Day 1 of sertraline

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Hi everyone, 2 months ago I was put on citalopram for my anxiety, I took three days worth, the first day i had awful symptoms for about 2 hours and then had no symptoms until day three apart from trouble sleeping. Day three was the worst, I had a massive panic attack where I collapsed and my mum had to call an ambulance because we was unsure on what was happening. That experience scared me so much that i decided to come off them that day.

Recently my anxiety has taken a turn for the worst, Ive been having panic attacks at work and not being able to go in, so its really starting to take effect on my life. I went back to the doctors and they prescribed me sertraline to see if i react better to this. Last night I finally cooked up the courage to take it after my last experience. I took it at 9pm and felt fine so I went to sleep. I then woke up at 3am suddenly, kind of like a sudden jolt, i sat up and i felt extremely nauseous, dizzy, fuzzy, disorientated, and my whole body felt like it was on fire especially my chest and throat, I also had a weird taste in my throat kind of metallicy, the symptoms started to ware off and i managed to fall back to sleep around 7am for a few hours. BUT THIS IS AWFUL:( I feel okay this morning, still feel a bit jittery and I dont want to eat at all, I know its only the first day, but I have health anxiety as it is and its really worrying me, is anyone else experiencing this? thanks!

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    Sertraline would make me feel sick occasionally. I would take it in the morning with food and lots of water. The times I did take it at night I had sickness feeling, burning in my throat and metallic taste for a good few hours

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      oh few! its such a horrible feeling but im glad its not just me who is having this! thank you

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    Two weeks in and unpleasant side effects, nausea, insomnia, headache and some disorientation. Knew the side effects wouldn't be pleasant. Persevering at least for another week. From what l understand it does take time to settle. Best wishes.

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      yes everyone i have spoke to have told me to stick with it and it will eventually work so fingers crossed!

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      Agree with Charles. l am taking 25 mg dose to see how l get on, will up the dose if necessary but do understand that the low dose can be effective.

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    Phoebe, what dose are you taking? My doctor says 50 mg is the starting dose, but I started on 25 mg. Everyone is different. Also, try taking it in the morning with breakfast. If you are taking more than 25 mg, perhaps cut it to 25 for a couple of weeks and see how that works for you. You can always increase it if you need to.

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      ive been given 50mg im going to try it for three nights, if the symptoms are still really bad ill make another docs appointment to see what they say, although ive only had symptoms last night, ive actually felt fairly fine today

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    has anyone else experienced really strange thoughts? nothing bad, just really weird and random and they come uncontrollably, like suddenly remembering random things

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    Hi Phoebe, all these side effects are normal, even the metallic taste in your mouth. I've even had like an electrical zap in my brain - seriously! And that freaked me out! It would happen a couple of times a day at the same area in my head, but everyday for awhile after I go on the med, Then a couple of weeks or so when I stopped paying attention to it, it went away.

    I don't know the dosage you're on and if this is the first time you've ever been prescribed sertraline, but it takes even up to 12 weeks to feel its full effects. The side effects will slowly go away or dissipate in intensity.

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      thank you! im on 50mg, its day 2 today and im starting to feel so anxious! its horrible, i woke up this morning with such a bad feeling in my stomach! felt so panicky and anxious but i managed to calm myself down

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    Hi Pheobe

    i experienced the exact same symptoms!

    im into week 7 now and i still have slight insomnia waking up every couple of hours.

    the chest burn and palpitations wore off into week 5. dizzyness and light headed i still get, but ever so slightly!

    keep going! it does get better! touch wood!!! ive not had palpitations for the last week.

    im on the tablet for health anxiety too as i was having really bad heart palpitations and a fast heartbeat! i felt like i was having heart attacks as i can only describe them!

    keep strong all the best

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