Could this be symptoms of a gallbladder problem?

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Yesterday i ate 200g of roasted cashew nuts then after late night i felt INTENSE sharp pain on my right flank area, thought it was kidney pain but i figured it couldnt be because my urine is completely normal, i urinate often, always clear urine, no pain or burning, completely fine and my diet is "clean".

The next day when i woke up the pain in the right flank area i was feeling wasnt as intense but it was still there and i also woke up with side neck pain and shoulder pain, which i read online could be gallbladder referred pain, i also noticed my stools are paler than usual, very very light (i usually tend to have light brown, greenish fatty loose stools as i have IBS, and i believe it has started 2 years ago that i ate a diet of 10 or more whole eggs a day and ate lots of cassia cinnamon sticks daily to found out they caused me toxic hepatitis, that has been long time ago but they say liver damage is forever so im afraid, i also had a stomach bug after eating raw meat and i wear corset which has gave me acid reflux both GERD and LPR) but this time i have been with those flank, neck and shoulder pain i noticed my stools are paler than it usually is, my urine is still very clear, i never pee dark urine, its always light yellow or transparent. I believe this pain had to do with the cashews i ate, it wasnt the first time i had a "gallbladder attack", the other one was after i ate liver with onions with lots of butter but it actually hurt in the galbladder area not just the back like its now, and i dont feel a thing on my gallbladder all this time i have been with this right flank, shoulder and side neck pain. its getting better now, but I'm afraid it can be something serious. 


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    Oh I forgot to add I dont have a fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, im not feeling tired, malaise, none of those, so I'm unsure if its gallbladder related as those symptoms are usually related to it.

    And also when i felt the pain in the gallbladder area it didnt last longer than an hour, i also felt left side flank pain that day but it lasted days, shouldnt it go away when the gallbladder pain goes too?

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    Sounds like liver spasms...   I had an uncle that had those..  GB is more breastbone and right shoulder blade
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      Thank you for your help. I searched for it and it seems related to fatty liver disease.

      I dont know because i never drank alcohol in my life, i have a healthy weight 55kg and im 1,51 cm, i eat whole foods and im a virgin.

      I do have problems with digestion due to tightlacing, the stomach bug i had, the crazy diets i had done in the past, IBS, gerd and lpr, toxic hepatitis. I think i have fat malabsorption too, but i still can gain weight normally.

      I searched more about my symptoms and i think it could be low prouction of bile which i always suspected due to my stool color always being light, only dark if i have cacao and orange when i eat pumpkin.But my stools never anymore looked like the way it used to. 

      And i do have pain under my right shoulder blade, has been like this for several days already, only after i move my arm down, i can feel it.

      now those pains besides the under right shoulder blade when moving down, are gone, i just still have a little bit of pain in the right flank area but only when i move a lot to every side to test if its still there.

      my stools are still gray, pale.

      I will have to have this checked. 


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    Hi, I wouldn't second guess yourself, its makes you worry even more so book and appointment with your doctor to at least get the basic tests done so the doctor can confirm or rule things out. Paler stools, with the pain in the right upper quadrant sounds though it maybe something to do with your gallbladder. Are they grey, chalky colour as that is generally gallbladder from all the research I've done. I've never had pale stools but I get alot of pain in my back going upto my right shoulder but occasionally I too get pain on the left side and left shoulder but it isn't as constant as the right side pain.

    I've started tests and got another few planned over the next few weeks which I'm hoping will confirm a problem with my gallbladder as my consultant thinks.

    Make an appointment with your doctor, nanica20, we're not doctors on here but we are very good at giving support. I'm fairly new to this site and it is very encouraging to hear that we're not the only ones with those symptoms. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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      Thank you for your wise advice! Thats what im going to do, searching online i found out HIDA scan is the best one for this but i dont know if theres it in my country as i searched it but find very little results. sad

      Now the pain is gone, i woke up with right shoulder pain but it went away in few minutes as soon as i woke up, but now im having nausea, loss of appetite, and yellow diarrhea (in the morning), no pains now. 

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      Hi, I didn't know about a HIDA scan until I went on this site and only recently has my consultant mentioned it on a letter to my GP. Have you made an appointment so you can start the process going as they may do other tests first like here in the UK to rule other disorders out. I'm not sure about yellow stools as mine are generally yellow as I have Gilberts Syndrome which can make you jaundiced and my stools are quite often very yellow when I'm unwell and I know my liver blood tests are slightly raised with this disorder so I don't know if this is the same for you until you have some blood tests. Nausea and loss of appetite is similar to me as I can't eat as much as I use to, I eat sensibly so that I can keep it down as I've lost alot of weight. My shoulder pain gets worse as I eat to just about bearable by the end of the night. How long have you been feeling unwell? 

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