dehydration and arrhythmias

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I've been wondering if some of my problems are caused by electrolyte balances and/or dehydration, as they call it.

I can be having some very disturbing arrhythmias, which the doctors just shrug at as PACs and PVCs and the like, but when I sit down to lunch and gulp down half a glass of ice tea - suddenly I feel much better.

Anyone have similar experiences?  Has anyone had a discussion with their doctors, about similar issues?


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    Absolutely! Your electrolytes and dehydration being off can cause arrhythmias! My doctor told me to stay hydrated at all times!And drink things like coconut milk and light v8 for potassium! Sometimes eating something will stop my "skips" I drink water all day! Watch diet drinks as they cause dehydration. I will say one more thing, you may have heard before. Take magnisium ! It will really help. Not oxide , taurate or cytrate or a mixture of both is best. It will calm you, helps so much with pvcs and pacs and muscle pain! Best wishes! Mabel

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    Hi. I am a CHD Patient (born with Tetralogy of Fallots - look it up, fascinating). I've had arrhythmias for as long as I can remember; about 18yrs ago had bad SVT - given Disopyramide . recently changed to a more modern drug. 2 yrs ago had a 2 hour run of palpitations - taken to A&E - tests showed Very Low Phosphates level - 12hour drip needed (seems that was down to taking too many antacid lozenges, better diet sorted that out ! ). I do still get the issues of arrhythmias if I haven't hydrated enough.

    I suggest that you see your Doctor, maybe get blood tests done to check electrolyte balances, Vit D,  etc.  As far as dehydration goes - AVOID IT. I aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day 2 is better.

    Hope this helps.

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      Hi, Mabel and Geoff, thanks!  I do take magnesium sometimes, I also eat a lot of almonds that contribute.  And it's not that I'm thirsty, I drink plenty of water and ice tea - and low-sodium V8 too!

      So if there is something to this I wonder how to really know.  When I've gone for checkups and had blood tests the electrolytes always seem fine.  I don't know of any ten-second home test for sodium, potassium, magnesium, … calcium, whatever else.  I guess they determine "dehydration" with something else, I read it but forget what it was.

      Might explain a lot of my situation and a lot of others.

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    Very important to keep water intake up for your heart , will make a difference also taking magnesium, I forget to drink enough and know I should ! 
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    Cold water or drinks do stop ectopic beats or arrhythmias. It is their effect on the vagus nerve. Slashing the face with cold water also helps.
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      Absolutely, could just be the cold and vagus nerve.  Sometimes eating or drinking much of anything can help.  Leads to overeating, of course.

      Also a little gentle pressure on the bottom of the eye socket or the bridge of the nose, can sometimes help quite a bit.

      I saw a page somewhere with about four other useful techniques - but lost the page before I found that at least this first one was for real!

      Still, above and beyond those, I wonder about hydration and electrolytes - which might be too low, or too high, or some of each?

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    All of this makes good sense. The PACs and PVCs for me are sometimes worse than other times. I do think that diet and dehydration play a big role in them. There are times when I am experiencing the palpitations, I will start having to burp frequently. It seems to relieve the palpitations. So I am guessing it has something to do with the vagus nerve. Also I have had occasions when I have eaten something that I think triggers the palpitations. Last night after dinner, I had a busy day and decided to have something that I had in the freezer for dinner. I don't often do that, but only when I don't have time for something better. I had fish that was from a reputable seller, and from a local restaurant that sells these items at the local grocery store... I also baked some frozen french fries that I bought on recommendation from a friend. I did prepare a nice fresh salad to go with dinner.  I started having the palpitations after dinner and they got worse as the night went on. Most of the night I was awake with them... very frequent. I wondered if the dinner that I had contained additives that could trigger them. This morning they were better, but still having them. I had breakfast and now they seem to have calmed down. I know I don't drink enough water and dehydration could also play a role in this. I have talked to my cardiologist about these palpitations and even wore a holter monitor for 30 days to monitor them. The result was PVCs - and nothing to worry about says my doctor... they are so very troubling when they happen frequently.  I see my cardiologist on an annual basis, so I won't see him until September. And of course I will talk to him again about them. I have my annual physical next month in July and I will discuss it with him too. Maybe something will show up in my blood work that can be corrected.... or at least give me something to try. This causes my a lot of anxiety when they occur often. And then there are long periods when all is fine. I just wish we could all figure out what the triggers are.

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      My digestive problems act as a trigger for my BP and irregular heart rate. I avoid salad as I find it very indigestible. Mashed potato  always improves helps my indigestion and GERD.    

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