Day 7 at 25 mg

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Hi Everyone,

So, here I am on day 7 (25 mg). Yikes! I am feeling terrible today. My anxiety is ramped up and I can't seem to do much to get it down. Breathing techniques and realistic thinking help, but they're temporary. My heart is racing, too, and I feel a bit jittery. I knew to expect side effects, but not like this. A week today I'm to up my dosage to 50 mg. This makes me quite nervous. I have to stick with it though. I mean, I'd rather live through these temporary side effects than live a life of constant panic. A small price to pay for the good that is to come, right? RIGHT?! smile I'm just finding it quite a challenge right now to deal with this high anxiety. For someone with GAD, these feelings are causing me to exaggerate what is actually going on. Reading other's experiences has been helpful, as I'm reminded that what I'm experiencing is 'normal' and to be expected. Best of luck to us. I'll check in again to provide an update on how I'm feeling. Perhaps my posts will help someone. Stay well!

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    Hi, I am on day 5 of 50mg per day (I have never had sertaline before) and am struggling on it. I didn't even want to get out of bed today. You can get through it we can do it together :-)
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      I'm lucky to be working from home this week. Honestly, it feels like every side effect I read about is hitting me today. It's nasty. I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling sad Yes, we can get through this and we'll do it together. Power in numbers wink


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    Hi Raspberry,

    Sorry to hear bout the anxiety!  But like my doc says, the side effects are a good indication that the med will be helpful in the long run.  If the med evokes no response (positive or negative) in the early stages, then it never will.

    Since the side effects are bad, you might talk to your doc about lowering your dosage right now, and also delaying the increase up to 50mg.  Slow and steady is  fine!

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      Hi Joe_Slim,

      Thanks for your reassuring message! It truly helps. I'm staying optimistic. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I'll feel better. I'm determined to feel better.

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    Hi, and I'm sorry you have to take this route. But I quite understand, since 20 years of taking  this crap! Would not have been that long, but I can not get off. I am weaning so slow, because I am desperate to have my life back. I do know about anxiety, panic attacks, heart racing, etc. But if I knew years ago, there would not be serteline in my system. It did help for a while. A psych dr said no one should stay on these no more than six months. What was your primary reason for starting, if you don't mind? I felt the most horrible symtoms trying to get on these things. Now, just the opposite. Just hope they help, and maybe your doc will keep a eye out for you, because mine sure didn't . What helped me more than anything was xanax. I was always having panic attacks, just out of no where. Wouldn't wish them on anyone. There are a lot of natural ways now, which I wished I had taken that route. If you need anything, I feel like I have a degree in this junk, lol! God bless.
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      Thanks for replying, barna64. I'm looking at the meds as a good thing right get me back on track. I suffer from GAD, which prevents me from doing a lot professionally and personally. I tried to handle my GAD and panic on my own for three years, but the last six months have been terrible. I don't intend on being on medication for too long. I'd like to get started on CBT and gradually wean myself off the medication. When you say you want your life back, how has the medication taken your life away? If you don't mind my asking. I've heard that xanax can help for panic attacks. I don't think it's the med. for me, as I have GAD, so there's a constant feeling of worry / dread. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for your support.
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    Just keep going with it. I'm on day 19 (50mg). It's the first time I've ever been on this type of medication as I've never suffered from mental health problems until my anxiety started out of the blue about a month ago. 

    I found that the first 10 days were the worst. My anxiety was REALLY bad and I was thinking all sorts of crazy things and wondering whether I'd ever return to normal! But as each day comes it gradually gets easier. I still experience mild anxiety - it usually takes up about 20 minutes of each day. The best part of the day I feel totally normal. Apparently it takes 6-8 weeks to work fully. 

    Are you going to do any kind of CBT? I'm attending a group session at the end of the month. 

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      Hi Coop46269,

      Yes, I plan on restarting CBT later in the summer. I hope to be able to really put my all into the sessions this time around and then gradually get myself off the meds. We'll see. I'm not against being on medication, but I'd like to (one day) be able to manage my anxiety naturally...if that's possible. I'm going to stick to it. I'm just now beginning day 8. I had a good night's sleep, so hopefully that will positvely impact my day. Thanks for sharing.


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    I've just come back from the doctor after pouring my heart out

    about these horrible feelings of dread and that something

    awful is going to happen, he has prescribed  sertraline

    your posts have given me  the courage I need right now.

    to overcome this miserable life of anxiety dread and

    feeling of despair. I'm not at all suicidal, just feeling

    so low about these intrusive thoughts that I cant

    seem to control, I know they are irrational but the

    more I have these feelings the worse I have

    become. I can't seem to enjoy anything now

    without these horrible random thoughts taking

    over even in the most unexpected situations.

    planning anything is causing me anxiety

    because along comes my  horrible thoughts

    and I convinced myself I'm tempting fate.

    im not crazy very level headed have a

    successful buisness, but this is so awful

    to live with I just want to be calm and in control

    again,instead of a nervous wreck. Does anyone

    else have it so bad

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      Hi Sourtongue8,

      I'm glad that you feel comfortable enough to share on this thread. I, too, deal with intrusive thoughts and this lingering feeling of dread. It's no way to live. I don't know why it happens to some of us. It sucks - huge! I wish I had some profound words to share with you, but I don't. Knowing your thoughts are irrational is a good start. One thing that helps me a lot is realistic thinking. Do you keep a reflection journal? Sometimes this can help. Logging your feelings, thoughts, symptoms, etc. and then looking back on them can help in overcoming these negative feelings. When I start thinking negatively, I gently acknowledge the thoughts and tell myself that I'm going into a negative thinking trap. I try to pull myself by looking and feeling externally and living in the present. Easier said than done at times. I'm hoping that my medication will start kicking in soon. I'm in my 4th week at 50mg and no real change yet. Was at the doctor's today. She's keeping me at 50mg for another 4 weeks to see whether it's necessary to increase the dose. We'll see. Anyway, keep visiting this thread and others. It's very therapeutic and reassuring. Plus, everyone is very supportive. You can totally do this and be well!

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      No, you are not crazy!! It's a lot of stressful events in a persons life, that cause some of those feelings. Also, in my journey, I found that eliminating some foods would help. Also, if your on any type pain meds, or alcohol, etc., could be also making things worse. Sometimes a certain age, it seems to hit the younger more than the older. Could you have yeast in your body, just about everyone has some, but it will cause numerous symtoms. Just so much, and a lot of natural is out there. Just do the best you can, and don't let it tell you your crazy. I know about those issues, 20 years on this dope. Stay in touch lots in your boat. God Bless!
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    Hi raspberry! Oh I sooo feel for you. But, this med with eventually take over. Just wondering, did you doc rx  anti anxiety drug until your body becomes a slave to this drug? I'm sorry, not slave, but adapted to the med? Just for a short time would help. But just like the sertrline, you would not want to take for an extended period. Sounds like me years ago. Keep in touch, and hope you feel better!

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