Cured my eustachian tube dysfunction

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I've had this problem off and on for years.  I have allergies, so always assumed it was related to that.  Nope.  This past year, I discovered I also have a thyroid issue, and ETD can be related to hypothyroidism.  Well, even on thyroid hormone I still had the ETD.  

So I've been researching the web constantly, because my ETD is so annoying.  I have to yawn or swallow constantly or else my ears feel clogged and when I speak, it sounds very muffled.  Sometimes even clearing my ears doesn't help.   At it's worst, I couldn't clear my ears at all.  

I've gotten relief for a lot of my other thyroid symptoms with vitamins and minerals.  The research shows that a low thyroid can cause you to be deficient in a lot of different nutrients do to malabsorption and inability to metabolize and convert vitamins into their active forms.   Specifically, you do not convert beta-carotene into the active version of vitamin A that your body uses.  

I started hunting around for research related to eustachian tube and vitamins, and found nothing about humans, but eventually I found some for animals.  And it was all about vitamin A deficiency.  

In the ear, air is constantly being lost from the ear cavity through the soft tissues of the ear, by a process of difussion which isn't well understood.  If the soft tissue lining the ear cavity is too thin or too porous, you will lose the air a lot faster than normal.  I think this is what is happening for many of us with ETD.  Also, the eustachian tube itself may be sticky, due to the lining of the soft tissues being compromised.  Vitamin A is needed to properly make the epithelial lining of your soft tissues in your eustachian tubes, your ears, your nose and throat and your eyes (and probably everywhere in your body).  If you don't have enough, your soft tissues get scaly and dry, inflexible.  In your ears, that means your eustachian tubes get stuck closed (or maybe stuck open too!) and also the air is lost faster from your ear cavity, causing pressure changes faster than normal.  

I found a retinal acetate 5,000 IU vitamin supplement, and started taking that every day and it worked immediately the first day, and has kept my ears clear the past three days!  I know that isn't very long, and maybe I'm celebrating too early, but after dealing with this for so long, three days of not having this problem is too wonderful, I had to share my discovery.

Hope this helps some of you!

P.S.  I also take a low dose zinc and copper supplement.  Zinc helps you move vitamin A around the body.  Without sufficient zinc, you will not benefit form taking vitamin A.   And copper is important to take with zinc, and is also important for the building blocks of soft tissue.  

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    Hi Amy,

    Any updates on this? How are you doing nowadays? Still taking the Vitamin A?


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      I'm still taking vitamin A plus all the other vitamins, especially the water soluble Bs and zinc.

      I get muffled ears maybe twice a month, in the evening usually. It's probably something that I wouldn't even notice except that now I notice bcs I had it continuously and very badly for a few months. I e asked around and friends have said they occasionally have that too.

      I think vitamin A is only one piece. Many vitamins all work together to keep the soft tissues of the nasal-pharynx in good working order.

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      Its 4 months since the last message on this, I think. What is the outcome/consensus? Should we consider vitamin A supplements eg 2000iu/day? Or should we all get tests done (if possible e.g. private)? The general advice from NHS and non-NHS sources seems to be to get vitamin A from diet e.g. carrots, kale, liver, and overdosing is a risk. Personally I think I should be getting more than enough from my diet but I do have an ETD problem.
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    Hi! How much zinc/copper do you take daily? Do you do a multi vitamin or seperate supplements in the vitamin A, zinc, and copper? I am at my wits end with my eustacian tube/allergy/infections. Any advice thrown my way would be so appreciated! Thanks,


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    I have found Amy's thread about Vitamin A very helpful for my eustachian tube issue.  I am getting Vitamin A most days via eating sweet potatoes and carrots and whole foods.  I take a supplement when I can't cook.  I have also incorporated lots of nuts into my diet that I eat with oatmeal to get the full spectrum: Vitamin A and E namely.  Nori seawood, too.  I also had a dental issue that needed taking care of, and once I took care of that, my ear started getting better.  I encourage people to give it a try, and hope Amy let's us know how she is doing.  Best wishes to all.  

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    My husband has been suffering from etd for well over a year. He has seen many ENT's and had a few minor procedures, one of which entailed balloon dilation of the Eustachian tube. He is considerably better than he was when he first got this but he still has the muffling, hissing or ringing (depending on the day), fullness, clicking and popping and as a result, depression, wondering if this will ever go away. I am intrigued by your account of healing your etd. Are you still 'in remission' from the etd?

    PLEASE, what exactly should I look for in the vitamin A supplement because as you know, some promote toxicity.

    Thank you!

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      Hi: I am no expert on supplements and won't speak for Amy.  I am still on a diet of whole foods and low-sodium.  I avoid all processed foods.  My ETD is getting better, I know it, but it requires lots of patience. Sweet potatoes and carrots could be a good solution, also relaxing the mind through walking or meditation.  Best of luck for you and your husband!    

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    I have had this 3 weeks since flying home with a cold and bronchitis in May. If I never had a cold this would have never happened. Went to ent and said no fluid I just have pressure and gave me a higher prednisone script and steroid spray and said it takes 1-3 months to go away. No ribging or pain and said my ear would be fine. Please tell me how long you had it and how your ears cleared up? How were you able to pop them. What did you take and how long? Thanks. Appreciate it
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    Any uodates? This sounds incredibky interesting but overdose can and does occur and how we would we know? 
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    Amy did you also attach a. pdf entitled:Middle ear

    Myoclonus maneuver for suppression of Spontaneous Clicking?

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    Hi Amy

    I was just diagnosed w this today! I'm researching natural cures, as I am an avid essential oil user.  I'm curious if the vitamin A was sufficient enough for you? It's a good place for me to start! 

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    Sudafed and flonase together will cure it in 3 weeks. I can't believe that one person suffered 20 years.

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    I have had ETD for the last 11 years and I am only 25. It has made me feel so horrible at times, and fill like I cannot go under water and get nervous when flying due to the pressure.

    I have had grommets, Balloon Dilation surgery all minor and nothing has worked although has worked for some. I have never formally been diagnosed with ETD I have always just been told I have symptoms of it which isn't nice after 11 years and no diagnos. 

    every time I swallow it pops, sometimes if I excersise I have to pause for a min to get my breath back to then swallow to get my balance back.

    I have suffered half of my child hood now going into adult hood - Has any one got any advice from their Doctors I would love for this just to get out my life now, I suffer with anxiety and depression and always feel the outsider in groups and I hate it.  

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      I know this sounds weird, but my son suffered from ETD for about a year. It drove him crazy! I tried everything to get rid of it and nothing helped. As a last resort, I took him to a chiropractor. After his first adjustment, he felt 80% better. I took him back 2 days later and he was 100% better after his adjustment. It would last about a month and I would have to take him back. I tried a different chiropractor and didn’t get the same results. When a new chiropractor opened right by my house, we gave him a try and voila! He saw him 2 times and hasn’t been back for about a year. You might give it a try. If the first one doesn’t work, try a different one. Good luck!

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