Cross Contamination??

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Hi all!  Cheers from the US!

I just got diagnosed Friday with Blepharitis.  Needless to say I have been burning up the internet looking for solutions and found this fabulous site!!

It's been very helpful so far!  Looking forward to picking up some Wet Ones and start treatment!

Anyway, my bleph has only been bothering me in my left eye, and seems to have been inflammed after getting a papercut in that eye.

I was putting some Ertyromiacin ointment in the bleph'd eye this morning, and stupidly, used the same finger to apply to the other eye w/o washing, which (knock on wood) hasn't been showing any signs.

How susceptible is cross contamination with this condition, and would something antibioitc like Erythomiacin kill, or carry the bacteria to the other eye, infecting it?

Thank you all for your advice!

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    The antibacterial ointment for URI must be an ophthalmic solution otherwise you will be harming your eyes there is an appointment that ophthalmologists prescribe called as a site AZ NAS I TE it's a three it's a 13 year drug and the co-pay is expensive but it works get a handle on this early Jason or the symptoms can get much worse and make your life truly miserable . The wet ones work somewhat and are a good side treatment but after using them 10 minutes later rinse your eyes with warm water or it may cause the outer limits of your eyes to dry up and flake you don't want that it took me weeks to treat that side effect of using wet ones and using Teatree oil to wash my face in an effort to treat this condition I was using one drop of Teatree oil a single drop in the dime sized portion of Johnson's baby shampoo to wash my face and I and eyes closed course morning and night it was probably having a beneficial antibacterial effect but it caused the periphery of my eyelids to dry up and flake in a really ugly way it took me weeks to get rid of it by using Vaseline or refresh night time appointment it's a tiny little tube of nighttime appointment that you can apply if that could condition comes up for you. Use the asses height two weeks on closed eyelids rubbing it across your eyelids closed one drop each I clean hands different fingers and then one week off if you use it comes to constantly the effect will lessen for you like any antibacterial ointment or antibiotic that you take orally they can lose its effectiveness do use the compresses and use Vaseline on the outer rims when you go to sleep I hope I also take a daily antihistamine like Zyrtec 10 mg tab to take care now of the itching and the watery eyes my Bleph was a touch of both anterior and posterior so said my ophthalmologist so it wasn't Demadex which is much more serious and it wasn't from rosacea which is also more serious as I understand it . I began taking 6000 mg of omega-3 fish oil supplements which had a very beneficial effect on my hormonal imbalance which I now suspect was the cause for my blepharitis in the very first place it took me five months of misery to come upon this treatment for me I don't know about hormonal imbalances and men but at this point it probably wouldn't hurt for you to eat more salmon and to take an omega-3 capsule becoming one for 1200 mg capsules a couple times a day maybe it will work for you you'll have hormones

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      Hi Agnes. Thanks for the reply.

      Yes the antibiotic ointment i used is ophthalmic erythromycin. I was Rx'd it initially for the papercut in my eye a month ago. After that I did Loremax steroid drops for a week.

      Since being diagnosis with bleph I'm searching for any treatment.

      As I said, my current immediate concern is if there is a danger of the cross contamination or infection to the other eye while using the same finger to apply the ointment.

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      It might not happen when using the ointment due to it being an antiba, but any other touching or use of same washcloth more than on e, etc. Constitutes a cross contamination risk.
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    FYI, I have been prescribed both antibiotic ointment and solutions for the eye, and both are appropriate depending on your eye problem (for example, corneal abrasions are treated with ointment), so I would follow the MD's suggestion. Blepharitis is an inflammation involving the eyelids, and can result from several different eye problems, including clogged eyelid glands). Sounds like you had trauma in the left eye that got infected, causing the blepharitis. A one-time slip using the same finger (that had erythromycin ointment on it anyway) may be ok, but in the future you may want to develop a practice of always avoiding cross-contamination in your eyes by washing your hands in between (amazing how dirty hands can be!). 

       I'm not sure about using Wet Ones around the eyes...I'm an RN and have had lots of intermittent issues with dry eyes and blepharitis, and my opthalmologist has never suggested I use those. I have used the baby shampoo scrubs, but have had wonderful results with a facial solution (also intended as eyelid scrub) with tea tree oil, and other ingredients that leave the skin soft (and not dry) around the eyes. After several weeks of misery and going back to see my doc several times, he suggested I try this consistently for 3-4 weeks. It has been a great "cure" for me, and I now use it once a day to prevent recurrence. You can find it online if you google "tranquileyes". I would avoid other things that might clog the glands, like gooey ointments (unless it's something prescribed by your MD), because they need to "clean" and open. Good luck!  

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    Hi Jason ! I too am fairly new to blepharitis the one thing I do know is that u never use the same finger (or cloth ) on both eyes when cleaning them without washing your hands in between that constitutes cross contamination so just try and b careful! Good luck and keep reading as much as u can on this site the people here are wonderful and have so much knowledge to share you can pick and chose things as it pertains to you!! ( I to am from the US ! )

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