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Multiple Sclerosis

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  • Brea398 2

    Why are some things so hard to diagnose?!

    Hi, 10 years ago I had lost feeling in both my legs when I tried getting out of bed that morning. Numbness lasted a couple weeks. I was exhausted, only able to work for 2 hours before needing to go back to bed. This lasted a month or longer. Vision issues. Foggy head. Couldn't think of words. Flare up...

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  • DeniseM8226 2

    MS Symptoms. Referred to Neuro by Rheumatologist

    Hey everyone. I am just wondering how your symptoms started. A year ago, I started having pain in my left rib area. It progressed to my left shoulder blade. Throbbing, tingling, followed by numbness. I know have it in my left upper arm, left elbow, hands, and legs (mostly my left side). I've been...

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  • nancy47055 1

    Symptoms: MS or Anxiety?

    Good afternoon. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Anxiety. The anxiety has only been in the last year due to a lot of stress I've been experiencing. I take Ativan daily and it seems to work pretty well. Lately, I have experienced a lot of numbness in my hands. I've had it in my face...

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  • dee01002 2

    Cost of MRI

    Can anyonebtell me the price of a private MRI. 5 years I've had pains and numbness in my right side. My G.P won't refer me to anyone and diagnosed fibromyalgia and sciatica. I can't find any information on fibromyalgia down one side? I had a referral from the optition to the eye clinic for swelling of...

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  • JohnSP12 2

    Multiple Sclerosis symptoms - But brain MRI is almost normal

    About 8 months ago I was having low sensitivity on some areas of my body, and I had erection problems. But the the problems has gone away after about one month. 2 months ago, I was having problems with balancing, and writing, I couldn't write a thing legit. But it has improved. Now I'm feeling a tingling...

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  • jodie24547 1


    Hi was wondering if anyone could help me. For 2 years now i have been having problems with my left leg going numb and tingerly. I went to my GP where she sent me to get a MRI scan done 45 mins under that thing was really hard . Aftet that i got sent to an nero doctor to see if he could help me. He...

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  • dee01002 2

    5 yrs Fibro - imflamation found behind eye MS?

    Ive suffered what the Gp has said Fibromyalgia, sciatica, muscle spasms and others all effecting my right side and back 99% of the time. I do get the same pain in my left side a few hrs every now and then. I get double vision usually a few hrs in the morning and a stabbing eye pain every now and then...

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  • andrew80772 2
  • laura11375 2

    Entering month 3 none the wiser - Does this look like MS?

    Hi all, Posting here out of frustration. I'm feeling a million miles from myself. I really have gone downhill since early April, but even in the couple of months before, I was fatigued. ON my first visit to family doctor was given an antibiotic - didnt work. Went to ENT - she said maybe viral (didnt...

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  • Hayhue 5

    MS without lesions? Is it possible?

    Hey all. I've posted all over this site for possible reasons such as fibromyalgia and neuropathy; and spine; and MS; and now my neurologist has me back to MS. I always felt like I matched the symptoms anyway (vertigo, blurred vision, gait disturbance, electric shock) but after a years worth of testing,...

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  • corrie94 2

    Advice about MS needed.

    So, this has been playing on my mind for some time now. I am 22 years old. I have no symptoms of MS whatsover. My grandmother had MS, and died around 16 years ago. I have no idea if it was MS related. Then when my dad was in his early/mid 30s, he too was diagnosed with MS. Then a few years ago in his...

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  • beckyboo36 2

    hanging in limbo. anyone else?

    So it all started last year at the end on june with a bad case of vertigo (bppv). went for therapy and therapist noticed i had nystgamus in one of my eyes which prompt and MRI which showed 3 mm along the right lateral margin of the mid body corpus callosum (3, 16) and 9 mm left occipital periventricular...

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  • vanessa66472 1

    hi can anyone tell me if I have the symptoms of MS

    hi it is a long story but three years ago it started where I could not move my left arm. I have always been healthy so this was a suprise to me. I went to the doctor who sent me for a MRI looking for a stroke and a limber punch all negative. I was diagnosed with a migraine so I never went back. However...

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  • mcncheri 3

    MS, Vitamin Deficiency, or Anxiety?

    Please have my apologies for asking what I feel must be blatantly obvious to everyone here, but I have some concerns that I would really appreciate the reassurance on... While I'm persistent on looking into blood tests and will be asking another medical professional about potential health concerns,...

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  • Bneuhardt 2

    ms specialist?

    What happens the first time you go to a ms doctor after you have been diagnosed? Going to university of Michigan for ms.

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  • susan06053 1

    M s ?? I'm at the end of my tether. What else can I do??

    Hi, hoping for advice, I am in tears writing this as I just feel so done! I am late 40's have had fibromyalgia for over 10 years and thyroid plus i b s. For the last 3 years severe trigeminal neuralgia. I believe it is m s but dr basically told me not to be so stupid! I don't think I can carry on with...

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  • Bneuhardt 2

    Ms and selling a house.

    Wish I knew what to do. I have to sell my house because I can't afford it and all of my credit card debt. I have ms. My house has equity in it.

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  • karenB65 2

    In a plaster caste and feeling worse each day

    Hello All.  I am currently under a consultant Neurologist being tested for MS after being wrongly diagnosed for over 10 years.  I go back to see my consultant on Wed 10th May, but am going to see him on a pair of crutches. This is because 5 days ago, I took another fall and have badly sprained my left...

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  • h3nr1 2

    Ms hug

    I was in the bath the other night and as I was sitting there I had a very tight chest, it lasted as long as I was in the bath, I got out laid on bed and it claimed down, I was wondering if this could of been a ms hug. Im Undiagnosed at the moment but suffer loads with my legs x

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  • wilbur52069 1
  • audrey95916 1

    Do I have MS? Please help.....

    I am 31, just had a baby 5 months ago and I also have a daughter of 3 years old. I have degenerative disc in my neck which is quite painful and debilitating. I also had an MRI done 2 years ago and my brain "looked fine". But lately, I have been feeling these: - tingly arms - weakness in arms and fingers...

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  • GaMo 2


    Hi, I'm having a few health concerns and the research that I've done suggests that I might have MS! I've booked a doctors appointment for next Tuesday but I wanted to check my symptoms on here to see if anyone else here has similar issues. So I have been experiencing muscle fatiuge especially in my...

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  • kyle75427 1

    wondering if might have ms

    Hi all I have been having issues with extreme exhaustion, migraines, dizziness, the feeling of being there but not there, confusion, having a really hard time retaining anything I read or following along with conversations, I have anxiety about going out in public, I have a hard time getting the words...

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  • carolinagirl1 2

    Misdiagnosed after 10 years!!

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2005. Now im being told I DO NOT have MS . My neurologist I had for 6 years left the practice, I was turned over to another neurologist within the same office and he says I don't have it. I was shocked, got a second opinion and he's saying the same thing! He says my MS lesions...

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  • Nyxks 3

    No official MS diagnosis as yet

    Well its been a long journey so far started several years ago with my Endocronolgist sending me for a emergency ultrasound do to one of my legs swelling up (its' never been the same since that week).  A little history to degrees, I am 39 years young and lost my mother to unknown medical complications...

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  • Treated 2

    Epilepsy clinic with ms

    I have had a mri which showed some frontal lesions and niw awaiting the results of lumbar puncture. However I've been sent an appointment to hear results but I've been requested to go to the epilepsy clinic to get them. Has anyone else had to go to the epilepsy clinic for results? Could this mean they...

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  • tina28767 1

    Do i have ms? Doctors all dismiss me ;(

    It's been since 2011. Dizzy headaches unbalanced tired feel uneasy tummy issues spine issues joint pain neck pain numbness all over that radiates. Blood test show nothing. Mri was normal. I just want to feel good again every year I'm worse. I'm starting to feel like I'm nuts. Neurologist & RA doc I had...

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  • marie92528 2


    Hello there guys, I wanted to get some in put on having MS and working out. Is it safe for people with MS to workout on a daily basis?

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  • Stangem94 1

    MS, ALS or something else......?

    Hi I am a 37 y/o male. A few weeks before Christmas I started having muscle soreness in both arms and every so often in my legs as well. I have also had strange sensations in my head as well as a very itchy scalp and skin crawling feeling in my head as well. All of these symptoms come and go sometimes...

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  • mayada 03327 2

    Ms medication decision

    I had 2 relapse of optic neuritis in my left eye within 3 years . The second relapse was in October 2016 i did mri which showed 1 lesion and i mad another mri in December using 3 tesla technique which showed more than 10 tiny white matters I stopped the decision of taking interferon yesterday i mad another...

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  • db1130 1

    Migraines or ms

    Is it possible for migraines to leave lesions on my brain and damage my myelin sheath. I've had an mri and it said i had a dymyelting disease such as multiple sclerosis. My neurologist never said anything to me my rheumatologist gave me a copy of my lasted mri. I called my family doctor and scheduled...

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  • mayada 03327 2

    Mri lesions and decision of taking medication

    I had 2 relapse of optic neuritis in my left eye within 3 years . The second relapse was in October 2016 i did mri which showed 1 lesion and i mad another mri in December using 3 tesla technique which showed more than 10 tiny white matters I stopped the decision o

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  • sandra63543 2


    Hi thank you for accepting me to group,sadly I have been ill for three years now,I have ceoliac disease,fibromyalgia, cfs/me. My symptoms have become more severe, I experience electrical sensations on head,face,legs,pelvic bone. I have become very dizzy,my ears feel blocked,doctor has checked twice both...

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  • Riggs006 2

    Autoimmune Disease?

    Hey first post on any kind of website like this but thought i'd give it ago as everyone i know is pretty fed up of me talking about my problems! So how it started, around 6 months ago when i was 19 (now 20) i was just my usual healthy self until a got violently sick one day, thought nothing much of it...

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  • annalise 84210 2
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