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hi im new to this site found it on day one of being prescribed fluoxetine im now on day 4 i tried to write a post then but was not authorized till today as im new to fluoxetine i really dont know what to expect next i have had the sickness and the headaches already im also finding it hard to get out of bed im awake but just cant seem to move dont know if thats the drugs or me at the and when i went food shopping with my mum i stopped dead in the middle of the aisle for no reason and got tearful sorry for going on was just wondering if there was anything else to expect and can anyone tell me what its like when fluoxetine does finally start working after 2 weeks x

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    I've been on flu now for 4 weeks. Seems like people's experiences of the first few weeks differ - I had extreme anxiety the first week and extreme lethargy the second but no headaches.

    Things feel like they are settling down a bit now though, not that I find anything very easy. People I have spoken with say that it realistically takes 6 weeks before the effects of the drug really begin to kick in and help.

    Felt several times like stopping flu but then I remember how bad things were before and I know I have to give it time.

    Sorry I cannot be more help but there are plenty of people around who have more experience and knowledge than me.

    Good luck.


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    Hi there,

    Its like anyone else will say I think it is different for all of us. I started off by having it make my anxiety attacks far worse, putting me off eating (I could easily go a day or two without eating), giving me a 'hangover' style head ache, a strange metal taste which was especially noticeable in the mornings amongst other things. From what I can remember the worst of this passed after about 4 to 6 weeks. I've been on flu for nearly 6 months now and still from time to time the headaches make an unwelcome return and I still have my moments as I've come to refer to them as. While none of this is anything to laugh at one day it does become easier to see the funnier side to all of it (and that's so much easier on a good day) I had a supermarket related incident too. This was quite early on and while out shopping waiting in the checkout line I became 'aware' that everyone else knew and were laughing at me. This prompted me to leave my basket where it was and run full tilt past a line of people and sprinted out of the supermarket into the waiting clutches of a security guard. Luckily for me they were very understanding as I had left my shopping behind anyway and he seemed more concerned about if I was ok. I felt like such a fruit loop once I calmed down.

    I know its hard to begin with but are you trying anything else apart from flu? I found exercise really helps, but to begin with I really struggled to leave my house and even now I will leave a busy gym and return when its quieter.

    I hope today has been a good day for you and there are plenty of people here who don't seem to mind sharing their experiences. I can be slow to reply at times, don't take it personally :D and I'm happy to chat if it helps.

    Take care,


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    Hi, I tried Flu for a week, I hated it. Nearly ended up in the psychiatric ward. Really cant explain how i felt.

    I came off them, things were still bad so my doctor put me on Sertraline. Side effects were minimal, and I feel comfortable after 4 weeks to increase my dose. My doctor said I could be on these for as long as I want.

    My doctor told me that Flu is pretty generic drug that is offered first because its cheaper, whereas Sertraline has been worked on more and is more expensive. But thats why side effects are no so pronounced.

    If you're really having a bad time I would suggest you ask about Sertraline.

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    i just want to say thanks to you all for taking the time to listen and reply to me it helped to know that people have had the same effects as me so again thanks day 4 for me is nearly over and tonight had the worst headache since i started fluoxetine so really dont know what else to expect i dont even know what to expect when it starts to work
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    hi DL :cheerup:

    i'm an old hand as regards anti depressants, unless you get very serious side effects DL, especially unexpected rashes/hives (if so see ya doc strait away :wink: ), try not to worry too much :ok: give it at LEAST 6 weeks, after that talk to the doc again if theres no difference and ask for another med, it's a matter of finding the right med for the individual :huh: good luck this is a very indiscriminate illnes :? with a boatload of different symptoms i'm afraid :shock:

    try and relax, avoid stress and keep posting, you have friends her :mrgreen:

    speak again :peace:

    Ken~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :run: :rainbow: :cheers:

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    Hi there demon,

    I hope this is a good day for you?

    I was thinking last night about the other part of your question about when you notice a difference. To be honest I think I was the last to notice! People around me noticed a change before I did I was chatting to my long suffering :lol: partner and she said that there was a change after about two months and I suppose the most noticable bit of this was me returning to work.

    I think it is so unique to each of us as to when we start to feel any benefit or those around us notice a change in the way we think or act. I do remember quite well that during the first week I was wondering why the hell I was bothering with this drug as it seemed just to make me feel physically sick on top of everything else!

    What I'm trying to say is it does pass I know it doesn't feel like that yet but I guess you will have to take our word for that.

    Let me know how its going today?

    Take care,



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