Distinguishing between MS and Health Anxiety.

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So basically, I've been dealing with anxiety for a couple years, closing in on 3. I'm 22 and my dad had ms when I was a kid, died young. Therefore I've been very health conscious.

Since I was around 16, before I had anxiety, I've had hot pin kind of feeling, hard to describe, in my trunk up to my head, never the arms or legs. Usually brought on by intense heat or strenuous activity, which often feels itchy, usually happens maybe once or twice a week, more if i'm anxious. I'd definitely say it feels like a hot itch, hard to pin down though. Now it goes without saying that this has links to ms. I recently developed a tremor, which I went to the docs for and she referred me to a neurologist, who I'll see in couple of weeks. 

I just wanted to hear from people who may have MS, if my reasoning has any merit or its all in my head.

For these symptoms to have been there since I was 16 must say something? 

I welcome any and all feedback!

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    Is the tremor on one side or both?

    Any numbness or weakness anywhere?

    Any problems with your vision?

    Any problems with balance or walking?

    Do you have issues with anxiety or depression?

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      Both, Its also in my face, say I wince or hold a funny face it'll twitch. Minor in the hands but noticeable.

      No numbness unless I sleep or sit on my hand, like most people. No vision issues, balance issues or walking issues. 

      I have issues with anxiety, not depression, the anxiety is solely focused around health no other issues.

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      With regard to the twitching, I'll add I often get leg muscle twitches, non painful, usually at night/when i'm in bed.

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    DO you live in a tick Bourne  area?
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      Not that I know of, I don't think so or I definitely would have heard


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      Ah ok. Because I thought I had MS(still possible I do) but I’ve had your symptoms and I’m pretty positive I have Lyme disease. Which can mock things thing like MS, CFS, Fibromyalgia and even Parkinson’s.  
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      Just looked up where its found most frequently and I don't live in those areas, doc didn't mention it when I went so, It's probably not!  I had blood tests etc, they were all clear, so i'm in this in between period where I'm waiting to see the neurologist and i'm just unsure!

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      I see! I know the feeling. Whatever I have is affecting me neurologically too. I get constant twitching through my body. And spasms. Pins and needles. Hot spots on my body. Numbness and weakness. And sometimes minor tremors. It’s terrible. 
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      We sound very alike, apart from the numbness + weakness, have you been doctors like me/ been referred on to a specialist? Do you suffer from anxiety too or are the symptoms separate from anything like that
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      Yup I went to the doctor and he said I have anxiety and he sent me  to a therapist. I told him that was bs and that it’s definitely something with my nervous system because it’s only getting worse. I can’t control the moments or the temor or the twitching it stops when it wants too. SOMetimes they are really bad and it gets worse at night when I’m sleeping or laying down and sometimes I even have to like gasp for air cause I have shortness of breath. This isn’t anxiety. Maybe anxiety plays a roll but this isn’t just anxiety. I have to go back to him in a few days maybe he’ll listen to me this time especially if my Lyme results come back positive. I for sure need a mri or something. 
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      Almost scary how similar our symptoms are, the doctor literally led my down the same path as you. Only when I saw a different doc i got referred. Yeah I agree a visit to a neurologist for an mri would be a good move, I assume that's what will happen when I go.

      My symptoms are DEFINITELY made worse by anxiety, noticeably so, however they're still there when I'm not anxious so there's definitely an issue. Only time and a visit to the neurologist in a few weeks will tell. 

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      Exactly! Yeah, when I follow up with him in a few days and he brushes me off again, I will be switching doctors entirely. Then from there Ill try to get a referral to a neuro and hopefully get an MRI. It's ridiculous how careless some doctors are. Why be a doctor if you aren't going to actually help your patients. I've been to the ER at least 15 times and urgent care 3 within the past 3 months. All of them think im nuts. Last time I was there I spoke with a neurologist and she actually listened to everything i had to say and told me to talk with my doctor and try to get a referral. In the meantime though try taking supplements for vitamins and minerals. Keep all ur levels up. And also, try researching detox methods for Lyme you can find a lot of natural stuff and reviews for each. I'm going to try it out cause detoxing is supposed to make you feel better with Lyme. Hoping the best for the both of us! 

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      That's what I'm going to do for the Lyme, but detoxing might be good on your end too and staying healthy might relieve your symptoms.

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    @alexander26066 interesting reading your story:. Did you get an outcome? I know its been a while. Hope you're okay.

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