dealing with flu symptoms & having AF

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sorry may seem bit of a silly request but desperate for help. 

I have been diagnosed with AF (paroxysmal) since last april, I am taking Sotalol 40mg twice per day with Rivaroxaban 20mg once a day. I'm 43yrs old don't drink don't smoke & relatively healthy.

?I had a flu jab last Thursday & now typically I have caught the flu. I appreciate I haven't caught this from the flu jab so got it elsewhere (I had a hospital app last Wednesday & the poor nurse dealing with me had a terrible cough so chances are I caught it last Wednesday).

?My aunt passed away today & I really need to be with my mom & dad at this awful time for them & my family, but at 68 & 75yrs of age I don't want to start giving them anything I have, so I'm desperate to get rid of these symptoms I have, but now that I have AF I don't know what I can take, please any help is very much appreciated. At the moment I'm just taking paracetomol & drinking as much fluids as possible. Can I sniff menthol in a bowl of boiling water as this keeps being mentioned to me, & are there any medications I can take as all I keep reading is that I cant. Thankyou for your help in advance.

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    Hummm that a tricky one. Did you talk to your pharmacist about it? There is a product called "Sambucol" here in Canada. It's supposed to relieve flu symptoms and shorten duration in half. It's made from elderberries and is a non simulating. Hope this helps. God luck and get better soon.

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      Hi, thankyou for your response. I have spoken to a chemist but soon as you mention AF they pull a face and say sorry not much they can. Ive just looked at the Sambucol & some reviews and to be honest it sounds incredible, my wife is going to go back to the chemist for me & ask them about this so thankyou for your help, really appreciate you getting in touch.

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      Hi Dean I'm glad you may have found something that might work. Also there are homeopathic remedies such as Oscillococcinum that are great for the flu symptoms. Even a homeopathic flu vaccine is available. And they definitely should not cause side effects however I would still check with the pharmacist. I used to own a health food store lol smile

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    Hi Dean

    I am on fleccanide for af and also blood pressure pills and have always stayed clear of cold remedy things cos so much will interfere with medicine. Best you check with pharmacist to see what you can take on your current medication.

    all the best

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      Hi, thankyou for your reply. Ive spoken to my chemist and he pretty much said the same as to stay away from anything if possible. Everytime ive had a cold or sniffle ive joked with my wife its man flu, but after this I don't even want to mention the word flu again. Thankyou.

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    You would be astounded by the number of people who have A.F, , including me. I don't take any meds for it, It's not constant and it's not noisy ..You have at this point,,, got a super boost of anxiety  and stress, which causes problems to the whole of your body .Flu is nasty, but it will stay with you for a while ..Keep warm.. drink lots of fluids, take Paracetamol ,put your  feet up, and don't worry .Your parents will know what flu does ,and will understand you keeping away from them to protect them ..your AF will calm down ,when you calm down . The man who takes care of my roof has A,F and he  has no trouble with it. as,, neither do I ,Just start being kind to yourself, and stop over loading on meds . 

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      Hi, yes your right in what your saying. Its a horrible time for my family right now & I just feel devastated I cant give any physical support at this time. Just desperate to get better soon as possible so that I can go & be with my parents through this.

      My AF has been quite bad over the last 24hrs, so your absolutely right in that I need to relax & put my feet up for a bit, I already feel terrible so don't need to add to it, Thankyou for getting in touch with me.

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      hi  Dean .it's no trouble replying to you  I know that being on your own when everything is being thrown at you,,, hurts your heart, and your head. i had a similar situation ,but  Made myself think about me for a while, and  just took care of me. I know that bugs and infections bring your attitude to everything down to bottom of the pit level  So Dean .relax go slow, ring your parents, they will be concerned about you, so you will have to put a smile on your face when you talk to them  Keep in touch with me ,,to let me know how you are coping xx .

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    You're having a rough time for sure. You need to take care of yourself first and foremost right now, and- as you point out - not share your ailment with your relatives. Ring them up, chat to make sure theyre ok but get yourself some rest to recover or your AF will come and bite you hard because you are stressing. Bereavements are a challenge with AF, thats without any other illnesses on top. I admit to having become rather selfish and putting myself first when i HAVE to. May I respectfully suggest, you now HAVE to do that too. Take what you know is ok with your AF meds -I no longer take meds for my PAF but, that was with agreement of my doctor. You are dealing with too much to do that right now. Call them, offer verbal support, maybe make some calls to help them, but look after no 1 too. I hope things settle quickly for you and your family.

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      Hi, really appreciated reading your response thankyou. Everything you have said is spot on, its just the timing couldn't of been worse for me being ill. My wife has read this & said your absolutely right & that there are times when you have to put yourself first, I guess the sooner I do this the sooner ill be on the mend.

      Medication wise, my meds more often that not work. Back in November I was put forward to see a cardiologist for my AF as the dr I saw said maybe an ablation might be an option for me, not sure how long it takes to get an appointment but as its been three months maybe it wont be too long to see someone now.

      Thankyou for your reply, & kind words.

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    I had the flu or whatever it was..I rested and drank plenty ...chicken soup..broth...I boiled water and breathed it in. Heard thermaflu over the counter works for some..see a can be fatal..
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      Where ARE YOU COMING from,,, he's got Flu..almost everyone gets it ,caused by selfish people who cough all over everybody, If you get ,,stay in. It'a a bug ,,over the counter so called cures .ARE NOT ,

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      HI, yes I'm drinking as much as possible, herbal teas water etc... & adding honey to these, not sure if this works but sure I read it somewhere?

      ?My wife is going back to the chemist soon so she will ask for me about the thermaflu thankyou.

      Thankyou for your reply.

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      Hi, thankyou for your response. I agree I have flu, my questioning of this was due to a family bereavement and having flu for the first time since having AF asking was there anything I can do or take to speed up the process so that I can be with my family soon as possible.

      ​My understanding of flu, is that it can be very nasty in the best scenario but can be fatal as betty says so she has a very good point, and as most health issues always best to ask a gp if not sure.


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    Right  I agree..take care of yourself first if you don't cannot help anyone have to be careful when you have the flu or pneumonia...hits people differently....worst case it can be fatal depending on one's immune system and anything else body cannot respond to..on the other hand with rest ..time..fluids...I drank much tea and honey...chicken soup..took oxycillion..however you spell in US flu vaccine only 40 percent effective this year but worth whatever protection it gives you....follow thru

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