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Hello. I recently went through a relatively traumatic experience in August. I lost a pet that was very special to me and I lost her in a very bad way. After about a week of severe grief and even more crying, I woke up, went to work and noticed that there was this random dark spot in my peripheral field of vision.

This spot is located in the mid to lower left hand corner of vision in my right eye, just inside my vision next to my nose. When I would strain my eyes outward, the spot would grow. When I pull the skin down on my cheekbone, the spot grows larger and looks almost like 5-6 little hills that travel downward in an arc-like fashion. The hills are a thicker black towards the tops of the hills, and fade clearer towards the bottom.

Also, the spot grows more distinctive when my eyes stress upward and to the right. When my eyes are relaxed, I don't notice it unless I'm looking up and at a plain background, or I'm straining my eyes outward. The image I see almost reminds me of paint when you add water to it- where the bulk of color spreads in one direction and the rest clears.

When I am simply looking around the room as normal, I don't seem to notice the black arc, which again, is dimmer and barely noticeable when I am not straining my eyes (though it is still present). The times I do notice it when my eyes are relaxed and acting as normal, is when I am looking both up and to the upper right. During this scenario, the arc looks like a little sliver of a shadow like a crescent moon.

It almost seems as if the spot is dim enough so as I could ignore it in general, but I can't stop thinking about it or testing it. And when I test it, it gets bigger as stated above.

After obsessing about this and testing it frequently, I noticed there is an area in the same place in my left eye- though not as prevalent nor widespread. My left eye seems to house only 2-3 hill-like anomalies when I stress my eyes upward and to the left. It has been about a month and a half and seemed to have gotten a smidge dimmer, but definitely not going away.

Some days I can ignore it, but mostly it's always in the back of my mind and my obsession to test it resurfaces. It scared me enough, that after a week of it not going away, I scheduled an appt. with an ophthalmologist. He did a full check of my eyes: took pictures, did a thorough exam of the front, middle, and back of my eye and determined that there was nothing wrong. He said my vision was perfectly fine.

It isn't fine.

For I also have an issue where - in both my eyes - when I am looking up as far as they can or to the far left/right, there is a a little circle that grows the farther I stress my vision in both eyes that turns a different color. In natural light it looks more greenish, and in dimmer, fake light, it looks more blackish. Yet, the specialist found nothing wrong.

I am at a loss of what to do. I'm planning to go into my regular MD and have a physical done, tell them the story, and then see what they recommend doing.

The stress of this is starting to affect my life in a negative way and I have grown very anxious and panicky about it and other things. I just keep worrying this won't go away or that another strange anomaly will occur and one day my vision is going to be covered in issues and I will have no answers.

Has anyone out there ever experienced something like this before? I can't seem to find any single symptom online that relates to this and I have produced a RIDICULOUS amount of research on it. I have sorted through a glossary of every eye issue in the book- and not one matched the description of what I am seeing.

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    Hi barb,sounds like your vitreous gel in the eye is starting to change which can have alot of strange affects on vision. Maybe the beginning of a pvd..i have all sorts of wierd visual things. Also try googling wierd visual symptoms, im stressed also. Most docs after an exam,just shrudge their shoulders and smile. I get tons of anxiety also. Thinking of asking to see a retnal specialist or maybe even a nuerologist. If it is nothing,i just want to stop obsessing about it. I have another apt tomorrow. Also gets very costly. Keep us posted. Hope you find out what it is.
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      I understand exactly how you feel!!! My opthamologist reacted that exact way. He made me feel like he wasn't taking this seriously, but it is serious enough that it is all I have been obsessing about for the last month and a half. It's is driving me bonkers. I have an appt. Monday with my family practictioner who has always provided thorough, great, and optimistic care. I was thinking about seeing a neurologist as well, but I want to see what she thinks first. I hope everything goes well during your apt. tomorrow! Keep me posted back here as well.

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    Im also going to ask about fluid behind the retna or a small bleed. Try covering each eye one at a time and see how it looks against a light background with the uncovered eye.
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    You are naturally too worried/concerned about the situation. Best is to see the eye specialist so that you know if there is a requirement to treat it. If not, you will be free from worry which you are going through.
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    first of all i'm so sorry for what happened to your pet. sad.

    I'm Ophthalmologist and i recommend to do OCT on your retina and macula in both eyes. if all are ok, it's vitreaous floaters and try to neglect.

    BUT from you history, you just c/o after a week of ( severe grief and even more crying),i want you to read about (Central serous retinopathy).coz it may be one of differential diagnoses.

    best wishes and take a step to do OCT. ASAP.


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      Really sorry to jump into this thread, but when I read you're an othamologist I had to ask. I've suddenly been diagnosed with lattice degeneration and a retinal hole in my left eye. My retinal specialist offered me lazer surgery but said I didn't have to have it. I wondered if you've ever known a hole heal itself or lazer treatment go wrong? It's all I can think off!!

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    Hi Barb,

    Did you ever get any answers? I have a similar problem and have had it for about 7 years. Every test I've had done has come back as normal.

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      I think i get the same thing. I get dark spot when i look extreme side or look extreme up. Specially, after i wake up, i can see it more.

      Does it happens to you too?

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      Yes, I do. It's a darker circular spot that grows the further I look or the more I widen my eyes. It is in the same spot in both eyes. Is this what you're experiencing? If so for how long have you had it?

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