Day 2 of taking Sertraline

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Good afternoon

I've read through some of the threads on here and I'm finding them very useful. 

The reason for this post is that it's my second day of taking 50mg of sertraline. I'm feeling very mixed at the minute,  loss of appetite, foggy and tired. 

I started taking these tablets as I lost my father in May this year, since then I've struggled with daily tasks, my relationship and also being so angry, wanting to argue and not recognising who I've become, when arguing with my partner over the silliest things, the red mist would get the better of me.

I've not liked who i become and wan to get back on the straight and narrow, I get back to the person I used to be.

I recognised the signs of depression a few months ago but was so afraid to go the doctors, thinking they would think I was crazy.

Please can anyone tell me how long it will take to get back feeling great, I know it works differently on each person. 

Im in trying to read and be positive as much as possible! 

Many thanks 

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    Katy first off don't push away ppl who love ya that would be the silly thing to do! Don't argue just use ur partner to help you through this time!

    I was in Sertraline and by day 2 I was in a worser state than I was before taking them! Didn't get on with them one bit so went back to docs and took me off them.

    I've since done a cbt course that the doc put me on and it was a massive help they teach you things and it really opened my eyes that it's me that's gonna change this crap feelings! Medication doesn't cure it just papers over cracks

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      Hi Kevin, 

      it's to late I pushed them away before, been split up 3 days now! as much as they tried to help deal with the grief I became angrier, it's my second day of taking the tablets, as yesterday I realised yesterday that this is depression from reading the sign etc. all I want now is to get back to who I was and back on the road to recovery. I'm not liking this person. I've made a positive step realising I have depression and I'm trying to do something about it. Along with some cbt I'm hoping I should be ok.

      thanks for the advice



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    That's exactly how  I was after a couple of weeks, I felt like a zombie!  Fortunately my other doctor put me back on Citalopram which I havebeen on for nearly 4 years without any after effects.  I wish you well, it's not nice.
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    Hi Katy - not sure that I can give you great info and support as am on day 5 on these meds.

    Lost my partner after a 2 yar battle with cancer.  Despite going to CBT councelling I realised I was on a downward spiral.

    Have started a personal log of how the meds are affecting me and so far fairly positive and managed to cope with Xmas - which I was dreading.  Today had a panic attack but not having the negative thoughts I had before so also am keeping positive.

    Good luck

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      I'm sorry for your loss, thanks for the advice. I have to admit I'm finding it very hard, as my relationship broke down due to not recognising the signs of depression and I've been suffering from a condition called PMS. Its not helped plus the added pressure of dads death.. 

      I sought help when it was just to late, I'm hoping the sertraline get me back on track with a bit more cbt.


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      Dear Katy,

      Sending you a massive hug. My heart goes out to you as I read your experience. I can relate to it exactly (except the PMS!) Depression has turned me into someone I don't like and my girlfriend not able to understand my emotional outbursts and tears has caused us to grow apart and she called time on the relationship yesterday. I was just feeling numb but there was an inevitability about it, liking watching it happen to someone else. You just don't feel like yourself at the moment and are desperate to get back to the "normal" you - I understand how you feel.

      I hope that you have someone to talk to who will listen without judging. This forum will always provide that support - it's amazing what encouragement I've read that grows from really tragic stories.

      You are doing the right thing - keep positive. This is YOUR time now. You may not have chosen to go it alone, but you have some safe space now and you are NOT alone; please don't ever feel like that. That's the dark negative thoughts that will drag you down and suffocate you. We can't really control our physical symptoms when we feel like death warmed up; all we can do is hold our nerve and ride the storm, until it abates or we can cope again. One day at a time, one hour at a time.

      I read on this forum someone who was using the calming/soothing self-therapy of music. I can vouch for this having saved my life in the past couple of days. If not music, then perhaps meditation, or something that focuses your mind and allows you to accept what is happening in your body and mind, but it doesn't become the be-all and end-all.

      Sorry for rambling - I just want you to find your inner strength - it is there in all of us. Sometimes it's just hiding ;-)

      Be strong and post how you are feeling when you can, or message me.

      Very best wishes,



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    Hi katy. Im currently starting week 3 of 50mg dose. I can say that the first week was pretty bad. I couldnt concentrate, felt detatched from life, i just felt awful. I was so worried that id made the wrong choice taking these. I had become a very angry resentful person before starting the pills and i can honestly say all those feelings have now gone. I am still very anxious at times but its only week 3 so hopefully will get better. I feel more relaxed and i fèel like i can think more clearly. Its awful because 3 weeks seems like a life time to start feeling better when you feel so low. Hope u feel better soon 😊

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