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Allergic Disorders

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  • sanjana04465 2
  • lindacoral 1

    best antihistamine to treat insect bites

    I am gong to Brazil in 2 weeks and the only cloud on the horizon is I have a problem with insect bites, I almost always have a bad reaction in that they swell up badly and always become infected. Last year in Santorini (Greece) i ended up in hospital on a courtesaun drip and given antibiotics and

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  • amkoffee 6

    I need some advice on my supposed allergy problem

    I went to the doctor today because I have been sick for more than 2 weeks. After an x-ray the doctors said that she did not believe that it was a cold but rather allergies that my allergies that have gone gangbusters following my cold. She said the chest x-ray looked good and I have to admit that I don'

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  • sara89022 2

    itchy roof of mouth

    I get an awful itch on the top of my mouth near the find myslef subconsciously itching this day and night. It does get better with half ever tablets sometimes but comes back and it comes at of the does get this? I'm. Worried it might over time cause me

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  • anne91595 2

    Milk Allergy... is this anaphylaxis??

    I know this is a rather long post, but I feel like the background is important. So I apparently had a milk allergy when I was a baby but had milk reintroduced at some point I I have always had severe diarrhea and severe stomach pains. When I was about 14 I had a bad "reaction" (didn't

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  • sarah94692 1

    Alcohol allergy

    Hiya I was heavy drinking for about three months since Xmas , one day after a heavy drinking session I woke to lots of hives all over my body really itchy I stopped drinking for a while then when I had a drink it happened again, staying around for weeks I get hives now and again even when I don't

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  • mjenin 1


    Hi. I've been in two week intake of fexofenadine 125mg and levocetirizine 5mg once a day. When I get back to the derma doctor still I have rushes/urticaria and its very itchy. She prescribed double dose of what I took for the last two weeks and now this double dose is for one week. I've consumed my

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  • rebecca86099 1

    I can't eat without feeling ill

    Hi there, For the past week or so, I've really been struggling eating. I've never had this before. I have not been eating much and have had a reduced appetite for a month or two but overlooked this. However this week I've managed about one meal a day.  On two occasions this week, I have had

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  • thomas96833 4

    Doubting it's allergies now?

    Hello, So for the past year and a bit, I have been dealing with chronic sinusitis. I am constantly congested, clearing my throat. Over producing mucus (sorry) and constantly coughing up thick phlegm. I have daily sinus headaches, pressure around my jaw and cheek (actually feels like I have been punched),...

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  • philip26607 2

    Heaviness of head and sensation of heart

    I have be feeling this unnecessary I have this heaviness of head and sensation hurt in my chest sometimes I feel light at my feet and having this feeling of fainting or falling down any moment one seem to understand how I feel about this situation.. sometime my heart

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  • Bobsyuncle 2

    Mosquito bites

    Hi.  I am going on holiday to Zante in August.  I attract mosquitoes.  I got bitten loads in Portugal and have an adverse reaction to the bites. Usually bitten on my legs, they come up in huge red patches with a  big blister.  So much so I could not walk for 2 days as my ankles were so swollen.  

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  • rakshit90042 2


    Hi I have been suffering from 6 months cough tightness in chest and strange irritation in throat and between chest. I had chest x-ray which was normal and all blood test every thing is normal but still this irritation and cough is not going away .I have been eating anti-allergic since many days

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  • Rockers 3

    Throat and ear pain with my allergies

    For years my allergies were very much OK but then over the last 3 or 4 years I noticed a gardual flare up of allergic symptoms. This year is terrible though. Never had so much sneezing and nose running. To make matters worse I noticed having a soar throat for more then 4 weeks now. At first it was

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  • iwantto66063 1

    Hypochondriac or Something Serious?🙄

    Hi.. I'm new to this forum.. I'm a 19 year old I've suffered from Seasonal allergies since I was I was 14(after menarche) mucus in my throat and sometimes sour burps are had got my first symptom of anxiety that was depersonalization that I've overcame successfully!I

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  • sandra13403 2


    i had been on Losartan for several years for heart failure when I suddenly got an allergic reaction to hour after taking my meds my upper face, scalp and top lip started to burn and swell the meds wore off the reaction eased slightly until I took the next emergency

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  • beatrizsantos 1

    Allergic to birth control pills, food and more?

    Hello! I am a 19 year old Portuguese female. After suffering for so long in my condition (2 years now) without any proper diagnosis from my dermatologist or allergy doctor, I decided to search some forums, hoping of finding someone that is going or that went through the same as I’m going through or

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  • geroge12013 1

    Is itOK to stop taking prednisone if I just had one 60 mg dose?

    I was in the ER last night because I accidentally ingested peanut butter. (I'm highly allergic) My symptoms weren't too severe, and my oxygen levels were normal. They did not see a need to use an Epi pen, but they did give me 60 mg of prednisone along with Pepcid and Benadryl. After being discharged,...

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  • kevinspuric 1

    Rash on lower legs

    Greetings.. I have few questions related to the condition of my grandma (80 years old).For two years she is suffering from some kind of rash or perhaps allergy (?) on legs below knees. It's itchy, and she scratches it making wounds. I took 5 pictures so you can take a look on this link :

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  • golda57776 1

    severe food allergies

    I am a 53 year old woman who is basically healthy.  I have an anomoly in clotting called Factor 2.  Since I had my first child 33 years ago, when I heard the doctor say something about a blood exchange and a coombs factor ( i was 19 and shell shocked) i have not been able to eat many foods

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  • hels821 1

    My itching symptoms don't match anything else I can find online

    As far as I know the only thing I'm allergic to is too much yeast. So I'm not sure this is an allergic reaction but my friend who works in health care said my symptoms present has a histamine reaction?? For little over a week I have experienced random itching with no rash. It started after

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  • DoraM 2

    Could be allergy?

    Hi! I'm a 52 women,about 4 years ago i had problem with my menapouse, no libido, very dry vagina. So i went to the gynacologist, she prescribed me Vagifam ( no blood work, no exam). I was takeing it every day for about 4 weeks, when my problem started. First i head a burning iching at the back

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  • j95520 1

    Allergies? Long term dark circles and wrinkles under eyes.

    Hi everyone. I'm an 18 year old teenager and I'm confused as to why my eyes have looked so disgustingly horrible beginning around junior high(12-13 years old). I asked my doctor and he briefly mentioned something about allergies but he largely brushed it off. Basically they are very dark at all times,...

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  • leathebean 1

    Allergy to [processed] sugars?

    So I've been having this issue for a while and I honestly cannot remember when it even started. I have this issue with eating sugary foods, and I think it's an allergy but I'm not entirely sure. Especially because diabetes runs in my family (I'm 18). I've been meaning to see a doctor about this but

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  • brian1998 2

    Food allergies causing insomnia

    Hi everybody , I'm 18 and recently I developed insomnia in the middle of my senior year in high school. I believe it's from stress but there must be another issue as well. Starting in October, whever I consumed a protein bar or protein shake I would stay awake wired like I was on caffeine for 2

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  • hope4cure 6

    Root canal pain from bleach on tongue

    i had to have a root canal due to a cracked filling causing the tooth to become infected in the root.   During the root canal they place a rubber dam under the tooth over the tongue to prevent any debris falling on the tongue. The bleach used to disinfect the root area leaked onto my tongue

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  • sandra138 2

    Histamine intolerance in foods

    Does anyone else suffer from this? I have had so many symptoms from this many of the symptoms are the same as my IBS or are they one and the same conditions.? Would love to hear from anyone who has been diagnosed with this intolerance

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  • Anon991100 2
  • baliblue 2

    Life threatening non-allergic reaction to general anaesthetic

    In November  2014 I had a stomach upset, bad enough to go to my GP who administered a cocktail of injections to alleviate nausea, sickness, diahorrea and 4 days worth of dehydration. A few minutes afterwards, my mouth was tingling, I felt sick and faint and could not breath. My pulse went from

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  • grapes1800 3


    Has anyone had or have heard of tantalum allergy? My neurosurgeon is considering the alloy tantalum since I was allergic to nickel for my surgery and was wondering since I don't know if there is a test that exists for tantalum and since I heard it was an inert.

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  • sue56593 2


    I have recently been diagnosed with diverticulitis, wondering if anyone suffers, "pressure feelings",and anxiety

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  • James468 2

    Dental allergy?

    Around five months ago now, I had dental work done. It was a composite filling, The moment the filling was placed, Something felt wrong, I had this strong burning pain in my face. Told the dentist but nothing was done about that, I went home and my cheek felt itchy and my eyelid on that side felt

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  • Alan08 2


    I have a strange reaction every time after having a bath at home. Everything it's ok in the first couple of hours. Than I start feeling strange with chest tightness and shortness of breath and sometimes wheezing. Is getting worst when lying down. Sometime the symptoms takes 2-3 hours and sometime

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  • siva1998 2
  • Glitzy 3

    Blocked ear stuffy nose and dizzy

    Hi just wondering anyone suffering the same as me I've not had hayfever for a couple of years but this year got it really bad. Started about 6 weeks ago with stuffy nose blocked ear numerous trips to docs who said I have ear and throat infection had 2 lots of antibiotics plus taking antihistamines

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  • shelley10976 3

    Too much b12

    My doctor called after blood tests and said I have too much b12 in my blood and I should stop taking supplements. Anyone else have this issue?

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