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Ok if some of you have seen previous posts regarding stress as being my most obvious trigger - well I have to take it back - at least partially.

Woke up Sunday what I describe as low grade abodominal pain...thinking perhaps wind/constipated/and it would go away. Well it stayed but as I was hosting a family lunch I was able to push through without toomuch discomfort. When everyone had gone I took stock. pain was not as severe but I did have a fever 37.9. Tossed up between going to ED or local late surgery. I really wanted to manage it at home. So saw great random doctor who was willing to send me home with antibiotics - Keflex and Flagyl but told me if fever is still apparent after 48 hours than then oral antibiotics aren't going to manage it and I will need to go into hospital for intravenous. Now 24 hours later fever still there but managed by panadol, pain about the same. Fingers crossed for the next 24 hours.

About the stress thing. Currently I am not working - the last episode knocked the stuffing out of me - and luckily we can almost survive on the one wage. If I was working I would not have acted so quickly. I would have waited for it to become so severe I would be unable to walk - this is due to my own work ethic, and a sense of guilt of taking time of work without being REALLY sick.

So waiting for this to pass...but let me assure you I feel like crap.


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    I am going to try and research as much as possible. I have in the last 2 days started massaging my stomach in particular my lower intestines. I am trying anything to see if there is any help. My friend who has Cohns states she constantly has diareah (why is that such a hard word to spell?) People I know with diverticulitis would kill for diareah. If anyone finds anything that helps please post and we just might find some relief down the road.
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    Hey everyone,

    Its the morning of 16th October here in Austrlia and I am much improved. The pain has gone, no fever, and my energy and general capability has returned. This has been after 3 days of bedrest and very light activity.

    the pain test that has been mentioned by jacqueline01135 is very valid and worth being aware of. I explained it to my hubby by comparing it to the dentisit when they tap each tooth to find the one that hurts...the feeling about the tummy in a circular montion and then hitting the spot leaves no doubt. However many of us would feel a general discomfort constantly - for me it is the fever that confirms it.

    I have increased my Movocil from 1 to 3 satchets a day to try to ease the constipation which started about the Thursday before the flare up on the Sunday. I am also resolved to use PSYLLIUM HUSKS spread on my cereal everyday. I was doing this but got a bit careless over past weeks. 

    Anyway I keep saying to myself - 'this is not terminal and can be managed' (my mum died of lung disease at 54, and sister of breast cancer at 57; so I feel lucky)

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      Morning Molly

      Glad someone takes notice of my ramblings, (all tried and tested)

      You can tell me something now .We try to avoid with a vengeance

      husks and nuts ,so what are Psyllium Husks, and what is their purpose

      do you find that rubbing the worst spot calms it down ? My theory is

      that it could be dislodging the debris.

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      Hi Jacqueline01135,

      Psyllium Husks That I use is in an 'oral powder'. It is recommened that you use 2 teasppons in 150ml of water abd drink it quick. Pretty tasteless ao I can tolerate it - as opposed to enjoying it! If you don't drink it fast it becomes a gel which you can use in yooghurt etc..Actaully just went to get the bag so I can give official blurb - 

      100 % dietary fibre

      helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

      maintain a healthy digestive system

      easy to take

      gentler than bran

      no sugar

      no additives

      gluten free

      mild laxative

      smile smile smile Doesn't it sound perfect? 

      Not sure about the science of dislodging anything when I rub my tummy but it sure makes me feel better - almost instinctive.

      I have a new symptom now -  VERY LOUD tummy noises - actually kept me awake last night - I fear things are still not 'flowing freely'.

      Feeling p*ssed off because I can't have my usual Friday night drinkies - Flagyll = no alcohol. I tempted to take two at once to give me an alcohol free night on Sundaysad sigh


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      Hi ya,

      I bought them from health food shops this last time but I did also find it in the health food section of my local supermarket.

      I'm not at all familiar with horses tums but it is a reassiuring comment none the less.



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      Are you refering to U.K. or Aussie shops ? Judging by the time you sent

      your post you are either up very late ,very early or at home Will Holland

      & Barratt sell the stuff ??


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      Hi jacqueline1135,

      Sorry for late response. I am living in Melbourne, Australia so the timing of my postings do look all over the place. I presume the UK has designated health shops, probably get it at Booths even - (if I remember correctly thats the big chemist/health chain)?

      Here 'organic' is very 'in' - so there is not a lot you can't get! Having said that the UK has far superior shopping.

      So far still well so breathing a sigh of relief. 

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      Morning Molly, it's 8-15 am windy ,cold,with promised gales.I am in bed, just had an operation on my shoulder,back home, and a flare started,,so I won't be doing any shopping for a while, dreaded trots giving me exercise.

      Truly sick of all the probs that come out of tnin air, this D.D is the worst 

      thing ever, and so many people have it 

      Glad you are well, probably change of scenery and flattened stress

      levels Suppose it's sunny as well.

      Big breathes ,keeps the mind happy 

      Don't eat anything with skins on, peel 'em firstlol

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      ok promise - nothing with skins on.

      The D.D is a bummer because it is unpredictable, painful, and relentless.

      Sorry to hear you are in the middle again - maybe we will saw-saw back and forth ...hehe.

      Sorry to tell you but the sun is shining with warmth most days now..and I can enjoy a quiet wine which I am getting in before another round of flagyll!

      Look after yourself confused 

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      Ah Molly , if wishes were horses I would be with you.

      Your description of the D.D is spot on

      Watch the wine ----- ACIDIC----- don't want you getting blase !!! Enjoy

      Don't disappear, Will let you know if I track down the husks

      ""Time to throw a prawn on the Bar Bee  ""cheesygrin

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      Forgot to ask you, what painkillers do you take,? Over the counter, or 

      prescription stuff ?When you get a niggle ?Paracetamol my poison

      Don't know if you are in bed now .or doing breakfast . Whatever !!!!

      Storm force winds for tomorrow.

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      Hi Molly. morning with frosty bits .Just checking up on you, tosee if you

      are well and alcohol free (you promised)

      The Vit D and capsule probiotics have been on the go for 10 weeks

      now, and seem to be doing the job NO pain.

      Hope you are well  

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