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After a good is week last week this morning coming up to 8th week mark feel terrible anxiety and tension building.Thought i was really getting somewhere no appetite.Surely me having a few drinks friday hasnt knocked me off balance with meds as ive not drank for months?Cannot believe it was doing so well and optimistic for first time in ages dont know what to do now?

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    You are drinking alcohol? I stay away from that, my mental health is way too important to risk mixing alcohol with zoloft. This is a long term medicine so focus on the long term trends and stay in touch with whoever follows you up with the zoloft. If your week was good in general compared to before that is a good sign I guess.

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      Cant understand it had about 8 or so drinks not drank for months before then.Thinking its my anxiety making me think it was the alchohol but that was on friday surely it couldnt affect me now still on monday.Its like im back at square 1 today!

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    can only speak for myself- sertraline has been a miracle for me over 3 years, but alcohol doesnt always agree with it. rather than a hangover i do get anxiety for a couple of days hence i rarely drink. also found i get drunk too easily.

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    Week 7 or 8 is bad for most of us, I have copied over an announcement from a Sertraline support group from facebook. Hope it helps.


    I am putting this up as a sticky for new people to read and for others to direct them to when appropriate. This way I won’t have to post it 5,678 times. 😺

    Bruno’s time frame for those of you that say why aren’t I better week 3 why aren’t i better week 5 week 6. You’ve heard this over and over it’s a roller coaster. It truly is. I hear people say oh gosh I had a few good day’s now I’m bad again. It’s NORMAL. You are not level. Zoloft is the slowest of all the SSRIS. Give each dose the proper time to level to see where you stand. 12 weeks on one dose. Each time you try and up your dose it starts all over.

    Week 1-3 couldn’t get off couch sooooooo sick. Violently sick at times. Sooooo nauseated dizzy zero sleep can’t eat forced food. Heart racing increased horrible anxiety. Wired but tired. Couldn’t sit still sometimes but so tired. FOG HEAD. Eyes hurt.

    Week four all the same crap but not quite as bad still zero sleep still bad anxiety spells.

    Week five nausea starting to lift still no sleep a glimmer of time frames feeling better but then anxiety hits hard again.

    Week six starting to sleep a little more still anxiety spells once to twice daily.

    Week 7. HORRIBLE doctor tried to up my dose. Tried it and was hell so went back to 50 to see it through the 12 weeks.

    Weeks 8 and 9 sleeping better eating better. Still anxiety spells twice a day including morning anxiety.

    Week 10 anxiety spells still but less. Still am anxiety.

    Week 11 middle of week started really feeling decent thought I was leveled. Nope.....

    Week 12-15 doing decent an occasional anxiety blip. Am anxiety finally leaving.

    Week 15-22 now feel fabulous. Energy no more tired all the time. LEVEL.

    HAVE PATIENCE!!!!!!!

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      Hopefully just a blip start a training course on monday if im like this no way i can do it.was feeling much better last week no back to same crap anxiety no appetite nausea even vomited this morning im a grown man just want to feel normal again

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      I get ya, me too. I am on my 5th week and didn't have a single good day..

      Hang in there pal, If you felt much better last week that means the med is working for you just you are not level yet. You will be fine!

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      Hi mate yeah not quite as bad today managed to get hold of some diazepam 5mg that has took the edge off it.Felt like crap today went back to bed felt guilty but picked my daughter up from school feel tense in general all the time its not normal cant explain it but today was better than yesterday a little.Coming up to 8 Weeks on the 50mg still no appetite really eating because i have to.Nausea lot better also fingers crossed.going to gym later to try to pick myself up a bit more.Might stay on the 50until 12 weeks mark cause dont want to feel any worse than i do over christmas then increase if nothin changes.How u getting on pal.

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      This is my 5th week, yesterday I had a good day, the first full good ish day which gives me some hope. Today is not too bad either so far, just my mood is so low 😦 I need to keep reminding myself its gonna get better.

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    wha dose are you on Lee i start week 9 tomorrow. doctor wants me to move up to 75

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      50mg im on had a good ish week last week as well then anxiety set back in yesterday

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      yesterday i felt great no anxiety from 2 till 11. Today its back. going to a dinner party tonight and dont want to have to take a klonopin

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    I've been on 150mg Sertraline for a number of years for anxiety. Although I had the dosage adjusted down to 100~125mg due to excessive night sweating. According to my two psyc doctors, most people are on between 50-150mg dosage. In the beginning, I was building up the dosage 25mg about every week, up to 100mg. Then my doctor told me to keep it at 100mg for at least six weeks to gauge its effectiveness. Then we would go up more only if necessary. The idea is to use the minimum effective dosage.

    One of the main side effects of Sertraline is nausea, and having nausea exacerbates feelings of anxiety. The way I dealt with nausea is with the help of Mirtazapine. It blocks 5-HT3 receptors to improve nausea. You only need a low dose (about 15mg) for it to do its job. Another benefit is that it improves your appetite. You can take most (or all) of your Sertraline in the evening AFTER (maybe about 30 min) you have taken the Mirtazapine. This should keep the nausea in check until your body gets used to the Sertraline. When that happens, you can begin to take Sertraline during the day, and wean off of the Mirtazapine.

    During the period of Sertraline dosage build-up. I also took a small amount (0.5~1mg) of Lorazepam as needed for short term anxiety control.

    I wish you the best!

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      HI i already take mirt 15mg have been for months,Came down from 45mg over few months settled on 15 helps me sleep and appetite at night,My problem is the sertraline nausea has calmed down a lot but still no appetite and still anxiety and general feeling of unease surely after almost 8 weeks i should have seen some benefit waiting each day for something to happen or feel a bit better not happening as yet do i up dose and hope side effects not as bad or wait for 50mg to work im at that stage.

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      I would think after 8 weeks on the same dose of 50mg and it's still not helping, it's probably time to up the dosage. I went up 25mg at a time. As I recall, I began to feel better at 100mg, but everyone is different. Also, you can ask you doctor for some benso (e.g., Ativan) to help with the anxiety while building up on Sertraline. Of course, take benso only when you really need it cause it can be addictive, but I didn't have any problems weaning off of it once the Sertraline got me stable.

      Good luck!

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      I should add that back in July this year, I lowered my Sertraline to 50mg, thinking I can stop taking it completely since I've been on it for so long (since 2001). But I got pneumonia in late October and it got really hard to get good sleep due to the constant coughing. I noticed my anxiety coming back (probably worrying about the pneumonia) a couple of weeks ago. So I am also in the same boat as you, maybe not as severe, I don't know. I am also building my dosage back up slowly. Currently at 100mg.

      Don't worry, there will always be bad days between the good ones. But eventually the good ones will happen more and more often.

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