So Many Symptoms. No one believe me. MS?

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I have been suffering from many undiagnosed symptoms. Unfortunately, no one believes me. So, i created a running list with the hopes someone will help me.

Frequent bad headaches/dull, sometimes piercing, throbwbing

Blurred vision/trouble focusing. Seems to be getting worse in left eye

Body tightening/tense

Pain in left eye. Cluster heachache?

Muscle twitching in extremities and now face

Trouble holding/grabbing things

Tounge tingles, pins and needles, mouth/lips




Running into things

Injuries/cuts without recollection


Space out/stare out for what seems to be a long time and can't remember what I was looking at or doing



Mood swings

thoughts of violence

Increased/decreased sexually

Cannot find things that I just had in my hand

Cant remember why I walked into a room

Social anxiety

Clothes inside out to work on several occasions

Crave and eat nothing but sweets most days. Appetite for nothing else

Putting things in odd places, phone in fridge or freezer

Getting lost in places I always go to and having to use GPS to get home

Feel like bugs crawling/falling on me/itching

Unexplained left ear pain, feels clogged all the time

Can feel/hear sinus moving when rolling over to opposite side

Chest flutters/skips beat

Periodic dry cough

Sweat/then cold chills

Cold fingers



Dry mouth

Lack of fluid intake/output .never thirsty

Chest tightness and occasional pain (not panic)

Feel heart beat in ear

Sometimes When I look at someone i feel like I'm looking down a tunnel of bright light that intensifies. then the persons voice gradually gets lower. I zone out then I can't hear or remember what they've said.

Cant focus on conversations

Repeating myself and stories like I've never told them before

Switching tasks without recollection

Can't remember words to songs that i use to recite

Having trouble remembering/forming words or sentences. Forgetting words all together

Memory impairment with job duties

Shaky, on the inside

Extremities fall asleep quickly

Loss of muscle mass/strength

Severe, severe, constipation

Stomach pain/cramping in upper left quadrant

Reoccuring bladder infections

Hands tight like rubber bands are pulling them closed.

Carpal tunnel feeling in right hand/arm (occasional)

Feet and hands tingle

Intermitten/Random pain/burning sensations on localized parts of the body. Sharp pricks like a splinter

Foot pain, arch/side of foot. Gait change

Food tastes strange at times

Hightened sense of smell

Spelling/writing issues

Forming words

Moments of not remembering what I was doing or saying.

Dry eyes. Burning then constantly have to blink

Left Face pain and sinus burning


Increased appetite

Decreased appetite

Weight gain

Swollen painful breasts

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    I hesitate to confirm what you suspect, because this group will question anything I say.  Have you asked for an evoked potentials test?  I had a lot of your symtoms but when I had vertigo before I was diagnosed, that threw me a bit. A lot funny numbness all over my body that I thought had to do with frostbite, although my skin did not change colours. I never had vertigo after my diagnosis, but I was diagnosed with MS in 1999.  Used to walk everywhere before that date.  Now I have troubles walking, with lots of falls.  I learned that was called gait ataxia.
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    I've had so many of the same symptoms for years, had no idea they were MS symptoms until a few years ago I hired a groomer to work for me and she had it. I was talking to hew one day about the fCt that the bottom of my right foot suddenly went numb and stayed that way, along with some other things....she said omg you have ms! I was shocked! Had heard of ms of course but had no idea what it was. She gave me a crash course and I went and saw a neurologist....he sent me for an MRI brain scan...results showed I have several lesions. BUT...he refused to officially diagnose me even though he said that he thought I have it. I know others that have had the same thing happen. Have had to wait for years and years and then literally couldn't walk before they were diagnosed. I have no idea why I'm the USA some doctors are like that!! I know a couple other people who had some numbness with no other symptoms and got diagnosed. I have relapsing/remitting and fortunately mi e has been very slow going. But I am now 62 and things are getting much worse. I have given up on doctors even listening g to me....had to get a new primary care doctor last year, told her about all of my symptoms and the MRI....she totally ignored me. I hope you have better luck in finding a doctor who knows you have it and will 'officially' diagnose you.

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    I too have all this going on but with one other thing.I

    can be watching TV or talking with someone and this

    little black thing comes down into my vision.Mostly in the right

    Eye.It will just be there and suddenly gone.I can't get diagnosed


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    I can relate to this so much. My mum has MS it took ages for her to be diagnosed years in fact. Initially they said she had Fibromyalgia then numerous TIAs. She recognised a lot if her symptoms in me and asked me a couple of tears agon to go and be checked out but I tight she was over thinking. However last year after a very stressful time a lot if my symptoms which I often ignored suddenly seems to exacerbate. I was told by mum's MS nurse that although MS is not generic the fact I have had shingles and glandular fever could lead to MS therefore I consulted my gp he referred me to a neurologist I had an MRI which showed neurological changes to which he then referred me to another neurologist who requested an mri with contrast I get my results on the 6th February I have copied your list of symptoms and edited it to my symptoms to take with me. I feel like I'm making it up and going mad. Your list is Brill and a massive help. I wish you all the very best and hope you get sorted.

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    I know this is a very old post but would be interested to see if you ever got a diagnosis.

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    its very common to not be believed im going through the same thing

    ms is caused by a variety of infections with a disciplined treatment program it is possible to put the symptoms in remission indefinitely look up pam bartha and thhe live disease free program

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    I have some (though not all) of these symptoms. I am not believed either.

    My symptoms:

    Severe fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, paresthesias, odd sensations with numbness and tingling, temporary loss of feeling on right side, difficulty grasping objects, weakness, headaches (migraine), IBS (diarrhea most days), overactive bladder, occasional nausea and blurred vision, brain fog and memory lapses, insomnia alternating with severe tiredness, increased appetite and sometimes decreased appetite, limbs feel heavy. But apparently this is all "clinical depression"

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    I wrote a long answer elsewhere, but I would like to offer a possibility you probably haven't heard yet. Parkinson's Disease. I too had a multitude of symptoms and was undiagnosed for six years. Get a referral to a neurologist who SPECIALISES in Parkinson's... that's important. I saw two neuros who didn't pick it up, wasn't in their field of knowledge. Medication changed my life! Good luck.

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    I too have lots of these symptoms.. also no one believes me I have seen 4 neurologist a they want is my health insurance details then send me to another Dr ... sick of it all. have a look on YouTube for Arron Borster he is amazing on the MS subject

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