Could this be anxiety? terrified ive got MS or a brain tumour :(

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Just wondering if someone could help? I don’t know whether the symptoms im having could be just anxiety or whether im actually ill? Worried sick about my symptoms (I know i have health anxiety) but ive had these symptoms on and off since July 2014. It all started when I was at work last July and I heard a buzzing in my ear (actually thought there was a bee next to my head). Then I felt woozy and I kept waking up with ringing in my ears and headaches. The doctor thought it might be labyrinthitis and started me on medications but they made me feel worse and I didn’t persevere with them.

Intermittent lightheadedness (not actual room spinning or anything just a woozy feeling) which makes me feel a little sick sometimes

Burning/heavy feeling in right lower calf (intermittent, usually when ive been thinking about it)

Headaches (wake up with a headache in the corners of my eyes most mornings). Never feel refreshed and feel exhausted.

Breathlessness (I have asthma though)

I never have the panic attack symptoms that Ive read about like racing heart but sometimes I get so worked up thinking about these symptoms I just feel impending doom and that im gonna die. I end up crying my eyes out and feeling like I cant breathe and this can last for ages 

Last year these symptoms died down and then re-appeared a few weeks ago (with the leg burning) and im terrified. Ive had a brain CT which was normal and im having an MRI scan tomorrow but im panicking about it because im literally past myself thinking ive got MS or a brain tumour or some other debilitating disease. Id love to be told my symptoms were due to anxiety so that I can just learn to ignore them.

Help. Opinions anyone?

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    I have got a lot of simular feelings. And finally more ore less accepted its anxiety even tho thwt doesnt change much. I work myself up and start shaking get that horrible nervous feeling all over me and cry uncontrollably. No shortage of breath etc. Trying to fight this and depression by getting counseling healthier diet and excercise though i am limited on the excercise side due to osteoarthritis. have got appointments next week and will post on here. Be strong and find help. In the meanwhile drink plenty of water and try to eat healthy. I find that makes me feel a bit better in myself eventhough a lot of the symptoms are still there. We can beat this.
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    I thinks it's all in your head,anxiety mimics your biggest fears. Have you ever noticed the more you read up on an illness,the worse you symptoms become? You need to stop googling your symptoms,as you'll be led to even more frightening illnesses.
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      I know Pablo Google is the route of all evil when worrying about symptoms. I've stopped googling now ....I'm scared enough without self diagnosing myself with another debilitating illness!!!!
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    Hi Nicola. 

    I would think that all of your symptoms are related to anxiety. That in itself is very debilitating! These symptoms can mimic other diseases/disorders of the body and mind. I have been told that all my symptoms, of which are very similar to yours, are down  to anxiety. I too have asthma and of course that doesn't help with the breathlessness, and not breathing correctly leads to hyperventilation which then leads to breathlessness...and the cycle continues. 

    I have also had a CT scan and an MRI of the brain. Fortunately, negative result. However, it doesn't stop me overthinking about what next even now.  I am trying to use lots of stratergies to remove myself from this mindset. Go outside and take a walk,  listen to music and try to distract myself with something light hearted and amusing to watch, keep busy. It's very tiring and non productive constantly letting it 'get the better of me.'  

    I am sure when you have had the results of your MRI  you will able to discuss with your GP  how to try and  better manage the symptoms you are experiencing. I am sure you are going to be just fine. Good luck with the scan. I do hope it gives you peace of mind😌


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      Thanks sue I'm glad you're able to recognise your symptoms are due to anxiety that's gotta be the first most important step forward. I also find keeping busy helps me ignore the dizziness etc because I just think 'I haven't got time to worry about why this is happening right now'. It's when I'm at work (I work in healthcare which is TOTALLY the wrong job for me) that I start panicking the most. I've asked my doc if this could be anxiety and he just looks at me blankly! I asked for a referral to mental health (for counselling/cbt) for health anxiety and he just said 'I don't want to make a patient of you'. You're right tho this is debilitating. I don't feel like I'm actually living at the moment I feel like I'm existing.

      I lost my first baby at 5 months in 2012 and totally blamed my body then I had a total stress filled 9 months with my second (he's fine tho smile and I think that's where my health anxiety kicked in big time. I was so anxious when I was pregnant and noticed every little feeling in my body because I was convinced I was gonna lose another baby boy. Now I'm over anxious about every little thing coz I'm terrified I'm gonna die and leave him. Sorry I probably didn't need to say all that last bit!! It's just nice to write it down sometimes.

      I think I'll wait for my results and if they're ok (praying they are), I'm gonna change doctors to one who takes mental health issues a bit more seriously x

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      Maybe you did need to say that nicola...sometimes saying things you wouldn't normally can be helpful. And, it is very understandable that you have been feeling the way you do.

      There is nothing wrong with your brain at all. You need someone to talk to about your sad loss and the anxiety it has caused you as a result.

      Will keep an eye out for you nicola when you post to  tell us you are fine. 



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    thank you everybody ive had my MRI scan this morning so im just hoping the results are normal. I just cant handle the woozy feeling especially as it comes on when im not even worrying about anything. This is what i dont understand...i thought to suffer from anxiety you had to actually be worrying about something? This woozy feeling comes on even if im just sat having a conversation with friends. I went to asda last night and whilst in there is felt twice as bad. its weird
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      That is precisely what anxiety can and does do to someone who suffers from it Jayney. It is horrible and a pig to live with, but we can overcome it - it just takes time.



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