Cyst removal and hysterectomy

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Hi all

I am really nervous about this post.  I kind of want to ask some questions but I am kind of scared of the answers I may get. Please be kind with me

Here goes.......

I have 2 ovarian cyst. Both growing and measuring 13cm.  During MRIs it has shown I have pretty bad endometriosis and I am anaemic. My gynie consultant and surgeon feels a hysterectomy is needed and I agree. It unlikely my ovaries can be saved so I will be having a complete hysterectomy. 

I am scared. Not so much about the op, though this is scaring me as I have to have open surgery but I am scared about the menopause.  I have only just turned 40 and I am worried how I am gonna feel after. Moods, sweats, my sex life.  

Has as anyone been through this with some good stories please.  I know everyone is different and I don't wish to be unkind but right know I need to hear positive stories not anyone's bad experience so please only post good stories.

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Julie,I know exactly how your 46 and had a 5inch cyst removed along with both my ovaries 7 weeks ago.having both my ovaries removed was my choice as they could have just taken my left one I.i figured at my age they are no use to me and I looked at the positive side of not having to worry about any further cysts growing and not having to worry about ovarian cancer in the future.i consider myself being reasonably healthy and so far all Im experiencing is feeling a bit hotter than I normally am.i got myself in such a state when I found out I had to have an operation that I went on antidepressants just to see me through,which have really helped.ive decided not to go straight on HRT as my symptoms are not that bad at the the way when they got inside they also discovered I had endometriosis which was removed.the operation wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be and on the plus side no more Periods and I don't have to worry about getting pregnant.i know it's easy to say but please try not to worry x


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    Hi Theresa

    Thanks for your reply. I am glad you are doing well. Do you mind me asking if you had open surgery? How long was your hospital stay? Are you back at work yet? I agree the thought of not having any more periods is a definite plus.   I too am worried about how I feel mentally. I am exhausted as I seem to have developed insomnia, I keep thinking about chatting to my GP to see what they think. I am teary quite a bit. I am desperate for a date as the waiting seems to be consuming me but they won't operate until my anaemia levels have risen.

    its good to hear that you are managing without HRT. I have been told this will be a discussion for a month after surgery. I am going to look into natural alternatives too. Fingers crossed that I will be like you and not need them.

    wishing you a good continued recovery.



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    Yes Julie I did have open surgery.i had my operation on the 25th March and I'm returning to work on Monday 18th may.they kept me in hospital for 2 nights,I could drive after 10 days but I couldn't walk very far till after 2 weeks,when now I still have a dragging feeling in my belly when I walk,but I'm not in any discomfort.if I could give you a bit of advice I would say drink plenty of water before the op and after your op to keep hydrated and flush the anaesthetic through.this was recommended to me and really helped.also a couple of days after your op take a light laxative to keep your bowels open as the painkillers make you constipated.most importantly rest up for a few weeks after your surgery.also for future reference ive just ordered some promensil which are for the contains red clover which controls hot flushes.this was recommended by a friend who says it really works for her. Like yourself I want to try the natural route.the worst part for me was waiting to have the operation.i wish that once I found out that they just whipped me in to have it done,but it doesn't work like that. X
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    Hi Julie, I think I may be having same op but hopefully by keyhole. Mine was cancelled though last minute due to anaesthetist being very concerned about the fact that my ams and hands go numb when I sleep on my back. I had to have xrays on my neck which was badly damaged in an accident over 20 years ao and eventhough I have been telling doctors for many yeas about this numbness no-one has done anything. All of a sudden its really serious and could cause permanent paralysis! So any op for me is scary now. Anyway, sorry i have gone off on a tangent! Regarding menopause, I think i have been perimenopausal for a good few years, terrible sweats, especially at night, hot flushes, virtually no sex drive. I am coping though, just wish the periods would stop too! Lol  docs are ignoring my symptoms even though its them telling me its to do with menopause! BUT there arethings you can do if and when you feel you need to. Some people sail through menopause, others get the lot thrown at them, so until it happens you won't know what direction to go in but its not worth theworry. Its a fact of life and would happen  sooner or later anyway, but al the benefits of the op far outweigh any other problems so you are doing the right thing. Don't worry about open surgery. It will be all organised, at pace, deliberate and so much easier than keyhole would be with a large cyst. Theywill be able to see more and take more care. You will probably be in two or three days. I had emergency c section 21 years ago and even that I was out after 4 days (I think! Difficult to remember now).  Anyway, bottom line, don't worry! What you are having done is going to make your life so much better! I can't wait till I can get mine sorted! Whendo you think it will,be? X
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    Thank you Theresa and Sandy for replying.  

    Sorry to hear all you have been through Sandy. Sounds like you have had a really hard time of it.  Have you any idea when surgery will be?

    I have had a bad day. I spoke with the surgeon today who tells me my surgery may be a few months away due to my anaemia. Apparently the risk is too big and it would mean likely a blood transfusion. My HB levels are to be monitored then once raised I will get a date.

    i just feel this whole experience is consuming me. I feel so fat. Did either of you gain weight. I feel enormous. I just want to get going now I know what I am gonna be having, rather than it just hanging over me. I want it out, so I can begin the recovery process.

    I know I will feel so much better once done, just wish I could speed things up. 

    Theresa you did really well only staying in for 2 nights.  Thanks for tips re promensil. I will look into it.

    take care

    julie x


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      Hi Julie, well until my consultants have conferred over my xray results of my neck I won't hear anything. Then I am guessing it will be whether they need to do any surgery on my neck first. Its all quite frightening as my neck has been very painful since ai had xrays on Friday with all the different positions i had to hold it in.

      i have been gradually putting weight on over last few years which I put down to meds a lot as I am not a big eater, but also not as mobile as I was so there is that too. However I have felt horribly bloated last few months. My belly feels like a balloon that I can press in! Cant wait to get rid of anything that just doesnt need to be there.

      i was anaemic for a long time too, the lack of energy was the worst thing ever. They put that down to very heavy periods. Some of my clots were as large as my hand! So I was on iron tablets for a while. will they do that with you? I had to have a blood transfusion after having my daughter, I wouldnt want another!

      hopefully neither of us will have to wait too long! Xx

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    Hi Julie,I'm not a particularly big person,however over the last few years I've suffered with bloated ness and looked like a pregnant woman most days.i put this down to middle age but I now believe it was the cyst growing inside me ,along with hormones just before my period.since the op I haven't suffered with the usual symptoms of boated ness before a period and no mood swings.pmt has gone and I feel so much the moment I can honestly say ithat maybe if I'd had my ovaries removed years ago I wouldn't have suffered with my periods as much as I did.i no it's early days since my op but so far so good.everything has been a bonus for me. The worse time is the i between time waiting months for the operation as you have too much time to think about what's going to happen.i struggled with this until I went on antidepressants. Hope this helps x


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