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Has anyone ever had a very dehydrated throat for an extended period of time and what if so, did you take to get rid of it?

?I've had a problem with it for a couple of months.  Saw an ENT today (for something else) but he had no answer for what could be causing this.  I'm always thirsty but my body is not dehydrated, I had the usual tests for that, it's just my throat and it's constantly uncomfortable. I've recently developed acid reflux and I'm not sure if it's related

?My throat is healthy, had the camera put down today so I'm not overly worrying about this but would like a solution as I am drinking water like it has gone out of fashion and it only hydrates my throat for literally about a minute.

?Any advice appreciated


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    I'm not thirsty but I waken up during the night with a very dry tongue and throat that has recently worsened and I put down to a change of PPI.

    My  GP gave me Glandosane a synthetic saliva spray that relieves dryness of mouth and throat.

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    I have had reflux for about 15 years but it's been getting worse over time and am on 4th strength of PPI medication now.  Have just found out I have a sliding hernia and waiting to see the consultant with a view to having an operation.  One of the symptoms that has been getting worse is the dry throat.  It feels like I've swallowed sawdust or sand.  I've never heard of the synthetic saliva spray but I will ask my GP for it (yet another medication).  I am constantly sipping a drink but because my throat is dry rather than I am thirsty.  I also take teaspoons of manuka honey (tried honey and lemon but the lemon aggravates the reflux) as it seems to moisten my throat and I'm constantly sucking throat sweets - sugar free if I can get them.  I get a lot of sore throats which lead to colds and fever, sores on my tongue and keep losing my voice which is what prompted me to do something to get rid of the reflux permanently. 

    As I came off my PPI medication to have the tests pre op - gastroscopy and PH test, it seems to have made my throat worse at the moment.  I'm assuming it's because of the acid when I was off the meds.  If I put my finger down my throat to feel what's there, there seems to be some raised blister like lumps.  Don't know if that's normal?  I'm hoping in time now I'm back on the meds that the acid will settle down again and it will get better again as it did when I changed my PPI medication.  Sorry can't be more help.

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    I took manuka honey before meals for a few months and it did help. Then I had annual blood tests and the doctor asked how long I had been diabetic as my blood glucose  was 14.8 (old style readings) I said that I had been taking the honey. After stopping it my blood glucose went to just outside the normal range.  

    Glandosane is an over the counter item but my GP gave me a prescription for it. It comes in a few flavours.

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    I sometimes get this where my throat feels parched but i'm not dehydrated. Try chewing gum but not the peppermint or spearmint ones and make sure it's the whitening one as the bicarb of soda it contains helps. I have the Extra White Bubblemint one. Tastes like old bubblegum!

    Drinking too much can set off reflux as it makes the acid easier to rise up so be careful not to drink too much water. 

    Also Google Vocal Cord Dysfunction as it may be that you are getting this as a result of the reflux.

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    Thanks for this.  I have VCD and I have asthma.  The respiratory consultant changed my asthma medication two months ago when I developed VCD to a heavy one dose a day inhaler from my normal 4 doses of a different inhaler, I'm wondering if the new medication is contributing to my throat issues. The powdered medication in the new inhaler is so heavy no matter how strong I inhale I still have powder in my mouth so I think it must also be coating my throat and vocal cords

    ?The ENT said the dryness isn't to do with the VCD and the acid reflux is new.  They've given me Pantium for the acid reflux, nothing they can do about the VCD but time will heal it, the ENT said he hasn't seen it last over 2 years in anyone.


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    Sounds like it could be your inhaler not helping. Gargle with salt water or normal water straight after you use it to rinse it away.

    I also have asthma and VCD and the VCD they think is caused by the silent reflux i have so if you are the same and the acid is actually what has set it off then that would explain the VCD. 

    I'm seeing a physio for the VCD but one of the best things you can do is practice some of the exercises so it's easier to deal with it when it gets bad. Has your doc given you any info on VCD and what to do like exercises? It might go away with the acid tablets but it didn't for me. 

    The best thing i did was read a book called Dropping Acid and then doing a very low acid diet for about a month. I don't feel my acid so it's not straight forward working out what causes it and irritates my vocal cords but something was working. It might help your VCD if caused by acid and will def help this.

    You are lucky to have a doc who knows about VCD! Took me 4 years to get diagnosed and then only by chance.


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