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kalli11 kalli11

CVI w/ Eczema

I had my dermatits/eczema cleared up for a year, it came back on my shin again. I started taking aloe vera and it cleared up again for about a year now the dermatitis/eczema has moved to the inside of my calf on the same leg and it is harder and denser. It is pink, somewhat scaly and now it itches. (The itchng could be the cold weather). I have compression stockings and wore them for about a year but it didn't help, I'm wearing one now and will wear one for awhile. The doctor wanted to kill my vein (even though two showed up to be the problem). I'm scared. I'm 30 years old, I am overweight and have trouble exercising because of my leg. 

I'm afraid my veins won't reginerate and the recovery time. 

I'm also worried about starting the process and not being able to stop having issues.

I don't want to develop ulcers or worsening prognosis. 

Any advice?

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  • Aggienation Aggienation kalli11

    You should seek treatment, however it is very likely you have iliac vein compression. Many facilities don't test for it, find a facility that performs iliac vein stenting and IVUS (intravascular ultrasound).

    • kalli11 kalli11 Aggienation

      I had 2 dopplers done about a year ago (dr and then hospital), 1 showed Venous insuffincency in my popiteal vein the other showed a insufficeincy in my great saphenous vein. I was kind of put off by two different results. Also the doctor prescribed some compression stockings 30ML if I remember but they were 2 almost 3 sizes too big for my feet. I wear a 6-6.5 in shoes and they gave me a 8.5-9 because the they had none to match my progression. I was mad and didn't want blisters from ill fitting socks!! So I am going to try to get a second opinion within the next month. Thanks for the advice but I'm not sure if a doppler is the same thing and I have no idea how to get that iliac vein test, I have had an SI joint injection on the same side and have problems with fibromyalgia and all that. But I'm blessed to be here. 

    • Aggienation Aggienation kalli11

      Google about Chris Bosh and his situation and how it applies to you. This is a blog that may give you and others the complexities involved when being evaluated. You are correct in that Doppler exams are all not equal. Some only look from groin to the knee, others at every vein in your leg and above. Good luck, you have iliac vein compression and I don't need an ultrasound to know it. Your symptoms, age are all telling.

    • kalli11 kalli11 Aggienation

      Thank you for your input. I have an appointment with a doctor who does iliac screening and a vein mapping instead of doppler testing. I go Wednesday and it's 3 hours one way trip. Hoping for relief soon.

  • willy278 willy278 kalli11

    You need to see the vascular surgeon again, this is just what they noticed with me. I had a period of exczema when I was working with the military. They sent me to a dermatologist (hah!..) and of course, they didn't know what to do but not one of them said it was Varicose Eczema which it was. When I got back to the U.K. I saw my G.P. who did put me through to the vascular consultant and he said yes it's Varicose Eczema. I also had pooling in the ankles which was oedema ---- don't be scared just get them sorted either by surgical or what i now have foam sclerotherapy which is much better than spending time in the hospital and of course, cheaper so it's provided quicker. Because mine were so bad and, only in the one leg - I keep a close eye on the colouration and pooling so I've had 4 foam sclerotherapy sessions which turns out about 1 every 2-3 years however, having had 2 surgical procedures in the years before that I find the foam is much better to handle and a quicker recovery. Yes try to get the weight off if you can but do get the veins looked at again. I do believe it's Varicose Eczema.

  • kalli11 kalli11

    Thank you I am scheduled for a procedure April 11th for laser and foam on my left calf. My great saphenous vein dilates to 9mm! I'm definately ready! 

    Thanks so much.

  • jacqueline68065 jacqueline68065 kalli11

    As far as your skin condition goes ask for Diprobase from the doctor. Rub into your legs before a shower and pat dry. When your legs are dry rub more in  and leave to soak in before you get dressed. The exzema is probably caused by poor circulation. I have both and have just had veins removed. Diprobase is amazing, exzema preparations are too harsh over the long term

  • kalli11 kalli11

    I resheduled my procedure due to work demands but I'm getting it done May 16th. Insurance didn't pay for it so I'm paying out of pocket. Thankfully a  family memmber generously donated to the cause. 

    I'm having laser treatment done to my small saphenous vein and foam done to the tributaries that branch off of it. 

    I was going to appeal about insurance but they consider it a cosemetic and/or experimental surgery. I'm having A LOT of problems and pain with my left leg even though they aren't real noticeable. My right leg has a varicose vein in it for almost 20 years and it's never hurt. However my left leg does and the doctor said a small percent of patients do hurt and it is dibilitating. I'm wearing the highest compression hose up to my thigh (30-40mmL) and it's very hot. I actually walked about 2 city blocks yesterday and my leg was wore out. 

    I'm going to a doctor 3 hours who does only this (vein treatment) and is nationally recognized after the doctor I had close to me told me two wrong veins. 

    Just keep me in thoughts. Will let you know how I'm doing later. 

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