Could it be gallbladder

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Worning I'm going to get very very detailed..

So I have been having issues since march. Doctors did endoscopy and colonoscopy all were fine except in my duodenum there were decreased folds. However biopsy came back fine. I have been on gf for 6 yrs because that causes all sorts of issues but doctor wanted to see if I truly had celiac. She's still not sure if I do or not I will have to go back eating gluten.... anyway I have been having diarrhea from dairy and fructose thoes test came back negative so my doctor decided it could be my pancrease my lipase and amylase tests were also negative.. I still have to do the 24 hr fat test but If my lab work was neg dosent that rule out pancrease issue.

Here are my symptoms

Diahrrea off and on. When I don't have diarrhea I have what I consider a normal stool.. it however floats and when I wipe there realy isn't much stool but there is a clear/ yellow liquid kinda film....

I have pain realy all over my stomach and it shoots into my back

Also at times I vomit.

I have weight loss

I'm just realy over it all. I'm almost to the point where it's nothing and just going to eat dairy and fructose and be sick. Maybe it will go away...

I guess my question is could it be gallbladder related.

Doctors have done all sorts of tests and can't figure out what is wrong

They think it is my pancrease but blood work was negative

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    An ultrasound or a CT scan should show if it is your gallbladder- I am not sure how they diagnose a problem with your pancreas, but if all your enzymes are normal, it may not be pancreas.  Some of the symptoms fit, but everyone is different.  I had only terrible nausea, spicy foods didn't make it worse and bland foods didn't make it better.  The CT Scan and the ultrasound both showed it was my gallbladder, and some of the lab results for enzymes were elevated.  I had my gallbladder removed May 30th and although the first 2 weeks were rough, I can pretty much eat what I want now.  There are also natural digestive enzymes you may want to try- my doctor said they were OK to take- You may want to check with yours.  I got mine on Amazon.  I may not be much help, but good luck.  The good news is my nausea is gone....

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    P.S.  I also had a few episodes of violent vomiting prior to removal of the gallbladder, but none since then....
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    Hey K.kgirl1223, 

      My older daughter (age 23 then) about 3 yrs ago had symptoms of intense pain directly under her right breast. Especially when you would also apply pressure to the area. She had the exact same symptoms as you described. Ended up in the ER a couple of times, ALL the tests they ran showed absolutely nothing until she had a CT scan of the upper GI and showed she had Gallsones. So they immediately put her into surgery to remove them. BUT, since the surgery, she STILL has continuous pain and all the same symtoptoms but those has increased in strength and frequency post surgery. She is seeing a really great GI doctor, but again as he said, unless they get the patient in right at the peak of an attack, the tests will non be conclusive. 

    I know this probab;y doesn't help you out, but she was diagnosed with pancreatic ? cannot think off hand the other part of the name, sorry. But I would ask to have a ct scan of your Upper GI, to see if in fact you have gallstones. It makes me sad to see yet another person having these same problems. I will inclue you in my prayers for answers and healing as well. 

    God Bless you and keep us posted on how you're doing. 

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    Sorry to learn you're having these problems.  Are you seeing a gastroenterologist?

    I would suggest a CT scan to check your gallbladder for stones, because an ultrasound doesn't always pick up small stones and sludge, which could cause galbladder problems. It will also show whether the walls of your gallbladder are thickened.  Then, there is a test that can be done to see how much bile is being released by your gallbladder during digestion. It's called a Hida scan.  Has that one been done, too?  

    You can also have a blood test done for celiac disease.

    As to diary causing you problems you could be lactose intolerant. Have you tried lactose free milk?

    I think what you might have is bile acid malobsorption. The yellow liquid could be bile.  It's what is excreted into you small intestine during digestion by your gallbladder.  Bile acid is extremely caustic, you might feel a buring sensation when you excrete it. Sometimes, it can back up into your stomach and cause nausea. 

    During the end of digestion, in the large intestine, the body usually excretes a hormone that enables the reabosorption of bile.  Some people stop secreting this hormone so they develop diarreha.  When this gets chronic, often doctors diagnosie it as IBS-D.  A certain percentage of people in the US diagnosed with IBS-D actually have bile acid malobsorption. A famous clinic in the US has developed a blood test for this problem.  There is also a 24 hour stool collection test that can be done by the patient at home.  You can find out more about it by looking up bile acid malobsorption on line.  

    If you're not seeing a gastroenterologist, I suggest you get a referral to one.

    Best of luck, and let me know how you do!


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