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Varicose Vein

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  • Antonia565 2

    Failed Radiofrequency ablation or Varicose Vein operation

    I recently had failed Radiofrequency ablation ( it happened to me the second time!) and my surgeon said that my vein went to spasm and he couldn’t enter the vein with his catheter.  He said that he will make another attempt in 6 weeks time under general anaesthetic but I feel concerned now. Is

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  • Daphnee1703 2

    Varicose veins at 21

    Hi! As the title says I'm unlucky to have a bad case of varicose veins at age 21 on both legs and feet. It started off with 1 big vein that I ignored for nearly a year until suddenly loads of new ones kept appearing, I decided to get help and luckily I live in a country that has scelotherapy on

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  • aveline 5

    One hand is itchy - Varicose Vein?

    Hi, please bear with me!  I have noticeable veins on my legs, always have. I also have Raynaud's, a circulation disorder. But, my veins never felt itchy My right hand, the top/back of it & not the palm, is itchy with a small amount of pain.  The sensation is hot and itchy like something

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  • stvboy 1

    Vein Removal (General anesthesia)

    Hi I am going to have my varicose vein removed from my left leg by my calf in the near future. Doc says I will go out under General anesthesia. Anyone else ever had this done before? Was there significany pain during, after and long term? How did you manage. Thanks

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  • DeeVendage 1


    I just had the EVLT procedure yesterday. The procedure was more difficult and extremely painful. Got home and 18 hrs in I feel like the areas where he did the incesion are on fire and my knee and other areas are throbbing. I'm in tremendous pain. Can't sleep or eat. Advil nor tylenol is helping. I

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  • kalli11 2

    CVI w/ Eczema

    I had my dermatits/eczema cleared up for a year, it came back on my shin again. I started taking aloe vera and it cleared up again for about a year now the dermatitis/eczema has moved to the inside of my calf on the same leg and it is harder and denser. It is pink, somewhat scaly and now it itches. (

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  • analung40 1


    OK, so I have a question about veins. I was working and a cutter ( tool knife ) slipped into my right thigh cutting a vein. The cut is on the inner side of the thigh right above the knee. It was a clean cut with a very sharp knife that penetrated about half inch. Went to the doctor and I got two "deep"...

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  • derek1929 2

    Vein on thigh, normal?

    I've got this vein on the front side of my thigh. It doesn't pop out or anything, it's just that visible on the skin. It doesn't hurt either. I'm a fairly young ,17, and active when it comes to excercise.

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  • Guest M

    Recovery from vein surgery... slow and painful

    I've never been on a forum before, but thought it might be good to get other's experiences on vein surgery. Unfortunately both my parents had bad vericose veins and both had them stripped (both legs). Luckily for me, it wasn't until I had my son 14 yrs ago that mine started becoming a problem.

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  • dustin11702 1

    Pain and cramping in both legs need help

    I have been diagnosed with Venous Reflux disease but I think there is something else going as well. Its been getting worse over the last year. I have been having extreme cramping pain in my upper legs espcially in the back which goes all the way down to my feet. This is the same with both legs. I

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  • lynn66084 5

    Can varicose veins go away by them selves.

    Last year I started with varicose veins, just lumps, painfull and gradually got quite alot. I did go to the docs to get it confirmed.  You could see them, red lumps and feel them. But today, I don't know when but I noticed I have no lumps, is it possible they have gone?

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  • marianna39457 2
  • alena333 1

    Post varicose veins surgery

    I am recovering after varivose veins surgery. I had it done by laser so I expected for the recovery to be little more easier than what I am experiencing. It's the day 5 today and I can barely walk. It seems like my leg-the one which was operated on became really week. Especially around my ankle and

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  • kalli11 2

    CVI 30 yo Female

    I am 30 years old. I have had a mysterious leg rash for over most of my life  in the middle of my shin, looked like ring worm and was treated as such. About 5 years ago it got bigger (size of golf ball). It didn't itch or hurt. About 2 years ago I started getting tingling and heavy feeling in my

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  • lind9302 2

    Varicose Vein Laser Surgery

    I had the varicose vein laser surgery on both legs in Arpil of this year.  Now, three months later I am still suffering side effects from it.  Most of the time I have  burning sensations on the inside of both legs, and redness.  At times it feels like the tops of my feet are on fire, and my legs

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  • ann08509 1

    Laser vein treatment

    I had EVT just over 3 weeks ago. Right leg is fine even after several injections, but I am having a lot of pain in my left leg even though I didn't have any injections in that one. Pain was around my knee for a couple weeks where they performed the ablation. It was swollen, tender, hot to the

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  • judy41059 1

    Veinfit surgery

    I had the veinfit surgery done a year ago this coming Friday.  I have had more problems with my right leg since I had this done than before.  I went to see my doctor for spider veins and he convinced me that I needed to have the veinfit done before he tackled the spider veins.  I had to walk on a

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  • liaml2002 1

    Endovenous ablation and ligation surgery

    So its been a week since I had this surgery done. I'm still in quite a lot of pain and struggle to stand up for too long, my thigh area is the worst its quite hot to touch and has like a constant throb. I was warned about dvt and infection. Any advice as to whether it's just normal recovery or not? ...

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  • linda02611 1

    Stripping and burning of veins

    I also had vein stripping and burning of vein to close it ( do not have medical term) my whole inner thigh to my knee and where they burnt the vein is still very sensitive to the touch is it normal? Had surgery nearly month ago

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  • derek1929 2

    I've got a vein behind my knee....

    The vein is bluish in colour, pretty similar to that on your hands. Would it be considered a varicose vein? I also noticed when contracting my right calf, there are visible elevations on the calf (small mounds, barely noticeable under certain lightm, they don't look like veins at all) compared to

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  • Beans2002 1

    Varicose Vein Treatment With Endovenous Laser Therapy

    5 months ago I had (ELA) done went through all the injections and also has some spider veins injected. Went back for all follow ups and everything was great all pain was gone. Now my leg is giving me fits and feeling: tight, mild pain (scale 1-10 -10 worse, 2/3pain) enough to aggravate you), little heaviness,...

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  • thatdampunk 2

    Sudden onset, and should they hurt this much?

    In the last few months I've developed a lot of highly visible veins on both legs and feet, which is worrying me as 3 months ago I'd never noticed a leg vein! There are many behind the left knee, these are a bit sore if they rub on a seat or I take a hot shower. On my right leg I have a large one

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  • derek1929 2

    Are veins on legs normal?

    I'm 17, a bit too young for this. I've been noticing bluish veins on my legs, they don't necessarily pop out, they're just there if you take a closer look, but recently I've seen them bulge at times. I sit for too long as well, it eventually leaves my butt sore.  If I can't sit or stand for too long,...

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  • terry56639 2
  • BadWulf 2

    Saphenous vein ablation this week advice please.

    So have the right leg lazered due to faulty valves and potential ulceration. %4 reasonably fit. Have been told i cannot take the stockign off for one full week then can change it for a second for a further week.  Surgeon wishes me to walk 7 miles a day for first two weeks. Live on my own , as he

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  • ben51 1

    Just had EVLT on NHS

    I read this forum prior to my operation and thought i would share my experiences given that there isnt that much information on this topic. basically ive had varicose veins since i was around 22 and after 11 years they had spread on both legs pretty much from my groin to my ankle and were causing

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  • zuzana01495 1


    I would like to ask whether abdominal exercises could affect varicose veins. I was told that doing crunches could negatively affect varicose veins or blood circulation but what about those excercises done while lying with legs above your heart (which is recommended) such as double leg lift? Could

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  • lynn66084 5

    How long does it take?

    A week gone Sunday I noticed a painful lump on the back of my calf,now a week later I have one more on that leg and 4 on the other leg, they couldn't be seen apart from a red patch, now one lump is sticking out, how long before the length of the vein shows? (the lines) I know it's daft but I don't

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  • evangeline84948 2

    Showing of Veins

    I have developed blueish veins popping out just below my knee at the back of my legs. I am 39. I also used to stand and walk for longer hours. I first ignored it but it's starting to look ugly now. what can I do about this? Should I see a doctor?

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  • joyce88359 2

    Post EVLT Surgery

    i had EVLT procedure done  on both legs 3 weeks ago for venous insufficiency.  I had 4 procedures - 2 on the greater saphenous veins right and left legs and the small saphenous veins, lower extremity, right and left.  I had absolutely no pain during or after the procedure.  I had to wear the

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  • emily58459 1
  • spof 2

    shocking burning shooting pain what is it?

    I had ELA on both legs 2 weeks ago. For some reason I'm having numbness, shooting,stabbing knifing severe pain in the inside of this ankle. This leg ha no open sores but cant stand touching there. Dr. says it's just nerve coming back to life from surgery but don't have this problem on other leg.

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  • max79746 1


    Has anyone had a painful experience with the Clarivein method of removing varicose veins? I ask because I had this treatment 2weeks ago and found it very painful. Although everything I had read said it was fairly painless. My recovery so far has been ok although my calf is various Shades of

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  • david93588 2

    venous leg ulcer

    Hello, I had both legs stripped of my varicose viens a couple months ago. I still have a bad ulcer above my ancle that leaks out fluid & is sore.  Has anyone on here experienced an ulcer from varicose veins? my surgeon said the surgery would heal this so I am hopeful. My sister had her veins

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  • linda69377 1

    Varicose excema

    I have just started wearing compression socks for varicose of the time they are comfortable, but I feel they cut circulation off under my knees. Last night my leg got pins and needle though this be happening

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