Could my symptoms be MS

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I've had a long journey with multiple failed doctors visits over the years and could really use some advice. After just graduating high school, symptoms which had mostly disappeared, came back with a vengeance. I have been very discouraged because my symptoms are inhibiting my ability to preform even normal everyday tasks, and while I am supposed to be excited about starting my life, I'm frustrated as my doctors visits continue to be unsuccessful. For about six years now I've been having multiple bizarre symptoms. It started all the way back in 6th grade with back pain. My back was very achy and sometimes I'd sit down and a sharp pain would shoot through my spine. The pain persisted and months later I began experiencing extreme fatigue. If I was lucky enough to sleep the night before (I also began having sleeping problems) I still woke up feeling exhausted, and by afternoon it was so bad I could barely do anything and would usually leave school early, go home, and lay down the rest of the day. Somewhere around this point I began experiencing multiple new symptoms. I had stomach pain, nausea, headaches, bad earaches, frequent dizziness, chest pain (usually a burning sensation) chronic pain (my whole body was always achy) and my lower back began to hurt so bad I had trouble walking more than a few minutes at a time. I also had constipation and trouble peeing every once in a while which was quite painful (It would just drip). I also infrequently had problems with muscle spasms. I had issues with all of this consistently for a few years and had many visits to the doctors office. By the end of these visits my doctor decided my diagnosis was anxiety!! Yes, I had anxiety but I knew there was no way thats what was causing my symptoms and was in fact convinced the opposite, that my symptoms were causing my anxiety. I continued to pursue a diagnosis and got so discouraged after so many negative tests I gave up and stopped even really talking about it (mostly blood tests ad x-rays, did get a full back MRI once though.) Eventually, (around sophomore year) a lot of my symptoms disappeared or became less painful or frequent. I still struggled with back pain, ear and headaches, occasional fatigue, and dizzy spells but I was able to function and get through the day okay. I began to ignore my symptoms and even entered into denial, convincing myself everyone was right and my poor health was due to mental illness and bad lifestyle choices. So I started eating right and exercising frequently, and honestly felt pretty damn good for a couple years, that is until second semester of senior year (February) when I ended up in the ER. I woke up feeling very strange, exhausted, and my mind was super foggy. When I tried to stand up it was very difficult and I was extremely dizzy. I began experiencing bad chest pain similar to my prior experience, a burning sensation, the difference is it was much worse. I also noticed my heat beat was extremely irregular and was jumping for 60bpm to 115bpm within seconds. The ER, of course, was a dead end. Images came back with nothing. Again I ignored it and moved on. My symptoms persisted but have usually not been as bad as the first time. I began having problems with my ears again, also worse than before. They hurt constantly everyday, never stop ringing, and keep plugging (like when you enter a high altitude and have to swallow or chew gum) but they get stuck like that and make it very difficult to hear everything including myself speak. This has been occurring everyday to present. In July my fatigue returned, not too bad though until recently and is now back to how it was, making it difficult to function. By now I have been experiencing all my old symptoms, many much worse than before, but heres where it gets even worse. Over the last few weeks I've had new symptoms. It started with a burning sensation in my feet, legs, arms, and hands. At first I only noticed it at night, then it began to happen 24/7. I tried to ignore it for awhile and eventually it went away. However, shortly after, I began having issues with spasticity. Muscle spasms all over my body (face, stomach, back,etc) stiffness, and now joint pain. The burning in my arms and legs now comes back every once in awhile and I've been having tingling in my hands, feet and lips. I am now again having trouble using the bathroom and my stomach hurts bad all the time (and also constantly makes weird noises) and I've been getting hit with random waves of nausea. My mind is foggy all the time and I have been extremely irritable as well. I could go on and on but I've already wrote a whole essay lol so back to the point. Do you think it could be MS? Should I continue going to the doctor? Do you have any advice on what I should do or say? I could really use your opinions, unfortunately I have not had much support, with my family telling me I'm overreacting or even straight up lying. They've been better recently but its still been hard, and it would be very helpful to hear someone tell me I'm not crazy lol.

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    have you had a MRi of your brain?

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      Unfortunately no. I have requested one before but got told it wasn't necessary and they did one of my spine instead. I currently don't have a PCP so just filled out new patient forms to get one but have to wait several weeks and am really frustrated cause I'm in a lot of pain and don't get why urgent care won't do an MRI or why someone won't see me sooner. Just had lots of blood work done and everything came back normal too.

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      i was diagnosed with ms almost 3 years ago. i only have a few of the symptoms you are experiencing. i get dizzy and tired. i also get a electric shock sometimes in my left hand. That is all the symptoms i get. MRi should rule out MS. If they do not find any lesions then that is a good thing.

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      also unless you have some issues with your head. migraines, headaches, vision. etc it will be hard to get a referral to get a MRi. Dont waste your time at urgent care. They will tell you to talk to you PCP. Only reason i got a MRi was because i was having vision issues went and saw a eye doctor and they told me i was having brain issues. come to find out i was having a MS attack.

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      Thanks for replying. I Just had a lot of blood work done so probably not celiac but maybe, it does have very similar symptoms. Working on getting an mri but have to wait till I can get a PCP which will take a few weeks. Urgent care doesn't seem to wanna order one but I'm gonna try there again anyway.

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    Hi Jessica,

    I myself have MS, but I also have a brain condition that has many common MS symptoms which is how i found out i have MS, after my brain surgery ....I have a neurologist and a MS neurologist, and together many symptoms have been more manageable, but it is a everyday struggle with MS. I have it on my brain and my spinal cord. I have pretty much gotten my mental issues mainly my short term memory with immune supplements. Which should be taken daily (**B3,B7,B-12 and vitamin D with Calcium...**these supplements address many of the issues you have presented.

    But being that i have MS my other issues which are also auto immune diseases lead to the diagnosis.

    1- Severe anemia- will cause constant fatigue and chest pains, dizziness, and headaches..

    2-Anxiety can also cause the fatigue and sweets , shaking and agitation

    3-MS- affects any part of the body and mostly coordination and motor skills, burning sensations can be nerve pain, much like diabetic nerve pain, spastic, stiffness, pain and joint pain..and brain foggy is a classic MS symptom...

    hope this helps....


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    hi i know this post is old but i was wondering if you have an update?

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      Not much has changed. I had multiple blood tests and an EMG and they found nothing. After that i had an MRI which also showed nothing, and so i got kinda frustrated and didnt go back to the doctor. Lame, I know, but it gets really old. Tests take forever to get and then forever to get results for and its just super discouraging. Anyway, sometimes i feel pretty good for awhile, and then itll get really bad again. Ive been working out alot recently and all the sudden ive been feeling ill again, and am preforming way worse. So idk. At the very least it dosent seem to have gotten worse, its just frustrating. But the tests ruled out quite a few scary things so thats cool.

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    Hello Jess,

    I hope you are doing well. Please get tested for lymes disease. I know the post old but i just wanted to reach out.x

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