Could this be just stress? Or am I having nerve pains?

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I’ve been to the doctor and we settled on TMJ a year ago, however when I chew, it doesn’t make me spasm. He believes it’s mainly stress, but I sleep and do nothing all day that would stress me out and breathe and meditate and relax and yet it still happens and is tense. I have had panic attacks before.

Here is my list of symptoms that are in general:

Phlegm build up in throat - clear mucus

Stomach pain after eating hot Cheetos style food

A couple years ago, my whole left side of arm chest and back went numb when I was working out. Went back to normal though

Cold hands and feet

Bad acne on back

These are the symptoms that bother and worry me:

Muscle spasms and tension on both sides of the face, one side spasms at a time

Dull aching spasm occurs practically all day on one side, jaw, SCM(neck) and traps feel tense

Flare ups where pain gets intense and I have to bury my head into my pillow till it stops

Popping shock feeling under skin that’s spasming or behind eye occasionally

Parts that feel tense are my traps, SCM(neck) and behind ear up to scalp and jaw on the side that’s tense

Traps feel numb at the top, parts of face and neck feel numb at times

Eyes feel heavy on the side that’s spasming, closing eyes helps it relax

Hard to focus on anything when spasms are occurring

Ear feels full On The side that’s tense

Sometimes eyes shake or when trying to relax, I get double vision

Sunlight sometimes too bright

Throat on the side that’s aching feels weird, like it’s swollen but it’s not

Random prickly feelings on the tensing side under skin

Muscles that tense get pins and needle feeling and popping feeling and then it’s more relaxed and aching stops

Teeth on the side that spasms feels weird, like sensitive to tough with other teeth

Worse after a night of drinking a little

Sometimes I slur my words

Sometimes the nostril on the side that’s spasming is completely blocked

Sometimes on the left side when I’m relaxing my muscles, my left bottom lip starts to droop a lot

On the right side, when I’m trying to relax it, i get a head rush feeling and feel light headed and need to stand and walk around

It happens during the day, when I wake up from naps and sleeping, it’s non existent. Then the aching comes along and then next thing you know I’m having a really painful spasm. When I lay down flat on my back, it can relax the muscles and feel better. Or scrunchup my neck and trap muscles to help them relax.

Is this just all coming from stress or anxiety? Or does it sound like I have a neurological problem? I have a strong feeling it’s not TMJ because I chew gum all the time and it doesn’t hurt before or after.

This is driving me insane and it makes it hard for me to do anything. I’ve become bed ridden and I barely go out anymore. I have been prescribed Baclofen and the flare ups after it wears off gets really painful.

Thank you for reading.

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    Hi James - I would definately get a referral to see a Neurologist and request an MRI.  You have so much going on in your body and I would get started at this asap.  Best wishes.
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    I agree, ask for a neurologist referral. Best of luck 
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    Cold hands & feet could be rated to low iron levels. Try taking ferous sulfate (won't constipate) Try Turmeric & google it. This is a natural pain relief. Good luck!

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    Hi James,

    Staying home does not help as it worsens the condition (idle mind at home may sometimes cause more stress). Consider a completely different environment that is new/stress free.  I find that engaging in activities we enjoy helps. 

    Also, try acupuncture with a licensed practicioner. And cut down on sugar (zero intake if possible).

    Be strong, you will get well soon.

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    Hi James, 

    Im no expert but i would guess it's not TN.  TN pain is the most distinct pain of any that one can ever experience. It is sharp, stabbing, electric shock like pain that is absolutely unbearable. When i first had it, i was able to google the sensation and had a good idea of the TN diagnosis even before i saw my first doctor.

    You have a lot of symptoms. Some of them to me sound like digestive issues and neck / back alignment issues ( maybe from working out ?)  I would suggest you see a doctor for digestive health and then maybe a chiropractor.  The issues you describe with the aching, numb, spasm feelings in the neck, arm , jaw , traps etc could very well be alignment issues caused by either problems that started during exercise or incorrect sleeping positions.  Jut my two cents. I would start there and then also get appointments with Neurologists.

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    I just got an appointment for my doctor. He got blood tests and pee tests done. He scheduled a neurologist appointment to see what may be going on. It’s very painful in my temple area and jaw and it seems to flare up randomly. Usually later in the day, some mornings I feel totally fine and then it happens. Will update later. Thanks everyone for their advice and information.
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    Can I suggest staying away from all types of sugar & acid. No tomato's. I suggest taking Turmeric for pain.

    It doesn't work for all people but when nit does it takes the pain away in minutes.

    The new pain med my Dr. put me on is Alpha Lipoic Acid.. (1200mg a day) You can take 400mg at a time if you want to. kind of span it out over the day.

    These are both over the counter. (Walmart) No side effects on either.

    I pray you find relief from this!

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