daughter has had chronic diarrhea for years any help?

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My nearly 10 year old daughter has suffered from chronic diarrhea all her life we were told at first it was toddler diarrhea but it never cleared up. She has been tessted time and time again but docs find nothing wrong.she suffers from a painfull bloated tummy most of the time and can go to the toilet up to 8 times a day and changing her diet for e.g. to wheat free seems to do nothing.she has also been freated for constipation with no real change to her symptoms. Can anyone help or give advice or is she just stuck like this for all her life as no docs seem to be able to help or be that bothered with her. Thank you tym.

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    Have you thought about a milk allergy?  I used to get a very bloated stomach, heartburn and frequent rushes to the toilet and I was getting rather fed up with it.  I wondered if it could be to do with diet so I decided to stop having milk on my cerials and started having either soya or almond milk.  The result was miraculous"  The bloating went and I've hardly had any heartburn since.  I occasionally have to rush to the toilet and this might be to do with the occasional milk that I have or the fact that I have drinkable yoghurts.  It might be worth you trying cutting out milk from your daughter's diet for a couple of weeks just to see if she gets any better.  She's certainly had a lot of trouble over the years so I hope you manage to find out what is wrong.
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      Try Bentonite Clay pills

      I am on a strong dose of various psychiatric medications. My sister recomended Bentonite Clay pills to help withh diahrea. They worked wonders in solving that issue. I started with one a day and have graduated to two or three a day. I have also decresed my coffee intake which acts as a laxative. These two changes made my poop solid again. Absolutely marvelous.


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    I really dont understand doctors that dont want to take time to figure out whats going on. Question, if your daughter is having diarrhea then why did they treat her for constipation when she was not constipated. Have your daughter ever been tested or treated for parasites? She could have a bacteria, watch her water and regular lipton tea bags in a cup if hot water, no milk 3  x  day would bind her stool and stop the soft bowels.
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      Hi thank you for the response I am not sure without asking about her records exactly what she has been tested for since we have been having thisntrouble since befor she was two all I no is they never cor anything and I guess the constipation thing was them running out of ideas.

      What I wanted to ask was can you give me more information on the tea I think its about the only thing we have not tried with her so best give it a shot, I never thought about tea even though I no someone who drinks some sort of tea to help her go to the toilet neve occurred to me it might work in the opposite way.

      Thanks again tym

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      Good morning tym, about teas, i am from an island(st thomas virgin islands) and we alway drink different herbs for different reasons. I met this pharmacist when i was very young at the pharmacy where i was looking something for diarrhea he told me for diarrhea dont take any meds just boil a simple lipton tea bags 4 times a day and that would bind my stool and it worked and ever since then i have used that remedy on all my children. She can also have iced tea it does the same thing. Peppermint tea calms the stomach and relaxes the muscles to stop contractions of the musles in the stomach. Milk thistle cleans the liver kidneys and dandelion builds the blood so you wonr be amemic though this have a slight taste of coffee

      You should try a natural healthcare doctor because she may need a certain strain of probiotics to bance her gut flora..

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      Hi again I just wanted to say thank you for your help and I will get her some tea this week and see how it goes be great if something finally works for her I will let you know it goes but she seems to like the new idea should have given up the docs long ago since best they came up with was giving her that same tests over and over again year after year.

      thank you, tym

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    That's awful for her, I know what you mean about doctors not being helpful!  Have you tried seeing any natural health practioners, I'd try a few see which seems best. 
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      Yes, I only got relief, having suffered years of diorrhoea and constipation, after having specific strains and doses of probiotics prescribed from a herbalist. Treating myself with off the shelf doses wasn't enough. Natural health practitioners specialising in gut health may well be able to give a more holistic treatment than a GP's surgery.
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    Hi many thanks for the recent replies and I thought some extra info might be helpfull.

    she was sent to a dietitian last year who had no idea what to do they took her off wheat first even though all blood tests say she has no sort of wheat or glutton allergy, that only helped slightly with the tummy pain not with the going to the toilet.she was then taken off milk and we saw no difference though eating both these seems to cause more actual stomach pain just after eating their removal from her diet doesn't change the always at the toilet problems or swollen, bloted tummy.

    she was put on the highest dose of medication they could give her for constapation because her tummy was quite bloated when she saw one of the peds doctors and she had run out of ideas.

    the only good thing is that my daughter is still of average hight and weight though that must be down to her eating everything in sight if food didnt go right through her shed be huge, though she has never had a growth spert like my other two girl whos toilet habits are normal, she just keeps growing at a slow steady pace.though forsomeone the docs say is average hight and weight for an almost 10y old girl we never seem to need to buy her clothes the next size up she still in things bought 2 years ago.

    plus I myself have probs with wheat but unlike her not eating wheat or dairy helps drasticly so if I have probs I no it my own fault.

    I do also have EDS type 3 im not sure how the hypermobilty type would effect the digestive system but it is a genetic syndrome so thought it a good idea to mention it.

    Thank you again to all replies and I will see if anything we haven't tried works.

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      Have you tried the forum for the Hypermobility Syndrome Association? I think they might be able to shed some light.
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      That's an idea I will have a look to see what I can find, ive just had a endless fight with the net it always offers answers for everything but what I need, and this prob was the worst all I can find is the deffenition of different types of diarrhoea, information about adults with diarrhoea or info on toddler diarrhea. So maybe this has more to do with EDS then I thought.

      Thank you, tym.

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