Could any or all of these components be allergies?

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I've had the following symptoms

  • Starting roughly mid March, lingering "cold like" symptoms, mainly nasal in nature including mild runny nose, post-nasal drip, mild chest congestion, on and off sore throat (mainly in the night). Some sneezing and slight coughing when they are at their worst but not really burning eyes. This all but went away a few weeks ago but now has returned to some extent.
  • Starting Easter weekend, two things roughly at the same time. 1) Hot flashes and night sweats but no fever. Can go a few days without having and then can suddenly return 2) Shortness of breath, coming and going, feels like a pressure on the chest. This was fairly acute for two weeks and largely got better but still comes and goes a bit At the advise of my doctor, used an albuterol inhaler but don't think it has much effect. No history of asthma.

This all is very perplexing to me and scary in this age of Covid. Was tested for Covid the week after Easter and was negative. The hot flashes and night sweats especially make me nervous but never a fever even in the middle of an episode, although the temperature may rise a tiny bit (normally seems to be 97.5-98.0 or so). I'm also suffering from anxiety if that can somehow be related but I can wake up to a hot flash and wet pillow case but not having an anxiety attack. Have started a small dose of Lexapro but the hot flashes started before that so don't think they can be attributed to the med. Thus far have only video chatted with health professionals. I did do a round of prednisone which did not really help with the breathing but certainly added to the anxiety.

Any thoughts appreciated. Can provide more detailed info if requested.

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    have you noticed anything else? Do you get symptoms after eating? maybe even after eating certain foods? do you feel sensitive to heat? reactions during anxiety phases?

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      I've been trying to see if I could pinpoint the hot flashes to any activity. but the timing of an anxiety episode or hot flash does not necessary coincide to each other. As far as I know, it's not correlated to any eating activity but I will say I've been eating a lot more peanut butter since this epidemic started but I don't have any unusual activity after eating. I just turned 57 so I would assume if I had a mild peanut allergy, it would have surfaced by now.

      I've had very occasional hot flashes in the past but nothing like this, mostly maybe in the middle of a bad cold.

      The sore throat extends from the rear roof of the mouth to shallow part of throat. Contrast this to the raw much deeper ache I had when I had strep many years ago. I also can bring up mucus from the throat seemingly on call. The throat is a bit more sensitive to acidic drinks such as OJ and Kambucha. Is this highly likely to be post nasal drip?

      It's very hard to see any medical personnel is this covid epidemic. Thus far my diagnosis and treatments have been by a NP via video chats. She doesn't want to bring me into the office unless things get really serious.

      It's been 5-6 weeks since my covid test. I'm assuming if it was a false negative and I really did have the disease, things would have resolved (or got worse) by now.

      Thanks for the reply.

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    You could have allergies as the pollen count has been very high this year. I would recommend getting a d-dimer blood test to check for pulmonary emboli as I got hot flushes and shivers with mine. As well as shortness of breath and pressures on chest. If you are getting palpitations and stabbing/shocking chest pains as well, definitely get this looked into.

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      I certainly hope I don't have heart issues. I have been running. If I get stabbing chest pains, covid or no covid, I'm headed to the drs office! But I will run your thoughts by my provider.

      The hot flashes (like just now) can be prolonged for an hour or two. Right now the room feels 10 degrees warmer than it is. But no fever. I would say not really any chills, things just return to normal at some point.

      Thank you for the reply.

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    I'm wondering if maybe your histamine levels may be high? I am histamine intolerant, and I cannot have anything acidic nor can I have peanuts. I used to get hot flashes, and I always have throat irritation. just something to think about.

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    Since last replying I have had a phone conversation with an allergist. She thinks it's more likely rather than less likely my symptoms are allergy related. She wants to test me but the offices are not open for routine visits yet. Having said that, I think the tree pollen season is largely over and still I have symptoms, mostly post nasal drip, irritated throat and sometimes mild chest congestion.

    Shouldn't these symptoms have lightened up by now?

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