Could it be a cyst? Or something else? Please help :'(

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Hi everyone! I would appreciate any help I could get. I want to list my symptoms/info in bulletpoint order so I  do not forget anything. Sorry if it gets confusing. I could really use some help...

- 20 year old female, I do not have the best diet but I am reasonably healthy

- Birth control (pill) user of 4 years

- I am sexually active, have not been in the past month (since before last period) that being said, I have not missed a period and I am expecting this months within the next 4/5 days (It strangely varies on what day it starts each month, November was Saturday and December was Wednesday) Also, my periods always last 5 to 6 days. (even when I am on the active pills of a new pack.)

- When I first started taking birth control 4 years ago, I experienced break through bleeding right away. However, it was not normal breakthrough bleeding. I bled HEAVILY for four weeks. After one week I called the gyno, they told me this was normal. Called after two, said it was normal. Finally got to the point where I felt like I was dying (my mother is a nurse and I had looked normal the day before, trust me-she would have acted sooner if I had been honest with her about how much blood I was losing) Went to gyno, he sent me right to the ER.

- Here is the tricky part. I spent the entire day in the emergency room. They performed blood tests, internal, and external ultrasounds. (Had an internal one done before I had ever had sex- something only done in emergencies) The doctor told me I had "extra tissue in my uterus that was pushing the other tissue causing me to bleed so much." I was given pills to stop the bleeding, it did, got on a new birth control- have been fine for about 4 years now. I do not know if that was technically me having cysts, but I know something was not right. The doctor even told me that if I had waited even one more day to go, I would have probably needed to have a hysterectomy.

- I got to the gyno once a year. Have not had an ultrasound done since that day at the hospital.

- Last month, a week and a half before my period, I started experiencing extreme pain. I am sexually active, but my partner either uses condoms or pulls out everytime. I am always in pain after having sex, but nothing a few ibuprofens can't fix. I never have been in such pain that I couldn't stand up or anything. (Except for one time, a year ago.)

- Week and a half before my last period: I started feeling a tugging sensation, on my bikini area mainly. Or almost like a rubber band being wrapped around my groin area.

- The tops of my thighs felt numb.

- Lower back was killing me. It always hurts when I PMS and before me period, but it started a lot earlier this time.

- When I finally did get my period, I had worse than normal (saying a lot) cramps the first two days.

- I was/am CONSTIPATED. Very. Constipated.

- Which leads me to my next point. When I was home for the holidays, I saw my gyno. DId an STD swab- negative. She did the external check where she inserted two fingers and pressed down on both ovaries, and said everything felt normal. (REGARDLESS of me BEGGING her to check some other way) (This, as well as getting my period in December, knocked my ideas of pregnancy off of the list) My gyno told me all of the pain I have is due to constipation. I refuse to believe all of this can be caused by that.

- The past few days, I have still been constipated, but I keep having a pulsating feeling in my lower andomen (both sides) and it almost feels/sounds like bubbles popping.

- It feels like something is being pressed down on my pelvic area, mainly the right side.

- I have not felt anything sticking out of my pelvic area, and apparently my gyno did not feel anything either.

- For the past month, I have had lower back pain, upper leg numbness, constipation, one heavy and painful period, tugging sensations (pelvis), pulsating in my stomach, in general abdomnial and pelvic pain, and more. 

- I also had my doctor tell me everything felt fine.

- I am, in general, a very anxious person. My anxiety is probably mainly brought on by my ADD medication, or atleast not made any better (I was anxious before being on it, too)

- I am at wits end trying to figure everything out. I KNow I could have been more demanding, but I really wish my gyno did not rush through everything and just tell me I'm constipated. I am back at school, and cannot see one of my normal doctors now. My mom told me if I don't have my period by Friday to go to the hospital. 

- So....Possibly cysts? (Remember my hospital story) Just constipation? Possibly pregnancy? (I think this is highly unlikely) Physical signs of anxiety? IBS? Endo? ANY help at all would be great. Like I said earlier, I will probably be seeing a doctor Friday. No, I cannot go any earlier due to school and work. Thank you so much in advance.

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    I don't think you have any cyst in my experience of having a cyst my symptoms were very different such as pelvic pain, nausea/vomiting, headaches, heavy menstrual, felt like a hand in my pelvic pressuring it... But you should definitely go get an ultrasound and some test done...

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    i think if you get your constipation sorted you may find out! There is a herbal chewey tablet which is sena and prunes it's brilliant. Constipation can cause excruciating pain depending on how bad it is. The symptoms you list don't Sound like a cyst (Ive had dermoid cysts removed and waiting to have biopsies on reoccurring ones)

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    Also, I have random shooting paints around my left and right middle and lower abdominal areas.

    There has not been a day where I have been in so much pain that I can't stand up or anything, but just constant, reoccuring random pains.

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    I was having constipation, pain in my ovaries.. more like a dull ache ache though, lower back pain, pain in my upper thighs, but I didn't nor do I really ever have painful periods. Turned out I have cysts. A 5cm one in my left ovary and a few follicles on my right. Cysts are a big possibility and the dr won't know whether or not u have them just by feeling your ovaries. I would def demand an ultrasound.

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