Could this possibly be endometriosis ??

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Hi all,

I post on here a lot but first time in this area as I'm now thinking that my "women's problems " may be endometriosis ?

Ok so will try to be brief but

I have ms

I have ibs and bad health anxiety but recently I've been thinking I may be going through peri menopause ( irregular bleeding all over the place and cramping even when I'm not having a period !

But this morning I'm getting aches and twinges slight main in my lady area, feels like it's to the right, on the boney area but inside.. hard to explain but have had weird tummy twinges in the past that felt like ovaries or uterus or something. I had a pelvic ultrasound last November and another booked ( because I asked ) next week but the last one showed fibroid and shall cyst which later went and they weren't concerned. But because this is a new twinge / ache I'm thinking endometriosis after a bit of research, any ideas ?

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    How old are you Sharon?
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      Forgot to say tho that because I'm s very anxious person I'm worried because it was a few months ago I had the blood test done and as my doc could see how anxious I was she organised another ultrasound. But she didn't seem concerned.

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      Sharon, the very best thing that you can do for yourself and your anxiety is to stop googling health issues. Looking up symptoms online produces anxiety, sometimes extreme, in people who previously never experienced anxiety in their lives; for someone with your condition, it can send you to the ER/casualty. So please stop.

      I should've also asked how many full-time kids you've had or whether you've been on BCP continuously for 20+ years. Because short of you having had about 20 kids or having been on high-dose BCP since you were 18 or 19, I personally do not see how you could have endo. But I am no more a medical doctor than anyone else on this site.

      If your doc is unconcerned it might be best to take that as your cue. We develop more aches and pain as we age, throughout our bodies. If doc thought it might be appendicitis she would've said so. You've got IBS and that can produce all sorts of discomfort and that discomfort can change over time. You are also at the age where many discover that they have diverticulitis or diverticulitus. Don't be surprised if you're sent for a colonoscopy in the near future.

      When the urge strikes to go online about your symptoms, call a friend and chat about whether things are so much worse that you should go to ER/casualty. In some places you can call and talk to a triage nurse but here in the States, for insurance reasons, they ALWAYS say you should go to ER even if the problem is that one stood outside more than 500' from an anthill and were never bitten by the ants. Dr. Google is a quack and shouldn't be consulted.

      Meanwhile, keep a journal of your symptoms and take that to the doc with you. You'll need to be much more specific about locations if pains than you were with us. I guarantee that it's been at least 50 years since doc's put up with terms such as "in my lady area."

      I'll keep you in my prayers.

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      Thank you for your reply and comments I will bare them all in mind . I know that dr google is the wrong way and I had stopped googling previously when my anxiety got bad but I somehow got back in to the habit of doing it again but I am aware of it and trying to stop again .

      Ps I've one child and been on and off ( more on than off) bc pills for over 20 yrs but currently I'm not on them as doc suggested I come off as my periods had become irregular with being on them anyway and as I'm not in a relationship we figured I may as well come off. ( cerezette are useless mini pills anyhow in my experience ) anyway thanks again for posting. Take care x

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      Hi Sharon

      Yes, that googling can become a bad habit so we just have to do ourselves a favor and try only to get thru the next hour, and the next, next, next and then it's a new day and start again. It is hard when you just want to know what's wrong with your body.

      That you've been on the pill so much but have now been off a while makes endo a bit more likely. I can't quantify that further.

      I hope all goes well and that you have something more treatable than endo.

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      Thanks again for your comments and going to the effort of replying it's appreciated.

      Well I've actually only been off bc pills for nearly a month so not sure if that makes any difference.

      Also I know that anxiety can play havoc with your body and give you all kind of symptoms and having ibs too doesn't help. The joys of getting older.

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    Hi I think it sounds like you have endo. The pain gets more severe over time. Don't trust ultrasounds. They are useless. I'm not getting anywhere, so I booked myself to pay for a private MRI of the abdomen, pelvis, lumbar. I suspect it's everywhere and spreading to my sciatic nerve now. Has you doctor ever said oh,I think you have a bladder infection? Oh, I think you could have a STD. If you have heard this, and if you really don't have those conditions, then you have endo. I myself am pursuing this to the farthest because I have no relief. I'm being literally paralyzed when it's most active. After my MRI, I then am going to have it excisionally removed. My quality of life has been destroyed. How old are you?

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      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your response and I'm sorry to hear that you are having a really rough time and prob frustrating too.

      Since I posted this I've had an ultrasound, both external and trans vaginal. The sonographer was very thorough and said it's suspected "adenomyosis " and all the symptoms for this makes sense. I am being referred to a gynochologist so just waiting for the appointment.

      The pain that I get isn't as bad as what yours sounds so I do wish you lots of luck and hope you get it sorted soon.

      Ps I'm 43 :-)

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