Day 1 on Levothyroxine

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This forum has been an interesting find as up until yesterday I'd never heard of hypothyroidism smile

Having read through a number of posts I think I can say I have at some time come across the symptons that the majority have had - apart from pregnancy or menstruation problems

Like most people I've tried to explain the symptons away as something different without ever getting them checked (Don't do doctors) - however after a hard 4 weeks in the gym and a good diet I realised I'd gained 6 kilos which obviously wasn't the objective - added to that was swollen left ankle, pain in the left calf, puffy left face and throat, blocked sinus, slightly tired and weary, slow in thought - don't want to over exaggerate - but then a change in voice to hoarse and rough and difficulty pronouncing words and slurring so people thought I was drunk with a slight stroke - and that was at 9.20 in the morning :? All the symptons taken individually I would try and attribute to something different in my own mind - it was the slurring that convinced me to go to the Doctor.

She listened as I listed my symptons - must have sounded like a hypochondriac except it was 18 years since my last visit - she arranged a full blood test - rang me late evening 24hours later told me what it was - may have given me some numbers but I was driving - asked me to collect a script next day - now Hypothyroidism Day 1 on 25mg of Levothyroxine with another blood test in a month - haven't arranged to resee the Doctor - hopefully mine will be an easy one to control - but as an interesting experiment I'll measure from HT Day 1 onwards to see what happens


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    i was dignosed on fri with underactive thyroide im now on my 4thday of tabs i was short of breath flushing tired im only 40 but thought it was the menapause
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    Well Day 3 of 25mg tablets which I take at 6am - and I must say today has seen improvement - or am I trying to convince myself.

    I feel better until about 3pm then weariness takes over although the speech is better until the afternoon - does that mean the dosage needs to be stronger to get me through a day - don't know how the release works

    Still heavy legged, hoarse and tired and the brain fog kicks in on the pm - perhaps I should just work am and disregard afternoons

    The puffy neck and face is still there - and can certainly feel the excess weight in the midriff - walking back to the car after work is a real effort

    Have been researching different websites - a lot of conflicting information - perhaps I should give up reading them - but morbid curiosity takes over. The kids are now pleased to call me old - I expect they'll be choosing a home for me now smile

    Interesting ideas about food stuffs - horses for courses I suppose but am now monitoring what and when I eat to see how that affects things

    Having read a lot - not actually spoken to my Doctor yet - probably in for a long slog to control it but have to be positive - I suppose like everyone want the first tablet to be the one that puts everything back to normal - have to say haven't experienced the depression or anxiety ..... yet

    Just wonder if giving up smoking 6 months ago has any bearing - need to check

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    You are on a very low dose which is right for starting treatment but it does mean months of blood tests and slow increases, a fairly typical dose is 100 - 150 daily but we are all different.

    Are you taking your Levo at least 30 mins before food or drink ? otherwise it affects absorbtion.

    Ideally hypos feel well when TSH is 1 or under and T4 at the top of the range, usually around 20.

    Tiredness in the afternoon is actually called the 3pm crash, sorry to say you may be stuck with this even when on the right dose.

    Keep on reading, the more you can understand this disease the better, ask for print outs of blood tests so you can keep track of how things are going. is the best for info and support.

    Good luck.

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    I'm now on day 12 of levothyroxine - 50 mg and I feel totally wiped out - i have no energy at all
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    Sorry but 12 days on levo is no time at all, it takes months of slow increases before any positive effects are felt.
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    Well - Day 12 on my 25mg tablets - and I don't know - am I feeling slightly different or am I trying to convince myself that there is a change

    Getting through the tiredness until much later in the day - or into the evening - as long as I am mentally active and busy

    Walking further - but does the body compensate - although can manage distance with family and dog - breathing becomes slightly erratic - panting a bit - me not the dog

    Roughness in the voice improving slightly - still hoarse - slurring starts a bit later in the day when I'm tired

    Weight still going up - not as quick though - but still puffiness around the face and throat

    Ankle only swells after quite a bit of excercise

    Am taking the tablet with water 2 hours before food or other drinks in the am

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    As with others who have replied on this site, some patients are taking an extremely low dose of thyroxine. Thyroxine is measured in mcg's, not mg by the way.

    There are medical papers advising to take medication before bed as this gives better results the next day and as I know from personal experience, helps me to sleep. Although I'm on T3 only, I split my medication - half in the morning and half at bedtime and that way, it's easier to get through the day.

    The problem these days is that the dose is related solely to the blood test results, frequently only the TSH, and not related to how the patient feels. ie if they don't feel better with a TSH back within range, then the medical profession informs us that the remaining symptoms are nothing to do with the thyroid, but possibly depression or menopause . Gone are the days before blood tests when patients were prescribed 200-400mcgs of thyroxine as the norm and more importantly they were prescribed the amount they needed to make them feel well and lead a normal life.

    Also, before thyroxine, the only medication was natural dessicated thyroid which consists of T4, T3, T2 and T1 and calcitonin. Thyroxine is T4 only which hopefully converts to T3 in the body.

    I don't know if you have heard of thyroid resistance, but that can cause problems as the thyroxine in the body causes thyrotoxic symptoms. If the T4 doesn't convert to T3, then this obviously causes a build up of thyroxine that the body cannot use.

    Read as much as you can on the subject, including medical papers and if you have concerns, discuss it with your GP/consultant.

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