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Salivary Gland Disorders

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  • livinmancrawlin 2
  • Miggy1 2

    Blood in saliva

    For 2 months I have had blood present in mouth when I wake. I had a chest X ray, gastroscopy, scope from ENT doctor and dental checkup with no cause found. My doctor is not concerned. If I spit now, it will be clear but after spitting around 4 or 5 times, it starts coming through as blood. I'm worried...

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  • nick72107 1


    i had my right submandibular gland removed 11 days ago, and the wound has healed perfectly. The area around the wound is not hot to touch, red or oozing pus. howveve the area is raised and a little sore to touch. I ma due to have a follow up appointment with my consultant in five or six days time, the...

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  • ava43133 1

    trapped salivary gland (apparently) - its not gone down in a week

    I have had swollen glands for over a week but the left one is particularly large - they both move when i push them and they are not sore - the doc say they are trapped salivary gland and has given me antibiotics and steroids for a week - would i still have saliva? my mouth isnt dry?  wouldnt they go...

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  • lisa58922 2

    Swelling on gland

    Please can someone help i have a swollen sublingual gland on the right side under my tongue.Does anyone know what this could be?thank you.

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  • lisa58922 2

    What is this swelling please help

    Ive had this swelling on the floor of my mouth for a while it hasnt got any bigger any idea what it is ive been to dentist a month ago and they didnt notice it.i did try to take a picture but dont know how to add it on here.i take bisoporol and warfarin.

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  • Nikkitricoche 1
  • stacie07931 2

    Salivary Gland Cancer

    Hello- I am new to this group. Came across it while doing some searching of parotid and salivary gland issues. In October 2015 I was diagnosed with Acinic Cell Carcinoma, aka Salivary Gland Cancer. It started with a lump under my right ear. Soar throat....scratchy voice (like I was getting a cold but...

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  • brendan1982 1

    White skin/bump under tongue

    After eating food which involved sweet chillie, a white bump appeared under but not on my tongue. 24hrs later the bump has gone but what is left is a white flap of skin... no pain either. How do i upload a picture?

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  • karenskip 3

    Submandibular gland removal

    I have today had my follow up at max facial regarding my gland and they say the only options now are to keep massaging the salivary gland when I have infections or to remove it. They say removal will be better as eventually it will stop working now anyway. I had a stone which I removed myself and now...

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  • lisa58922 2

    Bumps on floor of mouth

    The salivary gland on my right side seem a bit swollen compared to the left but as far as im aware it has always been like this?has anyone else got this and is it normal?Also what should the floor of the mouth feel like?thank you

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  • Guest M

    blocked salivary gland

    i first had a problem in december 2005, everytime i ate my gland would swell i also found at the bottom of my mouth was swollen and a white spot was formed. I went to the doctor who thought it may be a trapped saliva gland and told me to suck lemons etc to unblock it, in about a week a white substance...

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  • stefanie73552 1

    Sharing experience with salivary stone in the submandibular gland

    Hello, I wanted to share my recent experience with a salivary stone in the submandibular gland. I will say my experience with these stones was fustrating and painful.  Although it can be excurcitingly painful, there is often no quick solution to it. The first time I experience the problem was about 3.5...

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  • ashley92974 2

    Reaccuring parotid tumor

    Hi my name is Ashley, I'm 26 years old. 1 year ago I found a lump underneath my left ear (parotid gland) ended up being benign. Now 6 months after surgery i have another mass, but on the right side and this time infront of the ear. It is painful akd radiates pain into my jaw/temple. I had a CT SCAN done...

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  • lissa876 1

    parotid cancer in lymph node?

    After an accidental discovery of a cancerous lymph node next to my thyroid, my endocrinologist told me she was referring me to an ENT dr. She said he had said that it looked like the cancerous node "had dropped down from the parotid gland", which I had to look up. Now I'm extremely paranoid and anxious...

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  • Guest M

    advice please, lump in or near submandibular gland.

    Hi everyone i was hoping if anyone could shead some light on this for me, as it is making me quite anxious. I have been to the doctors today but they seem quite baffled. I have a lump in or near my submandibular gland. It is around the size of a walnut, and it very hard almost feels like bone, and is...

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  • emily91532 1

    Salivary gland stone with pain but no swelling?

    Hello, I am new to the group and have been reading some of the discussions on here as I am looking for help with some pain and other symptoms I have been having. I have been running fevers and having the pain on the right side of my face next to my ear and under my jaw. I also have a dull pain in my...

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  • emily91532 1

    Salivary gland stone with pain but no swelling?

    Hello, I am new to the group and have been reading some of the discussions on here as I am looking for help with some pain and other symptoms I have been having. I have been running fevers and having the pain on the right side of my face next to my ear and under my jaw. I also have a dull pain in...

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  • sindy 1

    submandibular stone is making my teeth ache

    Hi every one, I have had this problem with stones for a couple of months now and its no fun. Been to the hospital for sialogram, waited two weeks for the results to be told that everything is normal, but I can see the stone under my tongue which feels like it wants to come out on its own. I have tried...

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  • maureen 65564 3

    Salivary glands clogged?

    I've has a salty taste in my mouth for months now and EVERY Dr says 'I dunno why'!!! My left jaw feels odd and when I'm moving around it seems to get worse! Can a salivary gland stay plugged for months with NO swelling? I'm at a loss as to what this is! ENT says it's not my sinus cavity! Any ideas?

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  • veesrin 1

    Parotid gland swelling

    Hi All, Request your help on my symptoms please. 1. Bilateral swelling(right side is larger than the left) 2. No pain at all 3. Sour saliva many times a day (sometimes continuously for 2-3 mins) 4. Goes down when I drink water and comes back. 5. No fever or no other symptoms, no pain, no difficulty...

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  • vicki76763 1

    Complications after submandibular removal?

    Hi all, im new on here and wondering if anybody could help me out. When i was a child i developed swelling in my right submandibular gland, the doctor i saw had said it was probably scar tissue from glandular fever i had suffered earlier that year. Apart from being slightly enlarged it was not painful...

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  • dave34908 2

    Swollen submental node, swelling left cheek /neck

    ive had swelling on my left cheek for 3 months, went to the doctor and they said it was parities gave me antibiotics which did nothing, had an ultrasound which found a reactive submental gland of 15 mm, had sed rate, reactive creating,Ana and ray blood test all came back normal, had CBC normal, went...

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  • ashley 46394 2

    Paratoid unknown type tumor

    Hello All, I'm recently diagnosed with Deep Lobe Paratoid tumor. I had FNA which came back inconclusive and then a CT which did not show the tumor. The MRI showed the deep lobe tumor. Which shoes it is encapsulated. Surgery scheduled for December 6. I'm 41 year old never smoker. I'm terrified about the...

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  • patricia93638 1


    I just had surgery, was wondering if anyone had problems with their ear being swollen and hard and filling plugged?

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  • Gammyleg 1

    Submandibular Gland Surgery - Not Straight Forward

    Hi, I had surgery to rempove my left submandibular saliva gland under general anesthetic a month ago. Shortly after leaving the recovery room to go back to the ward, the artery in my neck burst and I was rushed back in for emergency surgery to repair it. I was unconcious and intubated for 14hrs before...

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  • Hogie68 1

    Lymph or salivary gland swelling

    I have been suffering from pain and swelling in my chin, jaw and cheek areas for about 3 years now. To explain it, it feels like my teeth, chin and cheeks are in a vise grip from all directions.  Now for the past 6-8 months  I am noticing that I have swelling and tenderness as well.  I have been to neurologists,...

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  • george81942 1

    Unpleasent saliva smell

    I have endured bad breath for a number of years, and I am certain it is created from my saliva. It may be as a result of certain foods or drink I take. Has anyone experienced the same problem, and do they know of a food or drink that causes it and which should be avoided.

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  • janey50929 2

    Right Salivary Gland Removal- Parotid.

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can assist, I had my right salivary gland removed when I was 4 years old due to infection brought on by a dog attack and ever since when ever I salivate during meal times the right side of my face where my gland once was becomes red and wet with saliva and continues...

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  • jennifer78782 1

    Is this really sialadenitis?

    About a month ago, I noticed a swelling in my left parotid gland and a large lump in my cheek on the same side. I went to urgent care and the dr there thought it might be mumps. The test results came back negative so I went to see an ENT. He diagnosed it as sialadetitis, prescribed clindamycin and prednisone...

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  • enola96815 2

    painful salivery stone

    Hi can someone please help I got told Thursday I have a salivery stone I am on antibiotics but in so much pain and no sign off it removing itself , does anyone know when the docs will finally remove it ?

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  • jacquie 4733 1

    Non malignant tumor in submandibular gland waiting ENT appointment.

    I was first told that I have a swollen submandibular gland from a ultra sound and they would keep an eye on it. A few weeks later had it ultrasounded again and they found a tumor inside submandibular gland which is growing and it has a blood supply. The major problem I am having is when I lay down...

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  • kristen24940 2
  • asuepa 1

    looking for an experienced ENT for parotidectomy in AZ

    I am looking for an experienced head /neck surgeon with extensive anatomical knowledge of the parotid gland.  I do not  want to have a medical student or intern perform surgery so prefer not to go to a training facility.  I live in AZ.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  It is to removed a tumor...

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  • kristen24940 2
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