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Briefly in a nutshell I am having stomach cramps which move about at their own will, aching abdomen on both sides near kidneys, pain in buttocks & top of leg, no sickness but feeling of nausea & moderate diahorea.

I am currently on a weeks course of trimemothoprin for a water kidney infection & am constantly emptying my bladder with a bit of pain when I do & the stomach pain can only be described as dull, also quite a lot of flaulance & first thing in the morning dark coloured smelly urine which improves over the course of the day with 2 litres of water intake.

I am currently in 10 days time about to fly to Ibiza for 2 weeks for a well deserved holiday with my wife, daughters & grand children & always seem to get this ailment 3 to 4 weeks before I fly which always gets me down.

I don't know if its anxiety related at all but I think of things constantly like will I be to ill to fly ? How could I live with myself if the families holiday was cancelled because of me ? Will I be I'll at the airport or whilst I'm away on holiday ? Etc etc etc, sounds silly I know but I do wonder if if the pain & SYMPTOMS are real or just in my head through constant worrying of what COULD be wrong ?

I also get similar symptoms when driving long distances when I feel out of my comfort zone ?

4 years of taking Methotrexate for psoriasis I think has done something to me in terms of general health but did have the sense to stop taking it in February 2015.

I had these symptoms the last time I flew abroad & as soon as I was at my destination & knew that I couldn't ruin it for everybody by not getting there the stomach cramps, diarrhea & acid reflux cleared up completely, this is baffling me, I know its not a new problem & the pain & discomfort feels real but I'm sure I'm making things worse by thinking of what COULD happen, any help or advice on this from anybody with similar problems would be greatly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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    Sorry you feel so bad.I would visit your gp. metho treated can cause a lot of problems.Hope you gp as been keeping an eye on you and giving you blood tests.antibiotics can cause stomach problems also.

    I would go see your gp as soon as you can.

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      Thanks Holly & yes when I was on Methotrexate my blood tests were normal, like I said I've been off the Methotrexate for about 7 months now so not unduly worried about that to be honest.Genuinely am beginning to think it could be stress/anxiety related because I sleep quite normally without being woken by any pain at all which makes me realise it comes on when I'm thinking about things, I have had some sort of water/ bladder/ kidney infection which doesn't help but this really could be psychological.

      It's funny Holly but also today I haven't felt too bad really & then within 10 minutes of having a yoghurt drink the stomach cramps & wanting to rush to the toilet again are back.

      Could it be worsened by certain foods Holly ? I really am clutching at so many straws here ?

      My Sister in times of stress has suffered from terrible stomach problems for years & had every test under the sun & rightly or wrongly was diagnosed with IBS, could it be the same for me.

      I've had tests myself in the past, ( funnily enough the last time we went on holiday on a plane) was when I was at my worst.

      I gave urine samples, stool samples & apart from a bit of sugar & blood in them, ( a miniscule amount) was told it was fine. Also had a prostate examination too which was normal & as soon as the stress went & we were safely away on holiday the pain, aches, sickness & cramps disappeared ?????

      Just by talking to people like you Holly makes me feel better, I never realised until joining this forum that there are literally hundreds of people with exactly the same symptoms.

      Thank you Holly

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    I don't think a kidney infection could be all in your head and a lot of your symptoms can probably be attributed to that. Nevertheless your anxiety is probably adding to the problem and causing problems with your immune system making you more prone to infections. Methotrexate can cause a lot if problems but not sure whether they would continue seeing as you have stopped taking it.

    Hopefully the antibiotics should do the trick and you can look forward to your holiday. Remember though that even though you are going abroad you can still get medical attention should you really need it which hopefully you wont.

    Enjoy your hols.

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      Thanks for that Debbie & it was very helpful indeed, definite water infection for sure & I've got 2 more trimothoprim to take & I think they can make you feel a bit sick & achy as a side effect.

      Did a bit of research on the net & found out that only the brain has more nerves in it than the stomach which makes gut problems escalate with certain amounts of stress/ anxiety.

      Any feedback from your good self or anyone else on the forum would be most appreciated.

      Thanks Debbie !

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    Hi Andy,

    I'm sorry for what you are experiencing. It's hard to say if it is related to anxiety or a physical illness. But I think in your case it would be only fair to you to make sure it isn't caused by a physical illness. They can be tricky and not that easy to diagnose.I hope that's not the case. But also if you have a fear of flying that's understandable. I get extremely nervous about heights although I love to fly.With that said kidney problems can cause abdominal discomfort and upper back pain so that would be real and the medicine could be giving you abdominal distress. I really hope that things improve for you soon and that you get some kind of answer.

    Take Care,


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      Thank you Penny, every bit of information helps !
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      Anxiety and stress can cause your stomach to be upset, but I'm not sure about pain.

      Some foods can upset you especially whilst taking does sound as though you have a water infection.

      Badder infections can make you feel really pooly and tired and feeling was be a good idea to drink cranberry juice I've found it very helpful. You are taking the right antibiotics but you must drink plenty.

      If you don't feel much better go back to see Dr and he can try another antibiotics.

      Hope you feel better soon x holly

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      Thanks Holly that is very helpful, I did try cranberry juice but it gave me bad acid which is a shame because I love it, I have found out over time that dairy products can make it worse sometimes, especially eggs & the 1 food that seems to agree with me is chicken which causes no problems at all.

      A friend of mine who suffers from stomach problems told me that if it were anything serious it would disturb my sleep but I sleep straight through without any problems only for the diahorea & cramps/pain/spasms to start when I wake & start getting anxious about what it COULD be.

      Stress causes pain....Pain causes stress....

      A bit of a vicious circle. Also if I'm busy at work or doing something to occupy my mind like for instance watching a local game of football then it seems to go away only for it to return when I have time to dwell on things, it's so bloody hard to try to work out Holly.

      This group & people like you really are a godsend regarding this ailment but I have steered clear of all this symptom/ diagnosis finder malarkey that you find on the net as I honestly believe it can make people think they have all sorts of things wrong with them.

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       l guess you gave a sample in to gps and had bladder kidney  infection confirmed, and that can cause a lot of pain in abdomen sides, and cramping along with typical frequency, it could also cause a bit of nausea, as can anti biotics. If youve been on them a few days and its not improving you might need a different anti biotic,as youve only two left it sounds as if that might be the case,  in the past l and others l know have been put on trimethoprin for bladder kidney infection, and if the infection reached the kidney it often means its quite a bad infection, for me trimethoprin didnt clear it completely and l was given a course of keflalexin that did. but anxiety and stress can add to feeling worse, plus the symptoms will make you tired and ready for a sleep, which is a switch off from them. l think many that have chronic health problems worry before going on holiday, l have,  if it will flare up, will you be a drag on those with you, are you going to enjoy it, just anxiety due to probs.If Your prone to bladder infections explain to your doc your anxiety over your holiday its possible he could offer you a short course of anti bs,  to take with you in case of a flare up. Hope it improves soon and you have a great holiday.

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