae. Safe to say, my family and friends are totally devastated. My dad is so scared but trying to put on a brave face!

After more tests and scans, the primary cancer was found on his pancreas and maybe his liver. It seems to be taking ages for the biopsy to be done.

He has been given months to live without treatment and on average, a year with the strongest chemo.

To say that we are angry, is an understatement!

My dad could not have pushed more for answers!

We are now left devastated and desperate to implement dietary changes or anything that we can do to beat the odds and “f**k this cancer off!”

My dad is a fighter and given a fair chance, I am certain that he would beat cancer but I am just afraid that it’s too late! Who knows? My fingers are crossed!

My dad has asked me to write here, to help others that may be in the same boat as him!

Don’t allow people to tell you it’s not cancer until they are 110% certain.

Get ALL TYPES of blood tests done!

Don’t chance it!


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    I'm so sorry for your dad and family. What a dreadful time for you all.

    I'm sure that lots of other Costo sufferers will be alarmed to read what you have written. I know many of us feel like nuisances at the doctors but your story shows that if you're uncertain you need to be very pushy. I hope your dad doesn't suffer too much. Thanks for taking the time to tell about your experience.

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    I m so sorry for your dad & family

    With this Costochondritis I have found that I have to push my doctor for more tests even though they think it's not necessary but if nothing else I need peace of mind that I m ruling out things. Take care and thanks for sharing your experience. I hope they can keep your dad comfortable

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    So sorry your father went through such HELL!!!! and your family and you as well. Your Dad was smart to push for a diagnosis. Too easily Drs throw around Costro. Most times it is, but Sometimes it can be something else. I ended up with a different diagnosis after alomost 18 months. But, luckily it is not anything life threatening. Thats great that your Dad is a fighter!! I'll say a prayer for all of you. Wheres theres a will theres a way. I believe in miracles. I don't know if your religious or not, but it never hurts to pray for strength, and healing. Thank you for sharing this..I'm sure it wasn't easy for you. Good luck and hang in there!!!!!  smile

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    Thanks for sharing this. Im sure it wasn't easy for you. Thats really good that your Dad is a fighter. Never take no for answer. Im so sorry your Dad and all of you are going through this! I'll say a prayer for you and your father. I believe miracles can and do happen everyday.  Its never too late to pray for healing!! Hang in there and good luck to al of you!!!

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    So sorry!!!!  Keep fighting!!! Thank you for sharing your Dads story. Im sure it wasn't easy for you. Never give up.  hang in there!!!!!

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    First of all how is your dad? I pray he has become a cancer survivor. 

    This post has me nervous and curious

    I have had a lifetime of nerve pain, pain, weakness, fibromyalgia, nerve surgery’s, sympathy nerve pain post nerve surgery, suspected to have had MS, Lupus, Shrogens, test after test, CT, Lumbar Puntures, MRI, X-rays, bone scans so many that the numbers are unreal, always and mostly my left side of body. NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL concludes what’s wrong with me NOTHING!!!! I have been having nerve blocks in spine after a week the pain returns, I had a procedure that was for sure to stop pain something that burns the nerves.... a week later horrific mid back, left side, rib pain under left breast. Just as I was beginning to think that the worst pain I had ever experienced was behind me or simply tolerable because I grew accustomed to it!!!! I was thrown a new curve, just maybe the most debilitating pain to date, supposedly I am told it’s Costochronditis????????? FYI the onset of this pain began approximately 3 months post gastric bypass surgery & yes hernia and ulcers have been ruled out via CT. Could or is there a connection??? I have literally lost the equivalent of an entire person with my weight loss journey, I began being a contributor to life again and got out of my 15 hibernation and became active in society again, my energy had returned! BUT BAM!!!!! To good to be true. I am suffering TRULY SUFFERING, I take 100 mg Tramadol PRN, Molixicam, Cyclobenzapine and ironically the only one that gives me minuscule relief is the molixicam but this will for sure create ulcers in my gastric pouch. Please HELP ME. I live in San Antonio TX, my insurance is Medicare. I just don’t know where to turn or what to do. Absolutely NOTHING HAS HELPED. I have even been told by two doctors that upon inspection of my back during exam it looks like I have scoliosis but all imaging test say that no way no how I DO NOT have scoliosis. I am so desperate I am researching possibly surgery. Any advice?????

    Cathleen Lamoureaux Recio

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    Hello guys,let me tell you my story and a beautiful advice to whom suffers costohondritis.

    I have been diagnosed with Costo 3 weeks ago from now,i had a super strong chest pain right in the middle of the chest that i literally can not walk for a 5 minutes,so i went to Er,they said it is Costo and prescribed me to take Advil.

    So its been 19 days already i have been taken Advil daily,2 pils in the morning and 2 pils at night and it really helped me to survive without the pain.

    Every single day i have been reading forums like that all over the world just to understand ho to deal with Costo because our doctors dont know s*%$t,and i found a lady,on russian forum,who gave anadvice( exercise) to someone how to treat Costo at home and guess what guys-it really works! I woke up this morning with out pain!!!!!

    1.take a deep breath trough your nose and hold it and count 10 seconds.

    2.then slowly ,very slowly let the air out through the mouth.

    3.thats it guys! Lol,i did this exercise yesterday about 10 times during the day and today i am going to survive with out advil,this magic exercise works!

    Dont thank me guys!

    Ps.please guys help me to spread this information to the world and help people with this disease.

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