Deja vu ??? NO True

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I am one day returned from a 6 day stay in hospital,for my second major

flare (more of an eruption ) last one a year ago, this time,, a little more

serious, being held in the surgery ward, in case the infection spread.

I had a burst abcess in /on a pouch ,and was monitored and "dripped"

to see what happened. Good news, it stayed localised and here I am back home. and I have to say, feeling really good, apart from the rather 

large lump that came with me , One good thing that came out of it,was,

I had the undivided attention of a gastric consultant ,and asked if I 

could see a dietician, to find out the eatables .His reply was, that things

had moved on ,and to eat normally, even onions , There was NO actual

proof that food made any significant difference to Divi, and the flares and

pouches just happened. Sooooooo. the gloves are on Oven gloves that is .We are just an unfortunate bunch who react to a tender colon.

Must admit, that when I started DIVI DINERS Ididn't expect there to be

so many of us,but here we are ,sharing, which helps enormously

I am to have the pleasure of another colonoscopy ,just the little one, 

won't be so scary this time


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    Oh blimey, poor you but thank goodness that you finally saw someone who could give you more and proper information.  I have to say that my GP said exactly the same so there you go.  I still do take it easy (always terrified of having a recurrence - who isn't?)  but testing the waters by adding onions to my more international receipes where called for.  So glad you are feeling better and that nothing worse happend.  Keep us posted!
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      Hi Laura, if the gastric man says it's O.K to scoff, I can't wait to buy 

      some onions ,was going to do a bit of retail therapy today, but the 

      shed load of antibiotics  are still in control, and at lunchtime I started to feel droopy, so I attended to my battle scars of the canula hunting,

      and went back to bed . Did go without sleep for 4 nights.due to

      ward noises, lights and smells, the gastric ward isn't a bed of roses.

      apparently they look for temperature spikes to tell them how things 

      are moving, and blood counts,mine was quite high then did a dramatic

      drop, which saved the theatre trip.Still a bit tender ,but that is par for the course. SO. I'm good to go 

      You sound good .

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      Hello Jacqueline, I joined this site today after my first hospital stay but conclusive evidence that I do indeed have diverticulitis! We must have been in at the same time. I was only in for two nights and begged to be let home ( it's so noisy and hot ) but actually I now feel that I would have benefitted maybe from one more night as I have been feeling  pretty grim since Sunday. My counts were also all over the place with my crp 110 and constant high temp not to mention the terrible pain and mashed potato diet - upwards ever upwards!!
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      Hi there, yes in hospital too last year having had symptons for about a week or slightly more not knowing what was going on and only when bloods were taken that the GP sent me straight to A&E - thank goodness.  In for one night on massive dose of A.B. by drip and again, like you wanted to get home ASAP.  Did that but sent home with loads of ABs as well.  Had another episode in March but have managed to keep OK so far with careful diet etc.  My bloodcount was also absolutely crazy when I was sent to the hospital somethink like 146 but luckily just missed being operated on - phew.  Feel better soon.
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      Hi, I actually feel really good, as though my body has been sifted of all the

      nasties .I didn't come home with any drugs,except Paracetamol,which I

      have loads of .May need a dose of Lactulose, I ate nothing for 8 days

      including the 3 days prior.,and I didn't lose any weight !!!! Ithink the hospital technicians take all the guess work out for the doctors.

      thank goodness ,it's the constant wait for the results that pushes the

      stress up One flare a year is O.K, the bitty ones I can cope with.


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      Hi. you did well with only 2 nights .It's  a mistake to nag to come home

      before you are well. Putting up with noise ,smells and lack of sleep are 

      to be endured ,if the end product is feeling good again. I was warded 

      with 3 mega snorers,  However, I got my own back. I had a prolonged 

      vomiting session in the early hours which was not a gentle puke, but 

      a from my boots puke , long and loud  Justice !!!!

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    So glad your feeling better?... I started another small flare up this past weekend.. automatically recalled what you said to do and it hasn't been that bad at all..(knock on wood)... The bleeding finally stopped.  I spoke to Y.A.H and the posibility of internals came up so I'm hoping maybe that could have been the culprit.  Go to see the Gastro Doc in 1 week. It's been sorta scary waiting to hear his verdict.  He's supposed to be the best in Newfoundland and I hear he's quite blunt in his I may have met my match biggrin
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      Morning  sunni, I ffel really good, now  the antibiotics are "leaving

      the building " and Iv'e caught up on the lost sleep. It's good to know that

      you have someone who will TELL ALL. I think each person I meet has a different slant on the problem, suppose it depends on what each 

      doctor prefers.

      I had an abcess that burst,so whether or not this fits into the flare

      category,I don't know, but the infection stayed local , good news said the surgeon ""the antibiotics are cooking the bugs ""

      The large lump I brought home with me is also "leaving the building"

      probably thanks to you know what !!!

      Hope you have a happy meeting, and do let me know, I love a 

      happy ending  wink 

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    Sorry to hear you have been so poorly. glad you are improved now. Don't know about you; but I met one specialist before who said "eat whatever you want"....but after all the other advice to be so careful - there is NO WAY I will ever go back to eating seeds; pips; nuts; skins etc......tempting my fate way too much.....and I will stick with the careful eating programmes that I follow now. Those acidophilus have turned things around for me - over nine weeks clear of a flare up; which after ten in a row over ten months is Fabulous. Good luck with the colonoscopy; with the sedation and the gas and air it was OK for me really; not as bad as I had thought.
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      Thank you Christine, Felt rather naff, and I think I now qualify for a black belt in puking The acid--------- are brilliant, ,I suppose we must expect the ocassional blip.,we all get spots, just that mine was on the inside.

      It was the Gastric man who said eat anything,so I am going to have 

      onions, totally  bash, mash and trash them first. then it will get me over my desperate need to taste them again  

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      If your inflammation has calmed; then enjoy the onions. I eat them; but now when I know I have inflammation and pain....!!! They do give wind which does not help inflamed areas of colon. Hope you enjoy them and get no bad after affects.
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      Hi, If you have a lot of wind; yes passing it will ease the pressure and so reduce the gut pain BUT the last thing I would want to do is put stuff in there that creates wind. If needed; an antacid like windeze or bisodol are good. I love fizzy drinks but not when I have inflammation - and after a bad experience with sprouts last week (a LOT of wind and pain) I think sprouts are off my can-have list!!! It really is all trial and error isn't it? and very individual. I am fine at present with onions; but again would not eat them during a flare up. When you have a flare up and when the after pain is still around; it really is bland, bland, bland all the way. Complan drinks, thin soup, egg custard, maybe white toast etc.....or at least that is how deal with it.

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      Hi . Bull by the horns and all that .Have eaten well since release,eggs

      bacon. stir fry, cheese, mushrooms  No probs, feel fine ,just the tail end

      of the antibiotics making me a bit dopey. Passing wind,aka, farting, is a natural bodily function, except we don''t look at the dog as though it's their fault.

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      Soory to hear you have been so ill. Did you have much warning of the abcess? The good thing about onions is that the good bacteria in the probiotics are supposed to like them and a diet high in sulfurous veggies helps them multiply -hence the wind! I have had flare ups which coincide very suspiciously with eating seedy things. My gastroenterologist also told me that it is not scientifically proved that eating nuts and seeds gives flare ups but I prefer to be cautious. Ido occasionally fall off the wagon with figs which I adore. We have a fig tree in the garden and a big crop this year but I am trying to scrape out the seeds.
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