Day 2 of my new life!

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I am 33 years old and have drank for most of my adult life... I have seen changes about my drinking ie not remembering getting home, what I have said, people reminding me about night before and I haven't got a clue. My main wake up call is waking with a hang over and my first thought is having another drink to make me feel better....

I don't drink everyday it's mainly on a weekend and maybe once in the week. I have hid my drinkng the next day from my husband and children. I know it's getting a problem now!. After a drink at our works du on Saturday night I admitted to my hubby I'm worried and want to stop drinking. I have his full support. Only thing is I wasn't fully honest as I never told him about drinking the next day to get rid of the hangover. I know that's wrong but I am scared of what he will think.

We socialise a lot and it's all drink based. I don't feel I can tell them as to why I'm not drinking. There always saying I'm so hard core with wine and it makes me feel really bad as I don't want people to think of me that way. When I have tried stopping before they don't understand why I'm not drinking and say I'm not fun sober!. It is going to be hard as it's around Xmas but I really want to stop so.... after speaking to my hubby I'm going to do it.... I have failed so many times before but now he knows I'm hoping it will be a bit easier with his help. I managed to not have a drink yesterday after my night out so today I'm focused. I just hope it lasts. I really want to be around for my children.

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    You started out with such a postive line "your new life".

    As far as what others think about your drinking? Or telling them why you are not drinking?

    If you feel you have to tell people WHY you are not drinking...than just tell them you are on a medication that you can not drink alcohol with.

    If you really want will do this. It is important for us to get to know WHO we are without alcohol...and this is especially true during the holidays.

    I had a gathering at my house yesterday of some family members who are well aware of what drinking does to me and mostly of how drinking destroys my health. 

    Because I was not drinking..I was able to "listen" and not drift off into my room to get a sip of a bottle. I was "present"...I was happy..I was fun.

    When I drink, it is me and the bottle and I usually can't wait for everyone to leave. I usually don't eat the food that is prepared because it would ruin my buzz. I didn't have any of those problems yesterday.

    I am hosting a Christmas Eve party at my home and I am looking forward to doing it sober. It is very stressful for me to be around lots of people..but it is necessary for me to go thru these experiences without drinking so that I can RELEARN what life is really suppposed to be like.

    I'm very proud of myself for getting thru some tough times in the last couple of months without drinking...the more you don't drink the better life becomes.

    Life is hard even when we DO drink...the thing is we take the easy way out by numbing reality...its not really fair to those around us and not at all good for our health if we drink in excess.

    Everytime I drink it is in I can not drink.

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      Hi thank you for your advice. I'm exactly the same. It's in a social atmosphere that I think I will struggle with. I drink to excess too. I just don't know when to stop.

      I really can't cope with hangovers any more. They used to think they got worse as you get older, but I think it's cos I'm drinking more. I usually do a boxing day party and really thinking am I ready for it. Maybe it's to soon.

      It's great to speak to others in the same boat as it a lonely time and feel like nobody understands.

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      Its not too soon if you think you can manage it without drinking. If you have a doubt...I'm sorry to say you should really think about not doing it.

      But, you are young too and I quit many times throughout my life and would always get mad at myself when I would put something off like a boxing protect my drinking and then drink anyway on some other day and then be mad I didn't attend the original event.

      BUT...when I got sober in 2005 I was so confident in my sobriety I went to every cookout, every party and had the time of my life sober.

      Its all about what you think you can handle and how you feel about being sober....Is it a fight to be sober? If party...(for me)...Is it pretty hard but I think I can manage it? Than I manage it and go. 

      As a host of a party can't really take off if you feel like drinking. Because when I was early in sobriety and serious about my sobriety I always had an exit plan for those parties.

      I left 1 party out of about 10..but I had the option.

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    Hi kez....oh lovey, you are not alone...we all know how hard it is....I was sectioned four times into a mental health clinic, as I was near death....quite a few times.....

    Nowadays, I only drink twice a week, I have a couple of pints of cider, and then when I get home I sneak a few vodkas....MY hubby found my stash the other day....he was not very happy about it....but he is supportive of me...MY four adult children also.....

    Please lovey, have a word with your is completely confidential, and there are medications to help you stop easier...

    You may need iron tablets, as many of us, tend to not eat when we are honest with your family, they can support you....


    please, don't try to cope on your don't need to....

    I wish you health....happiness ...and peace of mind.....big warm hugs for you kez.....take care lovey....xxxxx

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      Hi thank you for replying. I have wondered about going to see my gp but worry as I have children. What is it the tablets do?

      I defently agree I don't eat when I'm drinking.

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      And not eating is the worst thing we can do when we are drinking.

      I have ended in the hospital so many times in the last 3 years...due to drinking for days on end and eating next to nothing.

      My body all depleted of vitamins and fluids..ended up on an IV everytime.  I'm 53 and lucky to be alive considering what I have put my body thru.


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    Hi could ask your GP if he / she would prescribe CAMPRAL...A A medication that helps to curb the alcohol cravings...there is also a drug called SELINCRO...that has proved very helpful...if you have not got a SPECIALISED ALCOHOL NURSE.....OR WORKER....ask to be assessed and then hopefully asigned one, they can be a great deal of help....

    I we all do...exactly how you feel....the self discussed then such a huge sense of absolute hopelessness..... can be can like and respect yourself are NOT !!! BAD OR WEAK, OR SELFISH....YOU HAVE A PHYSICAL REACTION TO ALCOHOL.....THROUGH NO !!!! FAULT OF YOUR OWN......KEEP YOUR CHIN UP....YOU WILL GET THERE....YOU DESERVE TO.....HUGS AND SINCERE REGARDS TO YOU ALWAYS LOVEY XXXXX XXX

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      Hi Deirdre , could you elaborate more on these medications that help you curb alcohol please . Are these long/short term etc.

      I've got an appointment with my GP with week to discuss my alcohol habit/problem. I drink a half bottle of vodka every night apart from when I'm working and to be honest when I'm at work it doesn't bother me . X

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    All the replies I have read are great and supportive. We all know what you are going through. As for socialising etc, my stock answer when offered a drink or asked why I wasn't drinking any more, was simply, 'I can't, I'm an alcoholic.' There was no embarrassment or shame, I simply stated the reason. All the best! 

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    kez ive learnt alot over the last day or two reading the posts and certainly realised theres a lot of us in the same boat. all the best and take care.

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