Could this actually be Crohn's disease?

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I'm a soon to be 21 year old female, and i have had stomach issues more or less since my 14th birthday. It all started with gastritis (treated at first with anti acids which worked that time), then followed a few years later by abdominal pains. Neither react to any kind of treatment to this date.

They also discovered recently that I have biliary sludge (had a gallstone in february), and a large quantity of trapped air in my upper right colon.

Anyway, doctors always say it is anxiety and I am SICK of that. Why don't they do other tests?

My symptoms do get better at times but it is NOT linked to my anxiety.

So I had to look myself on the internet, and reading about Crohn's disease, I've come to wonder if I might have it. But thing is my symptoms are mild compared to what people get:

Diarrhea or constipation a few times a week maximum

Frequent lower abdominal pain, especially after a meal

Sensation of tender tummy when painful

Nearly constant nausea (hardly notice it anymore except when strong)

Weight loss since February (5kg and I'm already thin)

Noisy stomach

Foul smelling stools (usually linked to my abdominal pain)

Sometimes back pain with abdominal pain

Urge (more or less) to go to the toilet but I can hold onto it if needed and it usually passes

And that's about it I think.

Do any of these symptoms remind you of something it might be?

I don't drink alcohol or coffee or fruit juice, don't smoke, don't eat fatty or irritating foods.

I cant see a link between my symptoms and what i eat but didn't try to cut things out yet.

Anyway sorry for my super long message but I'm really getting desperate. I will see a new gastroenterologist soon but I just can't take it any more...

Thanks in advancesmile

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    First of all let me say that I am sorry to hear what you are going through.  It does annoy me to see the number of case on this forum that is taking so long to diagnose there illness, which in turn means a longer time before treatment can be started.  Although there are many complaints of the digestive system that offers up very similar symptoms you would think that with all of the advanced test that are now available that diagnosing the cause of the problem should be made quicker.   I was diagnosed with crohns 53 yrs ago when there where no CT or MRI scans available, but it did not take long to diagnose the cause. I hope that you soon get a diagnoses and that it turn out to be nothing serious.  Keep me updated. 
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    Hi, I completely understand what you are going through, I had pains since I was 13 they left me alone for a while then came back when I was 18, I to had a good diet and was highly active with being a roofer in the day time and doing boxing and martial arts every night. I went from 17.5 stone down to 8 stone and the doctors kept saying there is. Nothing wrong with me. I had 30 something A&E admissions in less than 12 months only to be called a drug seeker. Stick to your guns and keep the pressure on with the doctors, ask for second opinions, they may not be nice with you but lots of is have been through the same kind of thing before being diagnosed. 

    Good luck, if you want to know anything just ask

    All the best, nick

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    Just one more thing I would do, is to write down the names of all the doctors and consultants that tell you there is nothing wrong because it isn't until these people are taken task over their misdiagnoses that something will be done. You take care 

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    Hey. I'm a veteran chronie (30 years and counting) & although it does sound like some of your symptoms are "crohns" like, to me (and I'm not a Dr and this by no means replaces any advice from medical professionals) it sounds like either IBS or bile salt malabsorption. I have both of these (on top of the crohns). Both of these can be completely debilitating to the point of hospitalisation. 

    I'm totally with you how Drs blame everything on "stress", not saying stress can't cause symptoms but it gets old being told it's just stress... 

    I suggest requesting the following tests

    Fecal calprotectin stool sample (this will generally confirm any inflammation in the gut)

    Stool test- check for infections (different from the FC)

    Bloods - Full blood count, CRP, ESR,U&E & LFT's (plus any others the dr suggests).

    Breath test for abdo infection (I think it's h pylori with the breath test but don't quote me). 

    MRI - small Bowel

    CT of abdo with contrast



    Sehcat scan (to check for BSM).

    That should be a good start to get going on with, again I'm not a Dr this is just standard tests to go through. If all come back negative you could ask for a small bowel capsule test but Drs are lenient in doing that without any other test showing some form of inflammation. A barium follow through could also be done (depending on dr as that's quite old school). If after that there's still no definitive diagnosis then it's likely to be IBS & your gastro can help you with medication & also refer you to a dietitian to help with that. 

    I hope that helps a little bit, you should certainly be getting more tests done if you're still symptomatic so keep pushing. Good luck & hope you get some answers ??

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    I would suggest having a simple calprotecin test done.  Its a stool sample to check for inflammation and would be suggestive of ibd if it's high.  I would wait until you have these cramps ect.. To do this test as it could come back normal if your in remission "If you have crohns". It might be IBS which have same kind of symptoms as crohns.  If the go don't request this you can order it online.  I didn't get a consultant appt based on my symptom's I got one due to my high calprotecin level.  If this is high you will be given a colonoscopy 

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