Daughter's ongoing abdominal pain

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My 12-year-old has a tentative diagnosis of functional abdominal pain.  She's had a CT, and EGD, bloodwork and an upper GI x-ray series.  She's been checked out by our chiropractor too.  Everything comes back normal but she's in persistent abdominal pain, usually in the center just above her navel.  She takes periactin, paxil and an acid reducer.  She's been on that combo for about 3 weeks and we've seen a slight improvement.  Anyone have experience with this and have other options to suggest?  Thank you!

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    I feel for your daughter and like many uf we are very frustrated trying to find out what our problem is and what can we do to help the situation. We all have gone through dozen of tests, blood tests, scopes etc and everything comes back negative. I have done alot of reading in the internet and also reading other posts.

    There seems to be 2 main things that are in common with everybody (1) had been prescribed antibiotics whether for something or to kill the H Pylori or (2) we are under alot of stress which is causing alot of the symptoms.  We just have to keep searching and informing one another and hopefully we can come to some kind of solutions. Also I don't like when the doctor either says it is in your head or they rule it to IBS so if it is IBS what is causing it and what can we do about it. I feel when the doctors decide it is IBS it just like them saying you got Fibromyalgia it is really does not solve things and just puts your problem into a catagory. Keep persistant with your doctor and if you come up with something keep us posted.


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      YES! Thank you!  She was on an antibiotic-two strong ones, actually-from pneumonia in September/beginning of October.  We do a couple different probiotics now also.  I asked them to check for H. Pylori but she tested negative for that last year so they didn't test for it again. I don't even care if we get a definitive diagnosis-I just want to find something that will help with her pain.

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    Go see a naturopath, im 20 years old ive been having stomach pain for a year doctors couldnt find anything. Its been 2 weeks since I seen a naturopath and its improved so much almost gone. He gave me a mix or herbal drops and minerals smile

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      Thanks!  We've gotten connected with a place that tests for parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and deficiencies. It turns out she is fighting some bacteria and that would explain a lot of her symptoms! We will be starting her on some remedies soon and I think they are all homeopathic.  We're very helpful!

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      "herbal" or "alternative" I hope, not real "homeopathic". biggrin

      All, all the best!!!

      (We have btw started 'bacillus laterosporus' and it helps against possible yeast = bloating. Bloating is not our main issue, but it hurts her more than others. Really good this bacillus. Will never colonize in guts, but will do its work for a month or two of treatment together with other probiotics, that maybe even colonize)

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      Some of the remedies they're sending are homeopathic.  If there's a difference between "herbal" or "alternative" or "homeopathic" I have no idea.  But if it makes her feel better I'm all for it. BTW I started her on a B12 supplement and she's definitely feeling a little perkier! Thank you for the good wishes! Let's all keep each other posted!

      I'm glad you are having good results with this new bacillus! <3

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      Big difference.

      Homoepathic does NOT stand for any alternative (=non-western medicine) in health help. It's just one tiny branch, from the middle ages, when people would wipe chicken bottoms on wounds of plague in order to heal. 

      Real herbs, Bachblüten, Schüssler salts, acupuncture, precious stones whatever else there is, do not belong to homoepathy.

      Herbs are real chemicalls, hence there is some caution. It's not like 'if it didn't help, it didn't harm' (what I have to tell people about tea tree oil use....they are not aware how poisonous it is)

      ....but homeopathy by principle means,

      that a poison, that would cause such symptoms one suffers,

      shall be taken in extrem dilution (not measurable anymore, often less than a drop of substance in the ocean).

      The problem, when I look at homoepatic products,

      that it often gets confused with herbal medicine and the whole principle confused, too.

      If one had iron deficiency, taking high diluted iron is not the answer even in homoepathic theroy, yet it is sold! (highly diluted anaemia causing poison would be the answer)

      Also when one is anxious, giving zinc in homoepathic dilution is exactly wrong and would cause (by principle) anxiety.

      Sometimes you find both in one 'homoepathic medicine' from real poison highly diluted as the principle would be (I don't believe in it, sorry) plus some zinc or iron in measurable dose, but very low, hence can't work either homoepathic nor western.

      I made homeopathic pills with my pharma friend and hence I would never ever take it, it's water on lactose pills and hugely overpriced therefore since nothing is in it.

      Belief is a huge factor though and if the pills and drops can't harm, they can only do good if one believes in it, taking something.

      Belief is huge stimulation for immune system.

      But the whole actual theroy behind homeopathy puts me really off and what the industry today makes out of it, this mishmash of real homoepathy dilutions of poisons plus those things, that you would have to take in bigger amounts, not diluted and actually cause advers effect.


      Of course, anything that helps is good!

      I always translate and look up ingredients. One needs to know what homeopathy principal stands for, you don't want to buy just water, very expensive water.

      and if someone can enlighten me, why real good minerals like iron and zinc get diluted for homoepathic principal to work against iron deficiency or anxiety, even one should give the poison, that would cause iron deficiency or anaemia or restlessness, in high dilution, let me know.

      I asked the companies and they couldn't answer, they just say 'there is a new principal, heal similar with similar, hence with the right stuff, but diluted' - completely against homoepathic principle.....

      Some think homoepathy is the same as ANY alternative (= not western medicine) medicine. No, it's not. It is pretty harmless, but if it worked wonders is more up to the other ingredients in it and the belief in it in my opinion. I am a big fan of alternative medicine! Don't get me wrong please. We are taking Ban xia xie xin tan at the moment, full of dried roots and works a treat against gastritis, but it's not homoepathic. ;-)

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    To all the parents with kids who have pain around the belly button (AKA Functional Pain), or know someone with this condition, then please share this with them. We found the solution.

    My 7 year old daughter was suffering from functional abdominal pain syndrome. It started everyday randomly, and mostly at night she cried herself to sleep in pain.

    The pain is centered around the belly button. We got every test possible (endoscopy, CT scan, stool, urine, blood & xray test, and nothing has found. We were sent home with a Functional Pain diagnosis. Which basically means, the doctors don’t know what is happening.

    As a last ditch effort, we put her on gluten free diet. She was not diagnosed with Celiac disease, but we wanted to give it a shot.

    Gluten Free Diet made the problem go away almost immediately. It worked for us. Hopefully it will work for you too. It’s worth a shot. Please pay it forward if this post helps you.

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