could it be diverticulitis?

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sorry to bother anyone, i've been having issues for 5 years with my stomach below is a list of problems:



pain/tenderness lower left side


excessive gas.

so far i have blood tests and ultrasound done with everything being clear, they put it down to IBS but i dont think it is, im constantly going to them because its depressiing not knowing what it is or how to handle it.

what i have noticed is anything high in fibre, wholegrains for example flares the condition up and i was told to eat things high in fibre because the constipation.

right now im trying a liquid diet because of a flare up, i feel its working as there is no food in my stomach to feed the problem but i do feel weak.

could anyone tell me if it sounds like diverticulitis because i've no more answers,

any advice would be appreciated 

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    They say when younger often IBS and when older Diverticulitis. You do have diverticulitis symptoms and the pain is more on the lower left but can be right sided. I would insist on a colonoscopy as that will definitely confirm if it is diverticulitis. You are doing the right thing eating a bland diet. When you are better start upping the fibre so you don’t get constipated but stay off it during the flare up. I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago and have only had 3 flare ups so you can manage this. 
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    Hey there,

    I wish I knew what to say to help you. I had a few severe bouts with Diverticulitis. Not all the symptoms are the same. Mine were super sharp pains in my lower left abdomen. Frost as if I were being stabbed with a sharp knife. It would drop me to my knees and when I walked, I had to pull up on my stomach to counter some of the pain.

    Some people get really bad cramping and bathroom issues. I’ve always had loose stools so it was nothing new to me.

    Have they done a colonoscopy? If not, you may want to ask about it. As for the blood tests, my white blood cell count was through the roof when I had my flare ups. 

    As for the liquid diet, it will give your intestines a chance to rest a little. Drink broth and pulp free ice pops too... they seemed to help me along with jello.

    I wish I had answers for you, but would check into a colonoscopy. That will at least show if you have it.

    Best of luck!

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      I have an appointment with the gastrologist on sunday, its difficult because i dont know what i should and should not be eating to be honest,

      The liquid diet never lasted long i was absolute starving, i had some mash potatoes and a fried egg shortly after, which maybe wasn't the best idea.. although not as bad as other times it made the excessive gas start again.

      What do you guys do to keep it in check? I go to the gym and was trying to gain weight for muscle mass but instead lost weight cos i find myself starving myself and scared to eat

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      Mine ended up being pretty severe so they removed a little over a foot of my lower intestine. Since then, I have been doing good, but it’s not a cure all. 

      I continue to try to eat smaller portions, more meals throughout the day and chew my food really well. I cut back on red meat, not completely, but some. I do eat a lot of chicken and fish. 

      When I use to have my flare ups, it was a liquid diet for 3-7 days and then on to low residue foods. Check out the Mayo Clinic site and search for Diverticulitis. It’s not much, but it’s a start to the type of foods. I also used a heating pad off and on when I had my flare ups. 

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      Go dairy free, only mashed potatoes and mashed non gassy veggies and beef bone broth check out low FodMat diet, go slow on foods, keep a journal on what you eat. No more working out till you get answers, check out Mayo Clinic diet for DD. I lost 40 lbs in 5 months due to all this tummy/mind s**t. I did need to lose weight and lay off junk food, soda and coffee. Miss it though. Hope you get some answers soon. Oh try gas x and warm peppermint tea or Brags Apple cider vinegar with warm water. Tylenol only and heating pad. 🙏🤗

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      3-7 days on liquids, jesus i dont know how u survived .. i lasted 11 hours on broth, water, ice lollies and jelly! I was starving, but i will head over to mayo clinic now thank you for the help
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    Yes this sounds like Diverticulitis flare, I’d have stool test done to rule out Candida and parasites along with other bugs in gut, also ask for SIBO test, it’s a breath test. IBS / SIBO go hand in hand. And do colonoscopy and Endoscopy. To rule out othe issues. When on liquid diet you can have Keto flu detox symptoms as well. I had my first flare in Feb, not been the same since, anxiety and panic attack, food sensitivities, can’t do dairy or eggs anymore, and my body doesn’t do good on high fiber, sugars or carbs. So I was checked positive for SIBO. Hope you get answers soon. 🙏

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    Hi Joe

    Since you’re familiar with the gym and building muscle mass you may be familiar with protein liquids and powders.  Protein fills you up considerably, takes your mind off food for several hours—about 20+grams or more per serving.  Depending on how much you weigh , you can easily drink 35grams per serving and you won’t be hungry all day...As far as the protein can make your own liquid drink and add an apple(no skin) banana, honey, peanut butter, mangoes, lemons, and if you have or buy an excellent blender/ninja that grinds the seeds you can have strawberries, raspberries, walnuts almonds etc.  I haven’t mentioned any “green” foods cause they’re no fun but some people like to mix it up.  these are power packed foods that give you tremendous energy- including the PROTEIN and you will no longer be so weak.  ALSO... V8–the juice maker, now has so many “energy “ juices!!  Check it out!  You are too young to be weak.. get up , get some energy drinks in your body and go!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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      well to gain muscle mass means eating calories which for me would be 2,129, 293g of carbs, 133g of protein and 47g of fat... with protein shakes only being 100 calories per serving i dont think i could drink 2000 calories in liquid form well that was the plan anyway but with the stomach situation only getting worse im not taking in anywhere near that, for example today i skipped breakfast as i had that pain lower left hand side as soon as i awoke, and this is always there every morning without doubt... always there in the morning but settles as day goes on.

      by lunch time i had a protein shake, while the problem is still pretty much there even having a protein shake brings on symptoms of excessive wind, constant rifting, flatulence etc. but its not as bad as food, when i eat it feels as if im feeding the irritation.

      around 2pm i have a chicken stir fry, now this is where the problems intensify... bloating is the first thing, the feeling of my food just sitting there ready to come back up, constipation straight away, depending on how bad it is at the time i will pretty much start to sweat, nausea etc which is my body getting ready for me to vomit, if i dont vomit then i will sit with excessive wind, bloating and bringing up small amounts of sickness all day and only real way to get relief from this is making myself vomit! feel a million times better with no food in my stomach.

      i went to the gym around 4pm and done 5 minutes of a chest routine and had to get out, imagine eating until you are full and tried jogging without letting your meal settle is the feeling i carry around all day.

      infact that was hours ago and i'm contemplating on making myself vomit because that 1 meal i had is just not digesting and i still feel like its going to back up any minute

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