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Right so let's start at the top! I'm a female, 16 and desperate for an answer! Firstly the things I have been diagnosed with: OCD (severe)

         Anxiety (severe)

         Depression (severe) (taking Fluoxetine 40mg pd)

         IBS (given Anti spazmic drugs)


So these are the things that I have been diagnosed with! I had a B12 deficiency at the level of 192 I think it was, so still inside the range but very low. I also had heart surgery a little over a year ago to close a hole in my heart (ASD), that we suspect was causing familial hemiplegic Aura migraine! (Still get them but less and not as harsh) I had a serious reaction to the anaesthetic and ended up in a state of acute delirium, I was give a sedative that took around 4 hours to work because of the issues the delirium was causing. Aside from that I have had spells of eczema and that's about it. 

Anyway I have been to the Doctors surgery countless times now for various symptoms (listed below) :

-Chest pains 

-Headaches during day and upon waking 

-Severe Fatigue

-feeling of not getting enough breath

-suicidal thoughts (am now out of school and under the mental health service because of it)

-abdominal pain (admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis twice (nothing was wrong according to tests))

-Irregular and very short periods

-brain fog

-lack of concentration

These are the symptoms I have at the moment. Now I went to the surgery the other day and asked what they were gonna test next and the Dr said that I've had full bloods so they've tested kidney function, liver function, stomach problems and everything, I have also had an ultrasound on my ovaries and nothing is wrong! All my tests have come back almost 100% normal minus a minute amount of blood and protein in my urine sample that they said was not worrying (This is aside from previous issues). I have looked into ME/CFS but everyone blames it all on medication or lack of sleep (I do sleep for at least 8 hours most days) I'm not sexually active so i'm not pregnant! The Drs say I'm fine but I know I'm not! Please help!!! 

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    I do hope it's not m.e.

    i think u have enough diagnosed wrong with you to deal with. 

    Ocd Is really awful to deal with if severe it's so restrictive.

    but the depression and suicidal thoughts go hand in hand with the fatigue ...

    a lot of people with m.e. 

     Suffer from depression due to suffering with m.e. For so long ...

    i think you have a lot of illnesses that can be improved with therapy and drugs especially the ocd...  And the depression comes in waves to most people ... 

    Get help to get in better health with these and then see if you still have the fatigue and brain fog etc...


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      Thanks for responding Sally, I a coming off the medication soon so we'll be able to rule that out but I see what you mean about it all adding up to create this multiple of syptoms rolleyes
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    What i have discovered having CFS one year now is that GP's and the mainstream medical system in general is not equipped well enough to deal with it, my GP's have been superb but what i mean is that testing the human body is impossible. We should always go on symptoms and more importantly how we feel. Our bodies tell us so much. By the time we reach a stage of obvious ill health unfortunately in many cases the NHS cannot actually heal/cure us. In many illness all drugs do is SUPPRESS SYMPTOMS which in my opinion is not a wise thing to do. We get worse. The body is an interconnected system. Ultimately if we want to get well we have to help ourselves, we have to alter our diet and lifestyle and take specific herbs and supplements if need be. We have to look at holistic healing (things like Chinese Medicine) in preferance to mainsteam modalities. Unfortunately finding good alternative practitioners i've found is also difficult and many are no good and are just after your money. A big factor in health and a 'one for all' approach for all of us is to DETOXIFY and nourish the LIVER. I would recommend buying a liver supplement. Himalayan herbal have a good one.

    By all accounts i am fine too going by tests, but i've lost my job, i'm no longer training at the gym 5 days week, so i doubt this is all in my head. lol Wish it was.

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      You're welcome, try the liver thing. The liver controls good metabolism and energy we get from food, if it is sluggish ( in this polluted world) it means we are lethargic, depressed. Look up Traditional Chinese Medicine in relation to say depression for instance, it is linked to the liver. Think about it our ORGANS are our most important aspects of our body. Having CFS has been a trip and i know i will get better.
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    Hi, I would say also that you have plenty diagnosed to deal with!  Have you had your thyroid checked?  Hypothyrroidism can be the cause of many symptoms.  It is just so difficult when someone presents with multiple symptoms and doctors tend to treat each one individually rather than search for an underlying cause. People with ME/CFS have the post exertional malaise which is a great indicator for the diagnosis.  Is this something you have too?  It is awful trying to find something to explain how we are feeling but only you know exactly what those symptoms are for you.  I would do what Sally says and concentrate on what you do have diagnosed, see how you feel when you have these under control.  It may be useful to keep a diary of symptoms and how you feel generally for a while to see if any patterns emerge.  I hope so much you don't have ME/CFS - and hope you feel better.
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      Thanks Shreddie, I have had everything checked multiple times, including my thyroid, my mother does have an underactive thyroid, and I know the tests don't always show up some stuff... They did say my T4 level was off once but they did a fasting blood test and said ohh it's fine, you're fine -_- I do get very very exhausted after any sort of excersise or activity, even walking and bathing my dogs! x
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      it may be useful to check out this site....TPAUK.  The forum there has very knowledgeable people.  Good luck.
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    Wow! So sorry you have to deal with so many issues. Anxiety and depression can be awful. I've had to deal with these issues and know how debilitating they can be. Your body has been under so much assault, it's hard to know what's happening. But if all tests come back negative, and you have severe fatigue, especially postexertional fatigue, you may want to look into ME/CFS. This illness can be triggered by a flu. Some people report onset with a physical trauma, and stress can be the ingredient that ignites the illness. An infectious disease doctor specializing in ME/CFS could be helpful.

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