Dehydration worsening symptoms?

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This is the third time I've gotten dehydrated in the almost six months that I've had mono. I'll admit that I don't drink enough water, it's especially hard for me in the winter when I don't get thirsty, but it seems like I get dehydrated more easily with this virus. I was wanting to know if anyone else has gotten dehydrated more easily with this, and if so, does it make your symptoms worse? My knee, toe, and finger stiffness, muscle cramps, and weakness have gotten worse the last few days and I think it's the dehydration making them worse but I'm not sure...

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    Yes it does make you of the main recommendations for post viral fatigue is to drink plenty of water. I'm the same though, I sometimes forget, mainly as I'm not thirsty. I also get fed up of having to go to the toilet all the time. But yes from what I've read water is highly recommended.

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    yes i find it hard to eat and drink getting anything down is a chore . i seem to be most thirsty in the night or morning . but its very important to drink lots of water .....i think i drank more before i got sick .

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    Hi Alle,

    Definitely I think dehydration can be a common thing with mono, because your body is in overdrive dealing with this virus and the fatigue and low grade fever etc and it makes sense that your body's key resource of water is more in demand.

    In the winter too it's harder as you say when not necessarily so thirsty, but drinking plenty of water is a good thing at any time and definitely good when going through mono. Sometimes even setting like a reminder alarm on your phone or something to remind you to take a drink of water can help! For me I have one of these transparent water bottles which I carry about the house with me and it's amazing how much more water you drink if you get into the habit of having one of those nearby for much of the day!!

    Really hoping these awful aches and pains and symptoms you are experiencing settle down Alle, goodness you've been through the mill with this thing by the sounds of it and really empathising remember my own tough experience with it too. Just want to encourage you that this will get better - it's hard to see when you get into months and months I know, it took me about 10 months to see a major turning point Alle but BY FAR the first six months was really the worst and the intensity does lessen as time goes on and you will get that breakthrough, hard as it may be to see right now - it is normal for this thing to go on for as long as it has and then go on to make a FULL recovery, this thing does get better, I know it was down to God only that I recovered as I was so down and feeling like things would never improve at one point, but God pulled me through and hoping, praying and believing He will do the same thing for you. Hoping that 2019 can bring about a real change and breakthrough towards full recovery.

    Hang in there Alle - you ARE going to get through this and back to full health again, I truly believe that given my own recovery experience / timescale and reading similar accounts and recovery stories of others on the site.


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    Hi Alle 123,

    I'm sorry about your struggles with this virus, I know them all to well!!

    I have been dealing with this nightmare virus as well for 6 months now. I have felt very parched throughout the duration of it. What I have done this whole time is on a sheet of paper I track each glass of water I drink per day. I personally drink 5-6/16oz glasses of water. Good filtered water with minerals, you don't want to wash out your system. I have found that drinking more water than the daily recomended dose -does wonders! The virus puts out neurotoxins and you have to flush them out-as well as better over all health for your skin, organs and cells. The rule of thumb is you need to cut your weight in half, that is how many ounces of fluids you need daily. I weigh 120/ so ideally, 60 oz of fluids/daily is the ideal. Since dealing with this virus, I Drink fresh juice all day +5-6 /16oz. glasses of just water. I'm getting a lot of fluids in and at times I still feel like I need more. This virus can rob you of a lot, you have to counteract it! I fight daily for my health- brutal!! Listen to your body, try to drink more fluids -you may notice the difference!

    Fresh fruit will also help you feel more hydrated, it helps me a lot too! Fluids help with headaches too, which go with the territory as well of this ugly virus! Hope you are well soon!....


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      Hi StarrA,

      So sorry to hear you've been going through such a tough 6 months with glandular fever / mono, I really do empathise having went through a tough time with it myself many years ago. Really just want to reassure you that things do and will get better - I felt my improvement after 6 months had still been very slow and was still feeling quite unwell, fatigued and not at all myself with the low grade fever and all the horrible symptoms. But things did change with a few more months and a turning point come, so hang in there just want you to know things will get better and you will get back to full health even if it doesn't feel that way at times when going through it.

      Sounds like good advice regarding drinking lots of water and eating fruit / healthy food. Definitely agreeing with those recommendations. Vitamins and herbs also helped me a lot during recovery, a good strong multi-vitamin per day (I take Immunace Extra here in the UK), high levels of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day) a B100 complex vitamin per day (GREAT for energy levels and nervous system) and immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng and echinacea.

      Thanks for taking the time to encourage others when going through a tough time with the virus yourself Starr - it is really valued and the forum here is a great one with lots of good and genuine people on here who are great at encouraging and supporting each other! And of course message any time!


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