Could this be Gallstones? (Left Sided)

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I've been having trouble with some pain in my left side for the last 5 weeks now, I've seen 4 doctors and awaiting on some scans, the doctors have diagnosed me the following - Intercostal muscle strain, Costochondritis, Gastritis, Possible Gallstones & stomach ulcer. Is it possible to have left sided pain for Gallstones? I pretty much have a constant pain down my left side especially on and around the last 2 ribs. What could this be?

Here's my symptoms

Pain in the bottom left ribs on my side

Sharp pain in the upper left quadrant

Pain under left ribs

Pain instantly after or during eating

Sharps pains in stomach when awakening

Constant dull left side ache

Tests Done

Bloods - Fine

X Ray - Fine

ECG - Fine

Blood Pressure - Fine

Physical Examanation of the abdomen - fine


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    Hi James,

    I also have the pain on the left hand side and was told by my Doctor that it was just muscular pain. I believe it is from my gallstone, everyone is different and others have reported that they had pain in the left and not in the right. I had a new pie tonight and know it hasn't gone down to well, it's trial and error but am slowly getting a list together of foods to steer clear from. Monitor what you have eaten once the pain comes on and eliminate until you find the trigger. I am a lot better than I was and managed to enjoy all the usual Xmas food and treats without too many problems.

    A hot water bottle helps me with the pain. Hope you feel better soon.

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    Sounds exactly like my symptoms! Pain was mostly centre to left. Rarely right side. So unless they could tell me it was 100% my gallbladder I didn't want to have the op. Waited 8 years then had it and pain went instantly!!!

    I was convinced it wasn't my gallbladder that I basically talked the consultant out of my reason for being there! Started begging him a few months later for the op lol.

    If you had an ultrasound they should be able to tell you what they see straight away.

    Good luck

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      Thanks. I will hopefully have a ultrasound soon which will help confirm the presence on any stones. Did you have a constant pain in your bottom left rib on the side of your body? That's where I get the constant pain but the sharp pains are always centre/left
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      I thought I had a stomach ulcer cause the pain was always more left and yes under ribs. Endoscopy was always clear (had 3!)

      First 2 ultrasounds only showed my gallbladder was closed when it should be open, as you fast for the test. Next was 5 years later and had stones. I could see them this time. When I had the op there were over 70!! The nurse said they wouldn't stop coming out. So definitely don't leave it as long i did. The dr's weren't convinced till they saw the ultrasound. Also your liver might sure up a slight prob in blood tests.

      Good luck getting he pain sorted x

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    When I had gallstones my pain was on the right but everyone is different.

    Hope you manage to find out what is going on here.

    Ultrasound should show if there are gallstones.

    Take care and keep in touch


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    That's interesting and I've not heard of it but it could be referred pain. I'm waiting for surgery fully diagnosed gallbladder is knackered and full of stones. Pain has always been on the right hand side. Like a stitch but worse. When I had a big attack the pain seemed everywhere across my abdomen but more to the right and round my back and shoulder. One thing i didn't realise though, I would get this painful trapped nerve feeling in my left shoulder blade. I didn't realise that could be gallbladder related until I read up on it. A lot of people with stones have hernias as well. I do and I'm on medication for it. Do you itch at all? Sometimes it feels like my skin is crawling.
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    Did you ever find out the cause? I have the exact same issues for 18 months and currently waiting on an endoscopy and colonoscopy!
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      No unfortunatly not, we never found the cause after months of investigating,  I changed my diet and that seemded to help, i also started taking Aloe Vera juice then my doctor started treating me for nerve related pain rather than a stomach issue and i started feeling better,  then after some time it went altogether. Im not sure if it was the change in diet alone or the combination of diet and treating nerve pain but after a month or 2 the pains dissapeared. The doctor prescribed me Amitriptyline 10mg to start then 20mg after, I am no longer on the tablets and my diet is back to how it was before i got ill but with a few healthier changes.I really hope you get to the bottom of your problem soon & if i can be of any help at all or you just want to talk to someone feel free to contact me, i know what it was like when i was there. Regards David

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      Thank you for replying so quickly, I'm comforted by your story as I'm worried sick about what it could be. My scopes are scheduled just before Xmas and it's ruining this time of year for me, I have 2 small children and it's all just awful.

      I have often wondered if my problem was more musculoskeletal rather than digestive related but the pain on eating has the doctors believing otherwise! I did fall down the stairs around the time this started but that could be unrelated.

      I've been tested for h pylori, had bloods for pancreas, bloods for ovaries, ultrasound for gallbladder, chest x ray and all come back fine.

      I am thinking about going gluten free but can't until after the endoscopy in case of a false result.

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      Being ill especially with kids is no fun at all and you have been going through this for some time now, the good news however is that you have had so many clear tests that i doubt this will be anything bad. It sounds like you are a little depressed & anxious at the moment, aniexty can cause all sorts of symptoms some which you feel are unrelated to anxiety but actually thats where they start. Im not saying this is anxiety but its worth trying to keep that in check or speak to your doctor about additional help for that, ive got no shame in admiting i did seek help and am doing ok since my sessions. Im sure the scans will come back fine when you have them. keep me updated & keep smiling.


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      Thank you David for your kind words. I will be the first to admit that this whole experience has made me really anxious, at times I feel that it may be exacerbating my symptoms.

      If the scopes come back clear I plan on changing my lifestyle to incorporate more things that will reduce my anxiety such as exercise and maybe even some c.b.t to talk through this experience!

      I will certainly let you know how I get on! Thank you again!

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    hi David just to update, I had my endoscopy and colonoscopy today and all looked normal! they have taken biopsies so will see the consultant again in 6 weeks!

    I am feeling so relieved and can put this aside now until the new year!

    wishing all the followers of this thread a very merry christmas😁

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