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Multiple Sclerosis

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  • GaMo 2


    Hi, I'm having a few health concerns and the research that I've done suggests that I might have MS! I've booked a doctors appointment for next Tuesday but I wanted to check my symptoms on here to see if anyone else here has similar issues. So I have been experiencing muscle fatiuge especially in

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  • kyle75427 1

    wondering if might have ms

    Hi all I have been having issues with extreme exhaustion, migraines, dizziness, the feeling of being there but not there, confusion, having a really hard time retaining anything I read or following along with conversations, I have anxiety about going out in public, I have a hard time getting the

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  • carolinagirl1 2

    Misdiagnosed after 10 years!!

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2005. Now im being told I DO NOT have MS . My neurologist I had for 6 years left the practice, I was turned over to another neurologist within the same office and he says I don't have it. I was shocked, got a second opinion and he's saying the same thing! He says my MS

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  • Nyxks 3

    No official MS diagnosis as yet

    Well its been a long journey so far started several years ago with my Endocronolgist sending me for a emergency ultrasound do to one of my legs swelling up (its' never been the same since that week).  A little history to degrees, I am 39 years young and lost my mother to unknown medical

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  • Treated 2

    Epilepsy clinic with ms

    I have had a mri which showed some frontal lesions and niw awaiting the results of lumbar puncture. However I've been sent an appointment to hear results but I've been requested to go to the epilepsy clinic to get them. Has anyone else had to go to the epilepsy clinic for results? Could this mean

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  • tina28767 1

    Do i have ms? Doctors all dismiss me ;(

    It's been since 2011. Dizzy headaches unbalanced tired feel uneasy tummy issues spine issues joint pain neck pain numbness all over that radiates. Blood test show nothing. Mri was normal. I just want to feel good again every year I'm worse. I'm starting to feel like I'm nuts. Neurologist & RA doc I

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  • Hayhue 5

    MS without lesions? Is it possible?

    Hey all. I've posted all over this site for possible reasons such as fibromyalgia and neuropathy; and spine; and MS; and now my neurologist has me back to MS. I always felt like I matched the symptoms anyway (vertigo, blurred vision, gait disturbance, electric shock) but after a years worth of testing,...

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  • marie92528 2


    Hello there guys, I wanted to get some in put on having MS and working out. Is it safe for people with MS to workout on a daily basis?

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  • Stangem94 1

    MS, ALS or something else......?

    Hi I am a 37 y/o male. A few weeks before Christmas I started having muscle soreness in both arms and every so often in my legs as well. I have also had strange sensations in my head as well as a very itchy scalp and skin crawling feeling in my head as well. All of these symptoms come and go

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  • mayada 03327 2

    Ms medication decision

    I had 2 relapse of optic neuritis in my left eye within 3 years . The second relapse was in October 2016 i did mri which showed 1 lesion and i mad another mri in December using 3 tesla technique which showed more than 10 tiny white matters I stopped the decision of taking interferon yesterday i mad

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  • db1130 1

    Migraines or ms

    Is it possible for migraines to leave lesions on my brain and damage my myelin sheath. I've had an mri and it said i had a dymyelting disease such as multiple sclerosis. My neurologist never said anything to me my rheumatologist gave me a copy of my lasted mri. I called my family doctor and

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  • mayada 03327 2

    Mri lesions and decision of taking medication

    I had 2 relapse of optic neuritis in my left eye within 3 years . The second relapse was in October 2016 i did mri which showed 1 lesion and i mad another mri in December using 3 tesla technique which showed more than 10 tiny white matters I stopped the decision o

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  • sandra63543 2


    Hi thank you for accepting me to group,sadly I have been ill for three years now,I have ceoliac disease,fibromyalgia, cfs/me. My symptoms have become more severe, I experience electrical sensations on head,face,legs,pelvic bone. I have become very dizzy,my ears feel blocked,doctor has checked twice

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  • Riggs006 2

    Autoimmune Disease?

    Hey first post on any kind of website like this but thought i'd give it ago as everyone i know is pretty fed up of me talking about my problems! So how it started, around 6 months ago when i was 19 (now 20) i was just my usual healthy self until a got violently sick one day, thought nothing much of

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  • annalise 84210 2
  • jazin95 2

    Could I have MS?

    Hey, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year and I honestly feel like my situation is gradually getting worse. As I have posted before, my balance has been terrible, so bad that I have had 10-11 falls over the last 12 months and eventually bought a walking stick to help. I went to a GP because

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  • jenny31404 1

    Sudden numbness spreading across body

    Hi Iv never posted on anything like this before but I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my family doctor practice. I'm 24 years old and a female. I have so many symptoms Iv been to the doctor about some of the symptoms separately but I'm starting to think there may be too many to rule out an

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  • Lulu71 2

    I'm still in limbo

    Well I had my lumber puncture in January and was told it would take about 3 weeks for the results, 7 weeks have passed and still no appointment to see the neurologist, I phoned and they say they will send an appointment out as all the results are back. I waited a week but still no letter so I

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  • Mom2fourboys 2

    How does MS tingling feel for you?

    I have not been diagnosed with MS, my regular doctor dismissed my symptoms but is now referring me to a neurologist. About 6 months ago I got tingling in my face and arms that lasted a few hours. That was it. Then 2 weeks ago I got it again but it lasted about 8 hours. The next day I was very

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  • a36821 1

    MS or B12 deficiency?

    For some time now I have been experiencing many different symptoms such as burning in feet when standing or walking, vibrations in feet, muscle twitching, burning in eyes (no eye sight disturbances) and generally muscle aches/pains (back pain, shoulder pain). I went to see a neurologist and after

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  • kim26095 2

    I'm confused

    I have a trapped nerve at c5/6, after seeing a consultant he has told me my symptoms can't be caused by that so he is sending me to neurologist, my symptoms are,nerve tingling that feels like crawling flesh on my face(right side)and between my shoulders,numbness in arms and tingling hand,my right

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  • carolyn37817 2

    For any of you do you find mornings the worst for symptoms?

    I've been having a really hard time lately which is why I haven't posted.  Not sleeping well due to the bubble/pop/twitch sensations going off in my body all night inspite of the sleeping meds.  So I think by the time the morning comes I still have all this medication on board without proper sleep

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  • Treezie 3

    Whether the Doctor recognizes your symptoms.

    I feel sorry for people who come to this website to express their anxiety about a possible positive dx of MS from their neurologist--I haven`t seen any answers for a long time.  It is very hard receiving the diagnosis in the first place--but coming here isn`t going to change whether the neurologist

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  • Hayhue 5

    MS hug?

    I wasn't dx with MS but long story short, it's a possibility. What does the hug feel like because right now I feel this terrible tightness around my rib cage. I've been to the ER twice within the last week thinking I was having asthma attacks. Chest x ray is clear and my they said my lungs sound

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  • dan38944 2

    Can the Neurologist be wrong

    Hello everyone, Before I start I want to wish you all a great deal of fortune, health and happiness. Recently I started having heat and tingling sensations in my right leg and sometimes in my left as well. My right leg quad muscle also hurts. I went to the ER because my left shoulder felt achy

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  • claire99890 2

    Is it Ms or anxiety please help

    For over a year I've been experiencing dizziness with heart palpitations, gradually had tingling and burning legs numb mouth and right side of my face. I'm Lightheaded 24/7 will not Doctors think it's anxiety and I'm convinced I have Ms. Please help someone. I also have a numb left foot

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  • sandy67 4

    Could I have MS?

    Had a brain scan 11 years ago which showed periventricular white matter after a possible Tia. Doc in stroke clinic said it wasn't stroke related but she was concerned and said it needed further investigation. Neuro doctor dismissed it saying it is normal in (I believe it is only "normal"...

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  • carla3 1

    Mri i follow up with Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Hi, I had an MRI 2 weeks ago. I had an appointment who the Dr booked ready but once they receievd my results they rescheduled it with the Clinical Nurse Specialist. Im just looking for reassurance that this is a good sign that the MRI was clear

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  • lizzie67 4
  • molly54321 2

    Paresthesia - MS? Please help!

    I am desperate for some insight from anyone who might have reason to know a little bit about this, or who has experienced something similar.  In a nutshell - I've had paresthesia/neuropathy for 2.5 months in feet and legs. Both sides are affected equally. The sensations are pins and needles -

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  • RD13 2

    Is one MRI Scan sufficient to diagnosis MS?

    Hi All, I have MS like symptom since last two years. Mainly Vision problem, blurry vision, trouble concentrating, foggy world, Sandy/Windy eye, palpitation in head, dizziness, imbalance and ED which is on/off. I am 34 Male Asian. I started to believe that my symptoms are worsen by hot water shower.

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  • carolyn37817 2

    Please share your thoughts on high dose Vitamin D

    I have had many conflicting reports from medical doctors regarding vitamin D.  First of all, through my own research and then subsequent conversations with my doctor I learned that vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but rather a hormone!!  Shocking!  Further to this new insight I found a very

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  • Dcltr 2

    Worried about MS

    Hi all, Over the past 2 weeks i've noticed some troubling symptoms that don't seem to point to anything but MS. It started with tingling and pins and needles in both hands and feet. That has since subsided but I now have dull aches and shooting pains all around my body. My legs are affected

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  • carolyn37817 2
  • ashley40162 1

    Is it possible, I have ms?

    Hey, I've been reading some people's post and don't quite fit the usual tingling of hands and feet. I am experiencing random zaps I call them randomly throughout my body, this happens on a semi-regular basis. It all started when I was 20, with uncontrollable bladder(only sometimes), and I would

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