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I started taking Cit 14 days ago, and until today I was having horrible side effects. I moved away form my family about a year ago, ended a 3 year relationship, started a new job, started graduate school, and a new relationship. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. My dad came to visit and when he left I wa triggered into a terrible panic attack. This ultimately led to me asking my doctor for an anti-depressant. I was visiting home last week and brought my new girlfriend with me. It was rough the first couple of days and then got better as time went on. My anxiety was so bad, I was starting to doubt our relationship, which now seems crazy to me. Anyway, I am getting an adjustment to 10 mg tomorrow, and I am afraid of how the side effects are going to be. I was a MESS for 2 weeks, and today I finally feel ok. Did anyone else have side effects when they upped the dose? I have not had any of the positive effects yet, but I just want the negative ones to stop.

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    I have been taking citalopram 20mg for 6 months, I must admit it has took the edge of my depression, I still have my ups and downs but im getting there.

    Like you I had panic attacks, due to family illnesses, everything caved in on me,

    I just crashed and couldnt take any more, citalopram helped.

    Hope things improve for you, chin up.

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    Hi cosmickitty,

    As I am known for saying "Welcome to the Club!"

    The negative effects will stop, but no one can tell us when. Some get worse effects than others, different types and intensity, but Cita is a good "sticking plaster for the brain" you just have to give it time. Your anxiety levels may, just may, increase slightly as Cita causes anxiety to be able to treat it! Weird, I know. You mentioned doubting your relationship and you may have other thoughts which are somewhat silly or dark. Let them happen, accept them and then try to laugh them off! Always try (it is difficult at times (we all know)) to be positive. You may get a little paranoid (you may not!). I did about health issues that popped into my head or when I got (what I thought) was an unusual ache or pain. My Dr sent me for a full check up which put my mind at rest.

    Regarding side effects each time you increse, they may happen, but they do lessen. I am currently on 40mg and trying to regain my "level" following a very busy time in my life recently. When I do I hope to start to reduce, until then I just have to let Cita continue the work.

    I used to take the dose, which at the time was10 and 20mg, at teatime, but due to some weird multiple and vivid dreams it was suggested (here) I try at bedtime. This has worked for me and I am more alert during the day and less tired. It takes time, I have been here going on 9 months, but I don't know what I would have done without this forum.

    This is a great part of our recovery!

    Keep posting!



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    Hey Cosmickitty,

    I had all the side effects but must say that they far out weighed having depression/anxiety wouldnt have changed it for anything looking back and I'm only about 12 weeks in on 20mg. It will work just takes the right dosage and time to get thru. Take care!

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    We're all been there at the start of cit...

    its your brain getting the extra sertoin and it needs time to adjust. I've been taking it almost a year now I started with 10mg then onto 20mg as it's the recommend dosage...

    You will be off for a few weeks but this will eventually ease off... even now I have good an bad days but I've learned to try control it and it isn't so bad

    I understand how ya feel it was the same for me except I moved to Canada from Ireland so you can imagine how hard it was for me... I knew nobody and was very homesick but it didn't hit me till a year later I had a nervous breakdown...

    I also had doughs about my 8 year relationship but I put it down to meds

    With the help of this site everyone is here to help and don't be afraid to ask if ya have any worries with the meds...

    Stay strong 😊

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      Wow thank you so much! Yes, I had a breakdown a year after I moved exactly! If you don't mind me asking, what happened with your relationship? What kind of doubts did you have, and how did you get over them?
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      You sound like a lovely person to talk to, im having terrible anxiety at the moment, tried to come of citalopram but the anxiety is too much so continuing to take them.

      Im having terrible anxiety in work, bulling, its really affecting me, but dont seem to be able to find another job, stressing me out ,plus as im doing more hours im having to leave my little dog at home for 7 hours a day and thats making my depression worse.

      my hubby says not to worry about dog but cant help it, im stressing bout everything.

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    Just felt like my boyfriend didn't understand what was happening to me and wasn't much help.. I would cry constantly, my anxiety was thru the roof ,I was panicking almost every day....

    He kept telling me it was all in my head and when I had to go to the hospital he would get annoyed...

    In November last year I had a panic attack in work (I work alone in a outlet shop beside a factory) anyways one of the women who works in the factory drove me to the hospital and I was admitted to the mental health unit... I was alone and scared as my family is all back in Ireland... anyways my boyfriend turned up and I told him not to let them put me in the padded cells but his response was we have to do what's best for you... It that moment I couldn't look at him and I couldn't for a long time... I didn't see him the way I previously looked at him (if ya get my drift)

    I think now he's done his research and I think slowly he understands what I'm going thru.he helps out around the house more and spends more time at home...


    I no what your going thru I work alone and the only people I really get to talk to is when customers come into the outlet shop... I do believe this has something to with my breakdown as I'm alone not used to it and it's very slow paced vs when I lived in Ireland I was dept manager in tescos...

    I understand what ya mean about yer dog. I had 4 dogs in Ireland and I've always had a dog so for me to go home to nothing is hard for me....

    What I would say is once you pay your dog love an affection plus walks that's all it needs an will remain pretty happy... try not to stress over it I no easier said then done but it'll work out

    Cheryl x

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      Thank you Cheryl, thats awful your bf not understanding you,

      to be honest neither does mine, he will listen ,but thats about it.

      My dog has regular walks, love and fuss, she keeps me going,

      so youre right she will probably be happy deep down.

      I work in an office, a small office, so bitchy ,two faced,back stabbing

      its terrible- I look at the clock and count the hours.

      Hope something else comes up for you jobwise,

      Im looking, I might feel better if I could leave


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      It was very hard for him to understand as it's an illness that nobody can see.

      We were having a very rough time the past couple of months an I figured I should go back to Dublin as this is why I'm unwell constant homesickness... 😣 but I'm trying to get past it and cit has helped me but I want to come off very soon

      I do hope you find another job soon but for me it's not that easy as I'm a emigrant to Canada they don't no the companies in Europe so I'm stuck here for a while but I'm keeping positive well trying to and you should try stay positive too push all the negative aside

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      I am very lucky to have a partner who does understand what I am going through. She has been through it herself, and has been wonderful to me. The problem is, I don't feel connected to her anymore. I get sad at the idea of it, but I don't really feel connected to anyone these days. I am hoping the medication will help with this, otherwise I don't know what to do. Every time I say I love you, I start to feel guilty that I don't mean it. Rationally I know that I do, but it's so hard when I feel so apathetic.
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      It was like that for me you feel disconnected from everyone especially people you love.. cit will make ya feel like this

      It's like your in bubble an it feels like it's never ending but it wI'll be OK... I'd say deep down you do love her but at the moment it's hard to consantrate on anything else but yourself...

      It takes awhile to adjust to the meds... I do have days where my mind is racing,pain in the cortex (where the mind is located) but I have to brush it off because if I pay it attention it'll get worse

      Stay strong were all here for ya 😆 x

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