could this be some sort of depression

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Hi everyone, my first time on here. Ok for the past couple of months ive been feeling really low. My eating pattern is ok bug as for sleeping i can barely sleep. Ill stay awake until about 5 am before i go sleep. Okay it first started when my partner had a cold then i caught the cold from him, that was like october last year, his went but mines seems like it didnt want to go. After about a month of having this throat cold i saw something online with a girl having a cold for over 2weeks then she did a blod test and it was cancer (with other sympthoms), straight away i started to think oh God thats me eeven though i neva had the sympthoms she's got. I went a&e they checked my throat, temperature and blood pressure and said i was ok. Still couldnt feel at ease so i went to my doctor that same week she did a blood test and check my throat etc. Everything was normal including my full blood count test. But its like am doubting the doctor, been doctor again this week they checked again and i was ok. But majourity of the time i feel like something is stucked in my throat especially when i eat. Still have my cold which the doctor gave me something for this week so hpefully it will go. I find myself constantly worrying every single day, its like my mind dont get no rest. Am emotional, i get headaches wen i over think, trouble concentrating, sometimes its like i cant really remember things so fast. Had a few panic attack. Chest pain that comes and go. Constantly thinking that theres something with me even though doctors say i'm ok. Fear of dying. And to top it off becus its my throat that scares me the most ill cant touch it, if ive got something like a flannel in my hand ill wash or scratch it if its itching me and also my breast, of recent i just cant. My partner touches it and its ok but with its like am scared to touch them.

i know i might sound lkke a nutcase but its really getting to my head as i was never like this. All i do is stay in the house hardly go anywhere. It just goes on and on. But its just my throat that p*sses me off more than anything,now am starting to think am i really feeling this in my throat or is my mind tricking me.

oh yh sorry i am 26yrs old

ps. Please dont judge, as i was really scared to come on here. Thank u

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    Hi Lisa, The mind is a powerful thing, it can even produce physical signs as well as just symptoms if you let it get the better of you. I'm saying this both as a former nurse and as someone who suffered this sort of thing myself when I was young.

    You've been checked out by your doctor. If there was really something wrong, she would have spotted it. In any case, there's no physical illness that could produce all the symptoms you have!

    In my own case, I used to find that just becoming aware that I was getting into a panic about my health was enough to get rid of the symptoms after a week or two. If that doesn't work for you, I suggest you go back to your doctor. But... this time, open up to her. Tell her you realise your mind is playing tricks on you and ask whether she can help with that. She's not going to commit you to a mental hospital or anything like that. For one thing there aren't enough psychiatric beds in the UK (even murderous psychopaths go free, as we hear on the new every day!) and in any case, you aren't crazy. She may decide to try you on a mild antidepressant medication for a short time, or else refer you elsewhere. If she suggests seeing any kind of therapist, you should try to push for CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) though the waiting lists are longer for that. It's a therapy that helps you understand and deal with your own problems.

    I don't, however, think you'll need any specific treatment. If you can just jump over all this and stop worrying about yourself, your symptoms will eventually disappear, but not overnight.

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      Thank u so much for your advice. Ive contacted my doctor and booked an appointment for monday. Ive got my list of day to day feeling on a piece of paper. Hopefully i can just fully open up to the doctor. Thank u alot
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    Hi Lisa,

    You certain sound like you have some challenging times. I think I was depressed way before I was diagnosed in late 2013 ). Your Gp should  give you a set of questions to answer that will help them and you understand where you are. In the UK they are available on NHS website and under the mental health banner of your local NHS trust.

    Private message me if you need any help locating them

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    Lisa don't over think this, or you will make yourself sick even to the point of an ulcer in your stomach from stress. Alright, you already went to the Dr and they haven't found anything yet. You sound a lot like my male exmaie friend he is convinced I mean CONVINCED that he has cancer, yet the Drs.have not found anything. Not to be insulting, but it's time to ask your Dr for a referral to a therapist. Psycotherapists are great. I see one and they help you to sort out and figure out what is going on. You COULD have a Psyciatric disorder. It would be good to find out before your Dr starts to wonder and the people in the ER start to wonder then you will feel bad if that happens. We ALL have the tendencies to convince ourselves that there is something horribly wrong with us. Since they didn't find cancer than it is time to see a therapist or Psyciatrist. Hate to say it, but it might be the next course of action since you didn't mention it in your post. THE MIND IS A POWER THING and it could have you thinking all sort of things that you think are terrible. YOUR MIND CAN PLAY TRICKS ON YOU. I KNOW. I have panic attacks and it comes from my mind playing tricks on me of doom. Don't under estimate the mind, it IS strong so BEFORE it becomes paranoia go see a therapist. You will surprise your self how it will help. Unless you DO already see one then I would say there SOME underlying subconscious issue you have not deal with yet that you don't know what it is and when you discover it, you just might find you can get to sleep earlier. The mind and body and spirit ALL work together. Don't be afraid to post on here, there are many people struggling with mental health issue of all kinds, you are NOT judged by anyone
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      My partner has been telling me that my mind is playing tricks on me. For me at times its hard to believe, mostly because something like this has never happen to me before. But he's saying it could be what happened to me in the past. Thank you so much fot ur advice really appreciate it. Ive booked an appointment to go and see my doctor on monday. Ill deffo be opening up and tell her what ive been going and hopefully ill get the help i need. Again thank u
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