Is this MS or anxiety? Awaiting mri

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I am a 22 year old female and a couple of months ago I started getting a pins and needles sensation in my toes. Although I had it in both feet, it was predominantly worse for my left side. I also found that bending or crossing my legs would make it worse. After speaking to my doctor he presumed it was just a pinched nerve.

Shortly after the pins and needles in my toes recovered (not 100%). But then went on to develop in my arms. It started as the aims in my elbows and wrists and would then occasionally cause tingling in my pinky and ring finger. After speaking to my doctor again he has scheduled me for an mri in two months time and ever since I have been getting anxiety over not knowing what is wrong with me!

Again the tingling and pain in my arms subsided but I still often get electric shock type feelings in different locations on my body and slight twitching in areas.

I also feel as though my memory has been terrible as I often forget what I am about to do but my boyfriend thinks it's all in my head as I have convinced myself that I have ms. Any opinions would be kindly appreciated!

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    Firstly, it's highly likely that you have inflammatory arthritis as I do. This can also cause inflammation on the brain. I have had your symptoms and was put on Celecoxib, which sorted my brain within a few hours. Unfortunately, I also have swellings in my arms, hands and fingers. The Celecoxib was losing its efficacy the fatigue meant I was struggling to cope with work and domestic responsibilities. I have been on steroids for three weeks and have masses of energy and am operating on 2 hours fewer hours sleep a night. It's hugely effective but it does make you hungry and it's impossible not to put on weight with them.
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    Anxiety can cause all the symptoms you mention! MS cognitive symptoms usually develop years after more common onset problems. Sensory symptoms such as You describe are considered signs of a better prognosis than weakness. I was diagnosed in

    1988 and have mainly sensory weirdnesses that come and go. I stopped all meds in 2001 as they caused more symptoms than tthe disease, and am doing fine! Try not to worry until you get back with the doc and MRI results. Get a pageturner of a great book and relax!

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      Thanks for your response! I feel much more at ease about my recent memory issues. I find it difficult at the moment to tell the difference between a symptom and anxiety.

      I'll take your advice and do my best to relax in the meantime!

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    Hi marie, I know how you feel. It's hard to make people understand something If they can't physically see it. You know your own body so if it's worrying you its worth getting checked out. I have the same symptoms as you and more but have no diagnosis as yet. But I also have a vitamin B12 deficiency which can apparently cause numbness and pins and needles in your hands and feet etc. I'm not sure if you have been tested for this but it's maybe worth getting checked out. Try not to worry as it can make your symptoms worse. Easier said than done I know. But be persistant with your doctor if your symptoms don't go away
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      That's exactly what I feel! My boyfriend is convinced anxiety is causing my symptoms but I feel as though my symptoms are causing the anxiety... Bit of a deadly cycle.

      I did consider a vitamin deficiency initially but I've had my bloods tested and it all seems normal.

      Thanks for your helpful response, I hope things get sorted for you too

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      What was the results of your MRI? I'm having the same symptoms.

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      Hey Kayla,

      Sorry for the late response! Hope you still get this. I actually posted this about a year ago now but I randomly decided to go back to it in case any one had any questions.

      I ended up having an MRI and Lumbar Puncture and thankfully everything came back clear! I never found the cause of my symptoms but they have since subsided. I am also now aware how badly my anxiety was effecting me which I think made everything x10 times worse. The doctor from the hospital also told me my anxiety was most likely creating a lot more symptoms, which obviously caused me even more anxiety at the time.

      I hope this helps! Best of luck to you also x

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      Exactly what I been feeling. Tingling pins and needles as well in my head bc of how stressed I've been and bc of my anxiety getting bad. I see a neurolist acouoel days from now just to make sure it's nothing else.

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      Hi Julie so awfull for you.i fully understand how worrying this must be.i was past terrified before mri.i had to be admitted to be giving enough sedation .i now know this is all anxiety.its so bad it dose alsorts to my body burning mouth..burning feet tingling.pins and needles sweaty all over nausea..eating on high alert 24/7 extremely jumpy to slightest yes anxiety can mimic any physical condition and you really get the symptoms..I take so much medication and yes it gives a little relief ...but short lived..good luck and please let me know results.stay strong focused and you will beat this
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    Sorry I should have mentioned a vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause memory problems
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    Hi Marie

    I am currently experiencing the same symptoms

    How did your MRI go ? I'm seeing a neurologist this week

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    Yes that was one of the first things that happened to me along with my legs feeling very weak. In October my legs went out for 1 month and since there was no evidence of anything thing not normal that diagnosed me with Conversion Disorder. And now I can no longer walk toe to heel and my legs go out for 3 days every month. Hope you figure out what's wrong I know how it feels to have something wrong with you but the doctor can't find anything!
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    If you get your B12 checked (I hope you have by now), it should be in the upper half of normal range. Below 500 pg/nL neurological symptoms can occur, such as tingling feet and hands, hair loss, enlarged tongue, sleep problems, fatigue, and more. Western traditional doctors are using an outdated range, normal people should have a level of 900 or higher.

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