Cystic mass in the deep parotid lobe

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On Saturday I received a letter from the specialist saying I had a local mass in the parotid lobe.

this has come as a major shock as the scan was done to establish an anyrism which is clear.

trouble is the letter came out of the blue, no doctor, no " I could be this or that" and I have no lump, soreness or pain...

i found myself ringing the doctor this morning to make an appointment to discuss this and the what next chat.

but it seems I will probably have to wait for the ent appointment to come through.

so Google has been hammered this morning.

has anyone had no symptoms but diagnosed? What was the outcome? What process occurred? 

I am sat here worried like I suppose everyone would be.

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    Sorry to hear how worried you are. I'm hoping my own experience might be of some help. I have had my benign tumour removed this year. Mine was found when I was having tests carried out to look at my heart function. I had no symptoms and I had not noticed the tumour growing, although it was the size of a plum on removal. Mine wasn't a cyst but the most important bit will be for your medics to confirm that you have no cancerous growth. The parotid gland has a very important facial nerve running through it and the surgeons are very careful not to damage it in any way as it is partly  responsible for eating and talking. My growth was in the deep lobe - behind the nerve so they had to remove it very carefully. It will depend on where your cyst is and what needs to be done. If it isn't cancerous you might not need urgent priority for removal, I had to wait nearly a year. Mine was removed in May and has been a total success and I am only left with a thin line scar which sits on my natural neck line anyway. Stangers do not notice it and my mouth is functioning as normal. I was able to eat and drink immediately after surgery.

    I am happy to give you more information but I don't want to make you more worried if you are the sort of person that worries if they see a lot of medical information or  medical words. Do feel to ask me more questions and good luck.

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      Eva thank you foryour reply, Today the doctors surgery finally got around to contacting me to make a urgent appointment, and I will be seeing a doctor today.

      It has got me somewhat worried hence I'm writing this at 2.30am.

      How did they acertain your 'growth' was benign?

      Sadly I do worry alot about these things and it has really affected my day to day life. 

      Any advice would be helpful..Thanks.


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      In my case they did a fine needle biopsy of the lump. They did a scan to make sure the needle went into the mass and were able to analyse it immediately. It wasn't particularly painful and I had what felt like mild toothache for a few hours after.

      It is worrying but each of us deals with worries differently. I tend to think one step at a time and try not to worry about the whole thing. I also do everything I can to be healthy.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on. I'm more than happy to answer any other questions if it is helpful.

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      Hi Eva I'm due for a days testing in 8 days time, this is the worst two weeks I known, and sadly I'm not handling it very well. It's bizarre because I have no symptoms, the mass was found during tests for something else.

       I am assuming they will do a biopsy on he same day as they have said they will discuss the results at the end.

      how did they discover your lump? Did they describe it as a mass?

      The worst part for me is telling the family if it is bad news........But your right , one step at a time.


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    Hi Jim,

    I'm glad you will get your tests done in 8 days although I expect it will feel like a life time. My tumour was initially described as a mass and was found when I was having a scan to look at my heart. I'd been very ill and they needed to work out what was wrong with me so they scanned most of my body. The tumour was totally unrelated to what was wrong with me and I had no idea it was there. They also told me that it was unlikely to be cancerous and to be honest I was so ill it was the least of my worries. I was referred to Guy's Hospital London as my local hospital felt that I needed to be seen by a specialist. The doctors continued to describe it as a mass until the day I went up to London to meet the surgeons there and have the biopsy. The biopsy confirmed it wasn't cancerous and that it was a pleomorphic adenoma (type of tumour). I didn't want an operation for a while as I had just got over another one for something else. I eventually had my operation 15 months after the mass was discovered. I was told that it would grow at a rate of about 1 mm a year and by the time of the operation I could feel a swelling just under and near my ear but I never had any other symptoms. 

    I know they are describing your mass as cystic so it may be different to mine although any operation may be similar. Will you be seen by your local hospital? 

    I hope this helps but do let us know the outcome of your tests. As I said before I am happy to answer any questions that I am able to. All I know is that I am now feeling healthier than I have been for years because of my initial health scare and my post op recovery for my mass is going well. Good luck.

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      Hello Eva.

      Thanks for chatting to me on this this matter it really does help.

      Tomorrow I go in my local hospital for the tests exactly 14 days from referral and it has indeed been a lifetime.

      I just wish my doctor had told me it was 'unlikely' to be cancer as your did, it would have saved me a lifetime of worry.

      I spoke to my doctor who in turn requested all the information from my CT scan and the notes attached described the size of 2.5 x 3.5 cm and only describe it as a mass not a cystic mass, so I think the doctor who sent the original letter was just using a general term.

      I wont pretend I am basically Craping myself and my wife is now starting to worry somewhat.

      It's more than fair to say women cope with stress a damn sight better than men as is apparent in your comments.

      I will let you know tomorrow what the tests reveal (if I'm up to it) I am glad of your help, and glad to hear your much better now.

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      Well finally had my biopsy done on wed this week after weeks of delays. It turns out the mass ' tumour' is larger and deeper than first thought. This is the cause of the delay as they had to give me a general anesthetic. Their thoughts are the tumour is actually in the pharyngeal space rather than in the parotid gland.  Well my results will be in on Wednesday next week and I'm hoping for a good one.

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      Sorry for delay in replying. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you but do let us know the outcome and how they are going to remove it. I hope your experience of the surgery and post op will be as good as mine. It's now nearly 6 months since my surgery and people find it difficult to find my scar!

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      Hi Eva, well just as I hoped the tumor is benign, As you can imagine It was a HUGE relief. my surgeon has advised I leave it for a year while they monitor the growth rate as he's concerned about it's position and after effects of surgey.

      Thanks for your support it really did help, I used your outcome and just prayed mine would be the same.

      The scar wont bother me I dont think, I can always embellish the reason it's there to my grandkids lol..

      Hope your fully recovered from your experience....

      Thanks Jim.

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    Hello Jim,

    I'm so pleased and relieved on your behalf that the tumour is benign. I was told that mine would only grow by a millimetre per year and I waited just over a year for my op. I am really well now and I have to hunt for the scar to show people as it is so well healed. My mouth droop (from the temporary nerve damage) has comepletely resolved altough I didn't expect it to. I have a couple of really minor side effects which I can live with and I expect to be fully discharged from the hospital when I have my 6 month check up. 

    Hopefully, you can now relax and just put it to the back of your head until the time of your operation. Do contact me again if I can be of further help. Good luck and take care. Eva

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      Hi Eva, It got me thinking about the growth rate and realised these tumors must have been growing for decades for them to be the size they've gotten to based on the growth rate.

      Ah well I feel a huge weight has been lifted and I'm back at work which is always busy during the seasonal festivities.

      Again thanks for going through the process with me and your support.. Have a GREAT Christmas and new year.

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      Thank you for your kind words. Do feel you can come back with further questions in the future.  Have a wonderful and restful Christmas and New Year.
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