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Hi well it’s here esa50 !!!!

A bit late by a month or so but it’s arrived

Feel glad that’s its here but so how can I put it  a bit crap !!!!

In s g risk 35

Scorced nil points last assessment but put straight into sg

My question is do I answer questions relating to risk  or answer questions to descriptors that relate to my conditions o c d anxiety and put the risk how it effects my health

Would it be right feel a bit cheeky but do I let h c p aware I am already in sg and my condition is the same in fact got worse

Also learning starting tasks this could score me 15 points due to ocd stopping and starting due to stopping and starting ect  but it says 2 sequences a bit confused   But that says  cannot finish a task 

Pls help this I feel is the main descriptor to my o c d under care of c by therapist wrote me a good letter 

I am not stressed just bloody stressed !!!

Hope  you are well 

Kind regards 

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    Hi Happy,

    Firstly you're looking at the wrong descriptors. You're looking at the WRAG ones and you need to look at the Support Group ones. Just google them and you'll find them.

    Being placed into the Support Group isn't about scoring points, it's about satisfying at least 1 of those descriptors or reg 35.

    You mention learning tasks, you're saying you can't set an alarm clock? This descriptors is mostly aimed at people with a learning disability and cognitive impairment. Unless you have a learning disability/cognitive impairment then it's highly unlikely you'll be placed into the SG for this descriptor. As you have anxiety then it's most likely the reg 35 that will apply to you.

    Each ESA assessment it classed as a new claim and they don't take into consideration any previous award or which group you're currently in. You need to answer the questions exactly as they ask you, explain exactly how your condition affects you. You can mention the reg 35 risk. Send any relevant evidence with the ESA50 form, the more evidence you send that will prove your risk to yourself or others would be even better.

    There's no extension of time when returning the ESA50 form, it must be returned within that deadline. If it's not then you could be found fit for work for failing to return the form.

    If you need help with this then your local CAB or the likes would be a place to start but they are very often extremely busy, so bear that in mind too. Make sure you send that form with plenty of time to make sure it's arrives within that deadline. Sending a just a few days before, could be risking it. It can take at least 7 working days for it to arrive at the correct department and it's not classed as being there until it's reached the correct department. Send all of your evidence with the form, putting your NI on everything but only send copies!

    Another assessment maybe needed but will depend on the evidence you send. The more you send the better but prepare yourself for another assessment, that way you won't be too surprised when the appointment arrives.

    If a home assessment is needed then you'll need a letter from your GP stating the reasons why.

    Good luck. It's stressful yes i agree, we all feel exactly the same way during these reviews.

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      Citizens advice website have guide to filling out the ESA50 form. Just google "help to fill in your ESA50 form" it explains all the questions in the guide.

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    Thankyou x

    Sorry starting and finishing task not learning so stressed

    Got a appointment with a dr next week

    I having started to hurt my self by picking my nails biting them  it’s a coping strategy appointment with a dr

    Will this help me  don’t know which way to turn got last esa  just putting more info in due to o cd  and this new illness  I have lost a family member last week  my uncle and it’s just not fair  all I can do is ring c a b tmoz and try and get some help but how I feel going out to face this haunts me got g p letter well git go get it gp state I am not fit for work and my health is deteriating awaiting more c b t therapy 

    So can I write in esa50 that I feel risk still applies to me and explain why

    Kind regards 

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      I'm im really not sure what descriptors you're thinking or looking at but starting and finishing a task isn't a descriptor. It's one of the questions on the ESA50 form, i believe but it's certainly not a descriptor for either group. Please google search Support Group descriptors and the list will come up. I can't post links here.

      I'm sorry to hear about your uncle!

      A letter from your GP stating you're not fit for work will not help you right now. You're already in the Support Group so they know you're not fit for work.

      You'll need evidence that states the reasons why you can't do any type of work. ESA assessment is about the work you can do, rather that what you can't do.

      You'll need to answer each question and state how your conditions affect you daily. Please do have a look at the Citizens advice website for the guide on how to complete the form. At the end of the form there's a box where you can put other information, you can put that you think reg 35 applies to you in this box. The rest of the questions should be answered with how your conditions affect you.

      If a home assessment is needed then you can also ask for this on the form too. You'll need that letter from your GP for the home assessment.

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    Hi Denise

    Sorry for the delay just wanted to try and forget esa

    But I’ve had a great day to day 

    I’ve joined benefit and work and got all guides

    And yes I got it !!!

    I’ve started writing esa50 and followed each step  and include risk on each question and put good examples  how the activity effects me  mentally  ect

    Getting there

    Thanku so do so much you are a brilliant lady 

    Thanku xxx 

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      I'm very happy to hear that. It makes everything seem so much better when you understand what it's all about. You're very welcome, also!! Please let me know the outcome. Good luck! xx

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    Thankyou so much 

    Can I ask pls

    On every question re  ocd am I best saying what I have to do with my rituals or just put it all down on how your condition effects me 

    I’ve wrote  at least 1 page extra on two questions already but do I go in detail on wash quesrion what I do for example learning tasks and what I have to do arrr

    Kind regards 

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      You need to put everything about your condition and how it affects you. The ESA assessment is based on your ability to work and they will be looking at the work you can do, rather than the work you can't do.

      For the question about learning tasks, basic tasks like setting an alarm clock, turning the TV on and changing the channels. More complicated ones like, using the washing machine, making tea or coffee and knowing how much milk or sugar to put in and pouring the water in a cup. Are you able to do any of these? If you can do these then you'll need to tick the yes box.

      For example, some people with a learning disability may not know how to make coffee, because they wouldn't be able to understand how much milk to add to the cup, they may forget how to make it and therefore would need support and guidance to be able to do so. Someone with a learning disability may not understand that when doing the washing things need to be sorted out into piles of different colours, darks, whites, lights and so on. They may need guidance to be able to understand what needs to be done. Are you able to do any of these? If so then it's the yes box you'll need to tick.

      As i mentioned before you need to decide which Support Group descriptor fits you, if any. If none of them fit you then is it reg 35? This is what the HCP will be looking at with your form and evidence and possibly with an assessment too. If it's reg 35 you'll need the evidence to prove that you're a danger to yourself and others if you were found fit for work.

      All of the links i sent you will help you with all of your questions.


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