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I have just been reading all the posts i cant see any light at this moment in time about underactive thyroid.

The doc thought i had pnd, then suggested a blood test due to the extra weight and puffiness around my face. My baby is lovely sleeps well and always happy me i just a miserable 37. Just a minute i think i could be 36 thats how bad i'm getting i'm sat here trying to work it out 1972 - 36!!!

I just been told my level is 67 and 5 is considered normal by the doc. It feels like all the symptons to have, i've got them. Tiredness, hair loss, puffy face aches, pins and needles depression etc. I trying not to feel sorry for myself i'm trying to look for positive happenings but where are they?

I'm on 50mg a day and its just been over a week.

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    A week on meds is no time at all. I'm sorry to drop a bombshell but it usually takes months to get to the right dose, if at all. I've been on Levo for years and I'm still not stable, my dose was reduced to 125 a few months ago which had a drastic effect so I'm back up to 150 and it's taken nearly 2 months to feel any better. The blood test levels are only numbers, we all need different amounts of meds ( within the range or not ) and you will get to know how much you need. You will always have good days and bad, I usually find after a hectic day I am tired and not much good for anything but then the day after that I am ok. Hair loss is my biggest problem, not so much losing it but just very thin, some people say it returns to normal when you are on the right dose but that has not happened to me and I have kind of given up hope now. You will feel better but probably not quite yet.

    Good luck :D

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    I was 30 when diagnosed and I had also just had my youngest child.

    This is not a condition where you take a tablet and feel better, like a paracetamol or even an antibiotic where you are back to work in a week.

    I had been hypothyroid for about 2 years by the time I was diagnosed and my TSH was 57. It took 3 months to start to see a difference, the thyroxine dose needs to be increased slowly and gradually. It was a full 18 months before it was right and stable. It went up and down many times before it settled.

    Once it settled I was well for quite a long time but still had checks every year.

    When I began the menopause it became less stable but my consultant ckecks and adjusts me every 3 - 6 months now.

    If you would like to talk some more as our cases are similar, please send me a PM and I will give you my e mail address

    Alicia. x

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    Hi Cloe from Liverpool here.In this country the TSh RANGE is 0.5 to 5.You at 5 are at the sicker end of this range.If you do not feel well persocute them until you do.Take someone to the docs with you to make you feel more confident.Thyrozine does need to be introduced slowly and it can take a few months to feel better but you will when its level.ALWAYS ask for your TSH range and if your still not well at 5 you are an individual so tell them you need to try it lower.I feel very strongly because I have wasted years not sorting this myself.GPS do not know a great deal about Thyroid disease.Learn for yourself.Just remember to increase slowly.ITS YOUR LIFE NOT THEIRS.


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    Hi Rosie Specs

    I have had an underactive thyroid since my second child in 1997 and it took a while before I felt ok again..... my GP thought I was depressed before hand, but I insisted I wanted a blood test for thyroid and I was at very low levels I can't recall how low but he was very concerned anyway thankfully I am kind of used to it all now, but due to other issues I had put the weight back on due to my disibilites I am 36 and yet more often than not feel about 60 :lol:

    It will take sometime for you feel normal as it is a slow release drug....... I even found out a short while ago that if you have an underactive thyroid you should not eat a lot of green vegetables?? Something to do with the iodine, I hadn't heard of this before as I was so surprised...............

    Eating goitrogenic foods such as rapeseed, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, maize, lima beans, soya and pearl millet should be limited. These foods contain natural goitrogens, which are chemicals that cause the enlargement of the thyroid gland by interfering with thyroid hormone synthesis. Cooking is known to make the goitrogens elements less effective but it would be wise not eat these foods raw.

    I am no doctor but I thought you should know about this too, I do hope you start to feel better sooner rather than later xxxx

    Kind regards

    SES xx

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    if it is of any help I was diagnosed 18 months ago and my TSH was over 200. i am back to normal fact i am better than before. no symptoms and i have lost 2 stone..just another 2 to go!

    I posted it on a previous entry titled \"thyroid v old git syndrome\" have a look does take time but you can help yourself by learning all you can...then you can help your doctor to help you get well. knowledge is will get better and you can do things to help!!

    good luck and remember When fate hands us a lemon, let’s try to make a lemonade

    big hug! :hug:

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    yer im afraid it takes a while because it usually takes at least 6 weeks for it to properly get into your system.

    Im 18 and was diagnosed over 6 months ago and may still not be on right dose. To make matters worse the dr's put me on too much medication for 6 weeks which resulted in me having an over active thyroid - make sure that doesnt happen..its not good!

    i started owt on 50ms..then increased to 100mg...then 200mg (which was too much)...and now im down to 125mg. have a blood test in a few days to see if my levels are right and am also going to see a thyroid specialist on monday! will let you all know if he says anything intresting!!


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